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  1. Well, if there's one thing I know for sure, anyone who hits their ball on the wrong green had damn well better have their tail between their legs if there was no fore yelled. Plus, he can't play the ball from the surface of the green, so even if you didn't mark his ball and just note the general spot before moving it, that should be good enough since he'll have to drop anyways. I'd say you were a lot more polite than you needed to be!
  2. Oops, didn't catch that in the OP. Still think it's ridiculous, though.
  3. That would sort of ruin the excitement of the final round, wouldn't it? Is all the trouble really worth it over a belief that probably more than 99% of the field doesn't share? I find all of this kind of bizarre to be honest.
  4. I'm surprised by all the courses that allow t-shirts. I'm not sure any around here do. Blue jeans are usually not allowed, either, except for once it turns colder. That's not to say I really care about dress code, but I think I'd rather wear golf attire than street clothes because it's more comfortable for walking if you're going to be sweating at all.
  5. I mean, if we're trying to look at this logically, there's absolutely no question. There's no logical reason to not play on Sundays. Letting one (small) group's belief in the supernatural possibly affect the outcome of a major collegiate sporting event is not logical.
  6. The only thing with putting is, if we've got a match going and I've put my ball inside my opponent's on a similar line, I will want to see their putt before hitting mine. Even if I'm at my ball and could be ready to putt first, I will wait for them to putt. I think that's a pretty common thing.
  7. No, playing out of order is generally not a big deal. In fact, it's my opinion that ready golf should be the default mode of play (outside of tournament golf, perhaps). However, most of the time, the group should somewhat stick together in terms of the section of the hole being played so you don't have some players jumping way ahead of the rest of the group. Unless your group was really falling behind the pace of play it probably wasn't appropriate for the rest to be putting out before you even got there. One exception to this is when everyone is on except one player, and that one player blades it over the green or something. Now the player has to get all the way to his or her ball, so the rest of the group might as well start putting.
  8. Are there any differences besides the spikes? And do you happen to know if the regular Elements got the same fix? I ended getting some past season Footjoy Contour Casuals that seem pretty good, but not quite as comfortable so far.
  9. Another part of the appeal of walking to me is that there are fewer distracting logistics to worry about compared to having a cart. If I hit a stray shot, I don't have to drag another person with me or drop them off/get dropped off. I'd rather just have my whole bag with me all the time then grab a few clubs and then realize I needed something different. I know that it's not rocket science to assess the situation and grab whatever might be needed but I have problems with rushing the little things like that when I feel like other people are waiting on me. If I were hitting fairway, GIR/nGIR more of the time, it probably wouldn't make a difference to me.
  10. Exactly this for me. I voted I score the same which is generally true but the only thing I'd add is that if I'm playing poorly I seem to be better at pulling myself out of it when I'm walking. I think I need that walk from one shot to the next to shake things off.
  11. Depends on your definition of cheap but I just picked up 6 dozen Snell My Tour balls and love them. Most people seem to like them as much as ProV's. It comes out to around $2.20/ball when you buy that many. Not exactly "buy once, cry once" but same idea.
  12. Right, I mention the booth because I think the OP said that's where he was noticing it a lot, at the range. I agree, it's not going to hurt you out on an open tee box during a normal round. I have a G30 as well and it does get loud. That's too bad you had to sell the drums, it's an awesome hobby! They make smaller practice kits but they're just not the same.
  13. Hearing loss is no joke. Not saying a driver will definitely cause it (my understanding is usually it is more sustained loud noise or extremely loud momentary noises that cause it), but there might be a risk in the right conditions, like an enclosed booth, so why chance it? Once you lose it you're never getting it back. Like I mentioned earlier I play the drums and luckily I was taught to be very cautious from the beginning, but I have plenty of friends who will basically always hear a ringing sound in the background. They have nothing but regret over not being more careful and I guess it can be pretty maddening at times.
  14. Yeah I would hate that, and I'm fine with some spirited ball busting here and there. When the trash talking gets excessive and when it's ALL that with no normal conversation in between it just gets annoying. Sounds like your friend is socially not all there. I think we've all got a buddy or two that just doesn't get it and doesn't know when to quit. It's not like you're dicking around the back yard drinking, it costs good money to play golf.
  15. Has anyone tried this? @iacas? Came across it on Amazon just now and while I don't usually go for this type of thing I would buy it if it's any good.