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  1. It's bad, and so is TW's, but this is worse. It looks like an eye test..."Can you see the S?.
  2. Interesting that you want to switch to left hand swing at this point in your life. Can you elaborate?
  3. Beaver River Golf Club in Richmond RI is a nice course reasonably priced.
  4. 5/22 and we still have 12 temporary greens. I have had 15 rounds with the game golf and could not sign one of them. Our course was devastated by the harsh North east winter. I have to delete every round...frustrating. It's OK though. I'm still getting used to tapping the devise on every shot. Never believed it would be this hard!
  5. That so many find LSW helpful is heartening to the authors, I'm sure. For me, it is too technical and I find analytical explanations of shot zones, etc, more than I wish to get involved with in order to enhance my enjoyment of the game.
  6. Yuh, I just got "Keys to the Effortless Golf Swing" by Michael McTeigue and ". It is good. I recommend it.
  7. I just began using the device - six days now - and still forgetting tagged or not tagged . As a suggestion I would like to see a place for adding notes on each round for things like weather, wind, playing partners, etc.. Although this could be included in a notes block, I think adding the type of ball used in each round would be a great help for analyzing and finding the right ball for me.
  8. The thread has bounced around between commercials and authors. I'd like to talk about commercials. You know what commercial I never tire of : "Don't count that".
  9. Can't recommend a coach, but this book, "Keys to the effortless golf swing" by Michael McTeigue pretty much emphasises the keys in clear, easy to follow exercises. Published in 1985 and found on Amazon. Still, I don't expect to change my ingrained armsy, reverse pivot, swing.
  10. Airline ticket pricing is so annoying. Tomorrow the original price could be lower than this one. Your profile says you live in KSA. Is that Kansas, or somewhere in the Middle East? I wouldn't be too concerned about finding a 5SK instructor. Though it may appear to be the "be all and end all" of golf method, 5SK is no panacea. Enjoy your vacation in Massachusetts. Boston is a walkable city with many sites of interest. A stroll around the Fanuell Hall area and the water front makes for a fun family day. Take the "T" into town to avoid parking hassles.
  11. A drill that helped me, from the Golf Channel is - lead with the right elbow on the downswing (if you are a righty), as if your trying to hit the ball with your elbow. This gets your hand to drop and helps eliminate the flip.
  12. Put them in a delicates mesh bag in the washing machine with your laundry.
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