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  1. Yes. Good qulity launch mointers that have been setup corectly are fantasic! And everyone should trust them.

    Only reason not to trust them, if it is sombody selling somthing to you in a golf shop and the resaults are comming out to good to be true, it;s very very easy to tamper with these to make shots look alot better then they are. Try to buy clubs off the same person if you found that last club worked and fitted you well.

    But if you own one and it was set up well. Then you should def be trusting it!
  2. Well after alot of convining I finaly agreed to play with my brother in law at a course near his house. This course is a quite a bad public course.

    I was waiting on the first tee, looking into the car park. A guy jumps out of a van (witch a can of beer in his hand) and king hits another guy getting into his car. (no way was I getting involed I was about 15 at the time, and my brother in law is 30 and he had no intreast in getting involved to try and break these guys up because these guys were quite big.)
    They keept on fighting for a good 5min, till one of thr guys nocked the other one to the ground. One of the guys jumps back into the van and drove off. Then around 30sec later the other guy gets up, goes into the pro shop and buys a bottle of bear then gets into his car and drove off.... I will never play this golf couse again hahahaha

    In that round, another guys in our group killed a duck witch made the whole day wourse!
  3. Im going to be 100% honest.

    It's your swing. A club being a little to upright or the grips being to big is not going to make s huge difference, don't get me wrong it will make a differnece but you should still be able to work the ball.

    First thing I would do is get a lesson and they will be able to tell you what are doing wrong or if it is really the clubs.

    You said the shafts are just below a stiff flex. Then "in thoery" the ball should go left not right most of the time, a too soft shaft will go to the left and a shaft that is to stiff will go to the right. (most of the time, not always though)

    But I play the 68's extremly easy to work, should be much easier then the I3 witch is really not a blade.
  4. No way you're even close. Reminds me of the quote from the head of the US patent office in the early 1900's that everything has already been invented and there is little future growth. Science will continue to bedazzle with new materials development, mathmatical modeling, and manufacturing methods....the only limits on ball technology will be those imposed by governing bodies.

    Well that is what I ment, they wont let ball tec get any better. I mean with the rules in place now that can't really do that much with it.

  5. No because even balata balls didn't spin on shots from the rough, and that's all the groove rule is intended to address. Balls still spin just fine from a fairway lie, regardless of the grooves. They even spin from a club with no grooves at all when hit from a clean lie. Square grooves give no significant advantage unless you are playing a full shot from the rough.

    Great post!

    Ive found no difference from the fairways with the new grouve rule, from the rough it's much harder. But no new ball tec is going to make the bif difference then the old groves made from the rough. And yes I have old grouve wedges and new goruve wedges. Ball tec imo is almost as good as it's going to go get.
  6. Me: +1 HC 280 avg
    My Dad: 20Hc 250 avg

    I belive lower handicaps would usually hit the ball a little bit futher. Lower handicaps will ALWAYS have a better golf swing and a good golf swing will usally mean you will swing the club abit faster because of weight transfering at the right times and getting a more flatter penatrating ball flight.
  7. Today....
    Was blowing it's head off!!! "Attempted" to hit a flat bat driver off the tee. Smashed the shot, but 1 bad thing happend..... Balloned, so dam high, only ended up 200.

    Again today.
    Down wind, I had 300 to the green, grabed out a 3 wood and SMASHED it (my fathers jaw hit the ground). Hit the green then 3 putted.... first 3 putt in about 4 rounds.... -_-
  8. Depends on what shot your playing for your lob wedge. I will put it all the way to my left toe and all the way back to my right, it depends on the type of shot and spin your aiming for. For a stock shot, I would say on your right heal.

    No, you pulling it left will have nothing to do ball position.
  9. Ok im going to give you some really really good advice....

    Don't worry about shaft stifness and loft of the club. I really sugest you got get fit to get you good stats.

    what your looking for is.
    Launch angle: 11-12*
    and Spin rates around, 2000-3000 I believe

    Don't care what anybody says that you don't swing the club fast enough to to use a X stif.

    Just get somthing that is going to work for you and get you, the best disctence and acc.

    Ok now to answe your questions.
    1: Yes, but it really depends on the shaft, also that Voodoo shaft(if your talking the stock shaft) you can get really reallly high spin rates and launch angles if you have a agressive tempo. That shaft is only really stable if you have a smooth tempo.
    2: No, it';s worth getting fit for the right club, if you have to aim left you should be changing clubs, because it will get you into bad hibbits.
  10. I really do find it extraordinary that people create threads like this. The whole point of the internet is that you can do a search and find information that has been created already. In cases like this, millions of times. Forums are for sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions, not asking for people to type out for the umpteenth time factual, well established and easily sourced pieces of information. What is wrong with going to Google - or the using the search function on this site - and typing in "wedge bounce" or "low bounce wedge benefits". You'll notice that many of the kind respondents have done this for you. Could you not have done it yourself?

    Seriously what is your deal? Sombody is just asking for advice, your the biggest troll on this forum! I have never ever seen you give any "good" adivce to sombody! If your not going to contribute in a helpfull way don;'t bother at all. All your working on is trying to get a huge post count by trolling the forums!

    Lower Bounce will Dig more, higher bounce will dig less. For higher HC's it's usully better that they usually get more bounce (EG around 12*) But lower bounce is really good for hard ground or bunkers with little sand in them and higher bounce is good when bunkers have lots of sand and does not have alot of tight lies. Most of witch has already been said.
  11. Look, here's the thing about TaylorMade clubs...not only will they make you a better golfer, you will often find yourself surrounded by beautiful women. You will become smarter and more desirable, more successful. After I made my latest purchase, a TP Monte Carlo by Kia Ma putter, I was abducted by aliens just so they could look at the headcover. Their spacecraft was shaped like a TM Super Deep driver!


    PS..... POOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I much prefer Cleveland gear over most taylormade stuff!
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