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  1. The massive top lines on Callaway irons puts me off. Putters, wedges and drivers are the things they do best.
  2. I think modding clubs is a nice idea. Certainly makes you think about equipment a bit more than just accepting what the companies can give you. Then again, trying to take on Titleists multi-million pound research department with a hacksaw probably isn't a great idea :) If it works for him, fair play.
  3. I drove a 354 yard green at my home course. Big gust behind nailed a driver. The club pro saw as well, was so happy :)
  4. Anyone here know any tips to keep you less angry during a round? I feel myself getting more and more stressed with every bad shot I hit!
  5. Golf Pride all the way. I do like the crossline grips, but my Multicompound Green ones look awesome
  6. I live in the UK where the 'tip' culture is quite different. No one ever tips the drinks cart guy when he comes around, and I expect he wouldnt accept it if anyone did try! Obviously waiters/waitresses are tipped, but its funny reading everyone reactions going "$.30 is nothing!!!" when i was thinking "Eh? Your meant to tip these people" lol
  7. Somewhere in Ireland a Village is missing an Idiot - David Fehrety!
  8. I normally hit nearly every green in at the most 3 shots. Probably GIR 40%. Maybe 4 shots onto the green once a round. I would almost always shoot below par if I sunk every putt, while as I would have to sink lots of putts from long distance if I hit every GIR.
  9. 380 Seriously downwind par 5, flat I hit sand wedge for my 2nd into the hole and put it over the back!
  10. Decent drives are about 295+ Average is probably 280
  11. If it was a relaxed round, or practice round I would happily let them do it, im not that bad :) But it was in a competition between clubs, i dont care whether its a friendly or not its bragging rights that are going down the drain if we loose because they broke a few rules
  12. Hard to decide my greatest moment out of these 2: A Hole in One from 195 yards with 3 iron, 2 people saw. Nailing a 270 yard 3 wood into the wind, into a tiny fairway, on the first tee of a match infront of 40 people, i got a lot of cheers!
  13. I met someone at the golf club who played in a 4 ball a while ago in a match at another club. During the match some of the people involved putted with the flag in while on the green (i.e. hit the pin and went in the hole from 10ish feet). Put a club on the floor along the line of their feet after they hit a shot to see where they were aiming, and treaded on others lines. Ok, so treading on others lines is not in the rules, but the others are big problems as far as i am concerned. The match was apparently a friendly between the clubs. I told him that you should have told the players during
  14. I think Nike has the worst reputation of all the golf companies. Theyre just too... well known. They like to dominate every other sport, but im afraid golf just isnt that easy.
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