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  1. hmmm I think tigers golf swing is looking worse. He is just getting the club more and more laid off. Im not going to try and look for all the faults in it, but it;s just starting to look ugly. Ernie els has the best golf swing of all time imo BTW thanks for posting thoese vid's.
  2. Best feel hybird is 100% titelist. Longest I would say Cleveland DST. I would rate the taylormade hybrids very very low. But hey it;s what you like.
  3. This also works well to. Take 1 extra club and swing, but swing the club around 20% eaiser then you usually would, it lowers the backspin by a mile so the wind can't make the ball balllon as much.
  4. A tip that I found that really helped me. Make sure when you follow through, you do like a 3/4 finsh, EG: this is what I mean, this helps alot. Also, I found pushing my hips forward though impact seems to help me.
  5. Blades lower my ball flight thats why I play them + they are more workable and the miss hits are not really that bad. Don't try to argue with me, because I have tested on a launch moniter. And to top it off, because they make my ball flight a little bit flatter they also go futher. BTW thoese Wilson staff blades are sweet! And I have not read all though what you guys were saying about the PINGS but, Ping don't actully make a blade the S59's are half cavity's imho.
  6. Well we usually have the 3 same people in a group in club comps. Somtimes we have a random 4th join in. We had a 4th join in the other week and would not stop talking during my golf swing, I got so anoyed by nine holes, I rang up the head guy at out pro shop. Told him, he rocked up in a cart and was told he being remouved from todays comp and if it happend again he was getting suspended. Seriously, people like this anoy the crap out of me, I was taught golf edicate when I was very young by my brother, he taught me very well! I can take alot but when people talk aloud when you swing I start
  7. Never has this happen. Had baby start crying when a took my back swing in a junior comp (was about 100 ppl watching the tee off to :P) I stoped my half about half way down. waited for the baby to stop crying then hit the ball lol!
  8. haha wooo another blade thread!!!! No you would not, there is a little difference in forgivness but not alot. As long as you hit the ball alright you will be fine. Your avg miss hit is only around 3-4m difference. Some anti blade people get real funny about this subject, just because they have some mental block and can't hit them. Don't worry about them. As long as you like them thats all that matters!
  9. Im not a R9 owner, but my friend is. He has never had trouble, untill he grabed the rench for is r7 -_- He only did that once lol...
  10. 07 Burner > Any of the new taylormade gear.
  11. Wow you guys have PGA superstores in the US! I have a dream.... To one day see a PGA superstore in Australia.
  12. 1. Ball/Tees 2. Water/Food 3. GPS is the comp allows it 4. Tape 5.Rain gear if the day may have rain. If not then Bug spray/Sunscreen.
  13. My brother brought power bilt stuff for his daughter and the duribility and qulity is fantasic.
  14. No spike golf shoes would be normal runners right??? Save your money, keep wearing your normal runners :) Whats the point is spikeless golf shoes really? Ecco's from what ive seen have no "real" arch support. (If you don;t no anything about shoes, don't try to argue with me on this) You don't have the same stability you would get with a normal golf shoe. Seriously if you are just to lazy to take a 2nd pair of shoes( im not saying your not, im just saying if you are) then there is somthing wrong.
  15. Yes it's I play 3* upright right now and they should be 3* flat. Went out and played 9 holes before, finshed 1 under, every single miss was left. I just better aim well right tomoz :P And yes it's a dead straight pull. Thanks all. EDIT SORRY 5* OUT, I SHOULD HAVE 2* FLAT, JUST RECHEAKED MY LAST FITTING. I used to have my hands very high at adress, and now they are low, witch im really liking now.
  16. heyy all! It's very rare for me to ask for swing advice on the internet, but I have a comp tomoz and I can't get in touch with my golf coach. So this morning when I was hitting some balls, all most of my shots were pulls. I no my irons are much to upright for me atm, around 6* to upright. (Major swing and setup change) Now my swing looks as good as it ever has, but most shots I hit are just pulls, everything ends up left of the green. I can post a swing vid laters, but just wondering what are common causes to pull the shot??
  17. Ping Zing??? Your joking right??? Umm would have to say Nike slingshots and I hate the taylormade Burner Irons
  18. I was on a holiday overseas's and I was on the range, hitting some golf balls and the club pro over there came and asked me if I wanted to play in his group with 2 other pro's, he said they were playing the club champs. So I said sure why not, I has nothing on for that day. First few holes all were normal and then on the 5th one of the pro took a swing and on his down swing the shaft snaped. He was stunned. He had the stock shaft in his driver. In this country money most people are quite poor so he was just a club pro with the stock gear from the shops. He used my driver for the rest of the
  19. I love my mizzy wedges! Ive played vokeys clevelands ect Now ive got these wedges, I wont change to another brand I don't think, unless miz go cheep and don't forge anymore or somthing. People are going to flame me for saying this but... Vokeys are very cheeply made, they are not forged and they cost you a arm and a leg. The vokeys they play on tour are very different to the ones you buy in the stores. Mizuno wedges are forged in one of the best forging places in japan. They are great qulity. You will be very happy with your new wedges, and even though they are the new grouves, im findin
  20. I think you made a great choice, as I have not hit these I have herd that were amazing!
  21. Im sorry i tend to agree, I don;t no a high handicap who hits it consistantly long and most over estermate they distence. I play with a guy who is a 30 Hc he can hit it just as long as me when he swings 100% at it, but 90% he will just miss hit it. Go get a real fitting online fittings do nothing, sorry. Thats me be honest.
  22. Don't change your wedge setup, adding another wedge would be dumb. I would sugest a hybrid, since the shaft on hybrids are shoter they will be easyer to hit out of the rough. Or you could do what I did for a little while. Get a 5 wood, cut the shaft so it's better to hit out of the rough. But 90% of the time, a hybrid will still be better to hit. A 5 wood will always go longer if they are the same lofts. Depending on the shaft the a 5 wood will also usually go higher aswell. go to a demo day and try different things out and see how you like each one.
  23. Hi, I hit the R9 TP, as much as I hate to say it, it's a good driver. I played the O7 burner TP 2.5* open and I love it, could hit a nice little baby draw :) As for thr person who has the K15, if you hook it that would be a horrible driver, K15 is a hackers driver. If you hook, you would want to try somthing like the Ping I15 (very very hard to turn over) Cleveland Launcher DST "tour" (it sits open) Titelist D3.
  24. If they say go with hte project X I would, club fitters no what they are talking about. I would not say the KBS are not as well know. The KBS tour shafts seem to be very good, ive been playing with them now for around 3 months. Ive used PX 7.0, 6.0, DGx100 and KBS Tour. Out of the 4 I like the X100's and the KBS.
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