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  1. When I belonged to a private club for a few years it was included. Now that I’m not, it seems to be $50 everywhere I’ve checked, whether you get it online or in person. It also seems that all of the online options correspond to a physical club/course here in NH. I kept it for a couple years after leaving the private club but let it lapse the past few years. If there are other benefits, beyond a publication they send out, I’m not aware of them. I’m trying to decide if I want to re-establish a HC. I’ve gotta do some reading on the changes with the WHS if I do.
  2. Wow, I know I'm waaay late to the party but I just had a chance to start checking out the daily practice plan challenge. What a treasure trove and an excellent reference. Well done; I subscribed on the spot. 👍
  3. This messed me up good, but there's really no one to blame but myself as I was trying to do things without an instructor.
  4. I could be wrong but I don't think keeping your head "still" was part of S&T, or any reasonable golf swing instruction. It's obviously gotta move/turn/tilt to some degree, it just shouldn't be moving laterally a whole lot.
  5. I don't doubt that, certainly not trying to knock S&T or the site, I just remember it being brought up and recommended a lot is all. 🙂 Perhaps it was a blip in the overall history of the site, but it was prevalent when I joined. Makes sense. I remember it was often said that many (all?) good golfers used pieces of S&T without have a specifically "S&T swing." 5SK made more sense to me, in that rather than calling something good golfers are already doing part of a new specific swing theory, it identifies those things and explains why they're important.
  6. Am I crazy? Stack and tilt was all the rage around here back then (2010-ish)! I have the book to prove it. 😂
  7. I’ve been mostly away from the site for a few years since I really got into fishing. This year I want to play more golf and get back into it a bit. When I first joined the site, it was (seemingly) all about Stack and Tilt. That fell out of favor, as I recall. Later, there were the 5 Simple Keys. I remember reading a lot about weight forward, feet flared out, deep hands, and probably a lot more I’m not thinking of right now. I’m curious - has much changed in the past few years? Have there been any interesting discoveries or changes to what was thought to be best practice? Concepts that have
  8. Hell no. First, I’m not a very good golfer, and second, one injury from so many attempts and you’re done for.
  9. Yeah I’m just thinking about scenarios where you’re playing as a foursome on a time limit, you’re going to be moving it quite a bit and that will eat into your time. Plus cable wear and tear from constant moving, potential tripping hazard, etc. if I’m paying decent money to play I wouldn’t want to have to deal with that.
  10. What happens when you get a lefty in the group? They have to move the unit over for every shot?
  11. I understand that but then why didn't they include it in the clarification? Omitting it there seems like they removed "club behind the ball" as a criteria.
  12. You're right, I somehow missed that last paragraph of the change regarding backing out - my bad. I agree, that is too subjective. Where "beginning to take a stance" is now defined as having at least one foot in place, how could you? I meant placing the club behind the ball, yes. How can you have "beginning to take your stance" explicitly defined as one foot being in place for the actual stroke and then also have other examples? If that's true, then you're right, they really haven't solved anything.But I took this at face value, that you are NOT beginning to take your st
  13. In terms of how they have changed and clarified the rule, yes. Do I think the changes are the best they could have done? No. I think grounding the club behind the ball should also count as starting to take your stance, as it did originally and as I stated earlier. Any practice swing where the club head is just outside of the ball is going to put your feet practically just as close as if you were to only move them an inch or two, and that practice swing is now allowed to take place with your caddie in line behind you. Does it allow players to skirt the intent of the rule more easily? Perh
  14. No, he wasn't in his stance, according to this definition. He moved. It's undoubtedly more defined than it was, is my point. Not sure if you would remember but I have nit-picked over "what-if" scenarios on other rules with you in the past and as I recall (can't find my activity going back that far) your response was basically that they simply can't address every single scenario one can imagine when creating the rules. Well I really can't understand that, care to explain?
  15. It seems to me that it's at least less ambiguous than it was before. Before it was basically, "we can't really define when you are starting to take your stance, but we'll know it if we see it!" Yes, they provided two examples but as far as we knew they were just that, examples, and any official could've decided something else was "beginning to take a stance," as we indeed saw happen. I do tend to agree, even more clarity would be better, but I don't see this as worse. There was always some degree of interpretation/judgement as a factor in this rule. Question - wouldn't all of you
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