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  1. Steve Stricker He has been a great guy from his days as Jr inWi, college at U of Illinois and as a PGA TOUR member!
  2. The 24/38 rule should be in effect here. The average golfer can't any iron of less the 24* or 38" in length consistentally. As any rule there are exceptions, but over 40 years of teaching golf, I find them few and far between.
  3. @ kept looking for TST to have one this year. However, since you are late in starting, I am @max # of leagues. Good luck for the 2014 golf season Mike French
  4. Wilson Staff JPII BeCU- 54* bent to 52*- TT Release Sensicore- hard stepped R(same as 48*PW) Wilson Staff BeCu Sandy Andy-56*-TT Release Sensicore - tipped same as 8 iron Wilson Harmonized BeCu-60*-TT Release Sensicore--tipped same as 8 iron I have liked the feel of BeCu wedges since the middle 80's. A couple years ago I found these wedges on eBay. and reshafted them to my specs. I like a low trajectory on 48* and 52*, therefore they are hard stepped. I like a softer. higher shot on 56*& 60* so they are tipped the same as 8 iron. Love the 52* and 56* wedges I have now but l
  5. Unlike Iacas, I am a putter Ho! This year I have been using a Rife IBF black @35" I have the putter set at 73* and 5* of loft (I stand close to ball with high hands and therefore I use an upright putter) I forward press, so 5* loft become about 2* at impact. I have been using a 42" Dynacraft Branding Iron since 1988, but stopped using it this year to comply with new rule of not anchoring putter,I use it like a broomstick putter, not a belly putter. , Left hand on top with thumb on end cap Right hnd is split and I hold putter with 2 fingers on each side and the grip on my life line. I
  6. Warrior will work just fine. If irons are Ping Eye2, PW is 50*. If irons are Ping Eye2+, Pw is 48*( in this case you would want to use Warrior GapWedge at 52*and not use any iron longer than a 5 iron),
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  8. Tour Golf Products Home Help View Cart My Account Help Search: Components Titanium Drivers Metal Woods and Hybrids Irons Wedges
  9. After long winter and no spring in Erie,PA, I am back! Due to broken thumb(slipped on ice), Heart Attack,Defibalator inserted in chest and Congestive Heart Failure(spent July 4th weekend in hospital) I am hopefully ready for 2013 golf season. Computer died over winter and just had it fixed. I have been using iPhone for e-mail and Fantasy Golf, but impossible for me to keep up golf forums, I will try to keep active again! Happy,Happy,Happy to be back!!!!!!! Mike French
  10. TST Fantasy Golf 2013 Yahoo League # 781 Password golf
  11. TNT 2013 is on Yahoo same as last year. League#.....781 Password......golf Room for 50 players. You have until 1st week of January 2013 to sign up. First tourament of year-Kapalula(Tournament of Champions) counts. 3 and out rule is in effect for 2013 ( miss 3 tournaments and you are dropped)!
  12. http://www.tutelman.com/golf/clubs/OneClub.php?ref =
  13. Take a drive over to Girard,PA and talk to Aaron at Value Golf . http://www.valuegolf.com/pinhawk-sl-single-length-irons/ I played them for the entire season last year and loved them. I started this year with my signature irons, but went back to the single length irons a month ago, I put wedge grips on mine and really love them . http://amegrips.com/precise-golf-grips/wedge I like the wedge grips because they are 1" longer . I can grip down on chip shots.
  14. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Macgregor-Vintage-Colokrom-MT-M85-Irons-/280995010910?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item416c9b995e I juist bought the early 80's version of this 1955 classic. The newer version has larger heads, which is a good thing, The long irons in the early version aren't much bigger than the ball [tough to hit]
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