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  1. I have never checked out a fellow golfers pants that closely, nor will I ever do that......
  2. I think the PGA is better suited for Stricker. I'm not quite sure he can deal with the pressure of the Masters or the US Open quite yet, maybe after he gets 1 other major under his belt. He is definetely due a major.
  3. My name is Joshua and I'm from Owasso, Oklahoma. I played HS golf and that lead to College Golf and then that led to me becoming an Assistant Golf Pro at one of our local courses. Well, after 6 years of being a pro, I was completely burnt out. I played on various tours and worked a gillion hours in the proshop, I was just mentally drained. So, I have taken almost 3 years away from the game. I sold everything that I had that reminded me of my golf past. I sold literally everything from my golf shirts to my golf hats, I just wanted it all to go away. Since then I have gotten married and n
  4. Scott Verplank, Bob Tway, Charles Howell, Hunter Mahan, Bo Van Pelt, and Rickie Fowler.......... see a trend?? Go Cowboys!!!!
  5. If Poulter doesn't come out strong, this could be a massacre. Poulter tends to get very down on himself when things aren't going the way he thinks they should. Should be a great match.
  6. I didn't have to pay to play for many years. I went from HS golf team to college golf team to being an assistant golf professional, so you were always comped whereever you went. BUT, there was one course near us that still charged you no matter who or what you were, Karsten Creek. It is the home of one of the best college golf programs in the history of college golf, the Oklahoma State Cowboys. I payed 210.00 to play the course and I would pay 210.00 a week to play that course, it was that great!! Still, the only course we have had to pay to play so far.
  7. Just signed up today, looking forward to the Summer Season on April 1st. From now till then will just be learning how it works. Sounds like alot of fun though....
  8. I own a BBQ Supply & Catering Shop and also compete in BBQ competitions around the country.
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