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  1. I play Wii Resort golf, and let me tell you, it helps my game in other ways for sure. I learned how to limit my blowup holes on the course after I realized I was blowing up holes on Wii too, so I just practiced how to take my medicine in the comfort of my own home. Also, making putts on Wii helped my green reading tremendously. As far as learning how to swing the club, nah. Totally different. I never improved my swing after playing on Wii. But I'm not worried if it would mess up my swing, because I have an understanding of what I'm trying to do with my clubs after years of practice. These
  2. Thank you Fourputt for bringing the focus back. Ok guys. I saw the replay. Now I don't believe the ball moved. What I saw happen was the camera zoomed in on a white ball. The grass and log shook, and then part of the logo of the ball appeared, so it looks like it wasn't visible before, and rotated into view. What I can see happen now was that the logo was out of focus and partially blocked by a blade of grass. The log and grass shook, and the logo instantly came into focus. That's it. Case closed for me. I'm out.
  3. I'm an English teacher, so it hurts me more that you're the norm. Non-issue. Ok. So I guess I'm a troll too. I could give a ats rass.
  4. Wasn't directed towards me but you quoted my whole post... We could both agree in more clear English that, 'We don't care how honorable we may think HIS intentions may be,' it's not right to call someone that. But who started the name-calling? Not Toroboy.
  5. My intentions? You got the wrong guy, geauxforbroke. I didn't call anyone anything.
  6. This thread got interesting because of the backlash from people who just didn't see it, and deny it without watching it again. They showed the moment in question again in the highlights on the network. The ball was nestled on some grass, and it jostled when the log was jostled. Did it rotate at all? Dude, it was so miniscule. But it was enough that when I watched it live, I blurted, 'The ball moved.' It then became entertaining to me that someone else who also noticed it is called a 'troll.' Name calling cuz the other guy doesn't post evidence? Obviously more than one person shared his view, i
  7. Just watched the final round and I saw it too. You could see the lettering on the ball rotate a fraction. It didn't happen as they were removing anything. They were still looking around for something. I thought that the ball the camera zoomed in on wasn't anyone's ball, the way they seemed to be continuing their search, haphazardly bumping the log, and not clearing out the area around that ball. But I don't think it was enough to say someone intended to loosen the log or the ball.
  8. Yeah, I feel like a tie is a tie too, but the other guy left with the top score prize. We both started on the back nine, but our scores were displayed like a regular round, front nine and back nine, holes 1-9 & 10-18, so it looked like he had the better back nine. I'll just take it as fuel for the next one and score so low that there will be no doubt about it!
  9. Thanks, I get the 'back for all,' but is it unfair to compare a front to a back? I mean, a true back nine isn't that more difficult than a front, is it? I'd say the players starting on the back are already starting with a disadvantage, because they have to come out of the gate and play their first nine holes super well. And I again point to the reason why they look at the back nine as a tie-breaker: If there was a play-off, the final nine holes would indicate which player is playing better, and has a better chance of continuing that level of play.
  10. Hi everyone, I just played a tournament, and finished tied for first at 72. I shot a Out/In of 37-35, and the other player shot a 35-37. Since the tournament was really full, they had half of the field start at the front nine (Out) and the other half at the back nine (In). Both of us started on the back nine (In), so our final 9 holes (which was the first 1-9 holes of the course) score was 35 for me and 37 for him. I guess in order to keep it less confusing, the tournament rules made it so that no matter which half the players started on, they would use the last 10-18 holes of the cours
  11. Go for it. Titleist is a solid name, and the value of your club should last a while. But I would also suggest that if you are looking for a new driver, that you should try out as many as you can at a golf shop. The right shaft flex is important of course, but I would also pick a driver head according to how consistently I could hit it well, and there are more things than a larger sweetspot that can help this. Things like how the head looks at address, the feel of the weight of the club in your swing, the sound of the head hitting the ball. Those things can affect your swing
  12. To update, I think Bunkerputt and The Gill are spot on. A putting motion with the 60 lob wedge works perfect! Ball pops up and clears about 2-3 yards, rolls another 2-3 yards. I'm going for the hole every time. Of course, using the putter should always come first. If I can putt it, I'll putt it. Putting with the hybrid also works if you can trust the consistency of the fringe.
  13. To update, I think I solved this one. Having a nice tee box with short grass feels great, and a bad tee box with almost hardpan conditions really makes a tough hole even tougher. In order to ensure clean contact, I treat it like a fairway bunker shot. Practicing mid-long iron shots from a bunker requires a clean-contact shot. All shots would benefit from this, like Bobby Clampett says, but I definitely feel like the focus is on a forward divot. Ball is teed a few centimeters up, not flush for sure. And I hate slanted boxes too. Do they just erode that way? I feel like calling the bubble
  14. Sounds good to me. I just bought a new set last week. I also tested whether I could easily draw or fade the ball, as far as what the machine would display. Distance consistency is good, but forget being impressed by how far. I had the luxury of being able to test out different sets with identical heads and different shafts. Minimize the variables. And mix it up. Hit one ball to see if you can adapt to the club easily. I went to the course the same day and shot a glorious round.
  15. Intent huh. I intend to take the quarters off someday to play a video game.
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