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  1. Quote:
    To hit a fade you have to cut across the ball and to hit a draw you have to hit through the ball. Now tell me, which of these is a really athlete going to be hitting? I have never met a true athlete that hits a fade/cut.

    There is such so much wrong with this statement... Does Martin Kaymer not look like a athlet to you? Tiger Woods? Ben Hogan? They all have/had very athletic abilities.

    Cutting across the ball to play a "fade"/slice is the hackers way to do it - show me where Kaymer is cutting across it - you will find no evidence of it.

    . I mean your never going to run a fade up but a draw naturally comes out with top spin

    Top Spin??? Then your ball would probably land in the next ditch 100y out, if at all.

  2. LOL - why do you think Woods had such a HUGE fanbase over every other player on tour - certainly not because he is such a nice approachable person that makes his fans feel special, signing autographs all day long and respecting the game that made him rich. Heck no - he had so many fans, because he was winning all the time every year. He was a sure bet not only for the punters but also for people who needed an easy way to root for somebody in golf.

  3. Originally Posted by RichF


    At this rate, guys like Kuchar, Casey and McIlroy are going to pass him soon as well...

    It doesnt work that way - Tiger still has a lot of points left from former wins in the last years - if he doesnt manage to win within the next two months, he will loose these points, and he will drop out of the Top20! And that is actually a fact. You might hold on for a position for quite a while in the WGR - but once you start to struggle and cant keep up with your former success, you drop will be quick and steep - just look at how fast and deep Duval dropped.

    So yes, its hard to understand why he doesnt play more - i guess he would if he sees himself capable of winning.

  4. I like it - no idea about Price but Trevino, O´Grady and Miller were pretty good ball strikers from what i´ve read about them. Obv. you would have to add a couple more to the list, but i guess he wasnt around back then. And i think he forgot good ol´ Moe!

    If you want to learn what good ball striking is, you are better off studying the past than the present.

  5. I bought the MP52s a while ago (from UK) and wondered why there was serial number on them to proof that they are legit. I called up Mizuno and they told me they wouldnt print serial numbers (on this specific) set - dont know about other items like drivers or so on. But i also dont have any number on the ferrule...

    Why do you think they are not legit? The price of the 52´s came down quite a bit in the last few months, so you dont need to wonder if you get them on the cheap side - esp with as the S300 shaft. Tbh. i couldnt really tell from the pics (e.g. from the 8iron) if they are legit or not, but just look at his previous actions. He seems to be a casual "ebay golfer" and not a professional golf equipment seller.
    There is a serial number on the hosel of each club.

    Hmm - it seems that Mizuno doesnt have a proper policy on that. Did you buy your clubs in the US?

  6. I have to agree with Ben on this one - Authentic Swing it is. I can literally name guys in my club by there swing, i could do this 3 years ago - i can do this 5 years from now, doesnt matter how many balls they beat or how many lessons they take. That doesnt mean they dont improve their ball striking, but their original look of the swing will stay the same. Looking at my swing 1 year ago and now, i´m shocked how similar it looks, yet i hit the ball much better. Looking at impact, i indeed see an improvement, but thats something you wont be able to catch with the naked eye, only as a result in ball flight.

    What you will frequently see are backswings and finishes, and as i read a comment of Johnny Miller yesterday - doesnt matter what you do you on your backswing, you have the strangest backswings make it work, what matters is after the backswing and thats what most people cant see.

    Tiger went through some coaches over time, yet to the naked eye (and without slowmotion cameras) his swing appears rather similiar in certain positions - its just what he learned as a kid and grew up with, and changing it to a big degree is not possible.

  7. General distances might be nice, but as soon as you throw in some variables like wind, non-even lies, fairway/rough, uphill/downhill shots, temperature, moistness or density of air (e.g. when playing above sea level), shot typ, what kind of ball you are playing, you will end up with a wide spectrum for your distances with one club. If you play an even golf course day in day out with the same weather all time, you have a "usual distance", otherwise you might up end up with a bandwidth from 150 - 200y in my case and you have to decide how to make it right - but thats the fun of the game, isnt it? But as somebody else said, if you dont hit it consistent and with proper compression a lot of things wont be a concern.

  8. Winning a major or not when becoming #1 - Norman during his career was #1 for 331 weeks (i dont know actually if this is consecutive or overall) but still it shows that these rankings have some kind of validity, or?

    The same thing goes with always placing #2 in tournaments and becoming World #1 (as a theoretical example). If you are able to be so consistent, why shouldnt you be #1, compared to all the guys who maybe win once or twice a season but then fall into oblivion for the rest of the season or even for the decade... Everybody gets his shot at winning on the PGA Tour from time to time or running into a hot streak (Kenny Perry *cough*) - but that shouldnt qualify them for #1. And if Westwood won´t keep up his consistency and winning from time to time he soon was a #1.

  9. Family site / Women friendly site?

    I only see men product reviewed there - and thats for a reason, the number of women reading golf forums is close to zero. In general women arent intrested in reading much about golf - just check out how many women golf magazines there are. And the step from a golf magazine to an internet forum is a big one for a woman. I´m sure Eric could shine some light on active participation men vs. women and that should clear things up.

  10. You're really going to compare pro golfers' "issues" and discussing those "issues" in the forum to asking people if they've had sex with a cart girl and to tell a story in regards to that?

    So its okay to talk about their affairs and post pictures of them, but its way off your moral compass when you would tell a story when you had a romance with a beer cart girl (be it fictional or not)?

    Sorry but i think they call this double moral. And so is closing the previous thread. You either close them all down or not, and there are enough threads on this board that are questionable by strict moral standards but yet remain open - hmm.
    but its probably best saved for the 19th hole and not this forum.

    Same thing - bragging about it at the 19th hole to your friends okay, but on an internet forum not? Because the internet is a holy place and we all just come here to talk golf swing and equipment, and not about the guy who took a dump in the cup..........

    This cart girl post unintentionally tells women they're not welcome here.

    If women would be a target group many well frequented forums/blogs could shut down.

  11. Oh come on - the last time i read the thread it was harmless. Even Amazon sells a book that goes into the same direction as this thread and doesnt bother "censoring" it -

    http://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Tee-Ti...7819723&sr;=8-2 Eric, if you are intrested in protecting moral values in our society, i guess there are a million other points you could start with that have a higher priority than this thread was.
    If you want to have to prove your over 18 before viewing the forum, then by all means let's start talking about anything and everything that we (mostly males) can think of.

    LOL - okay so lets close down every thread regarding Tiger Woods and his affairs, the AK thread and his gambling and drinking, every thread that mentions John Daly, i guess we can find a lot more (pro golf outside the ropes isnt exactly "church worthy"), if thats or moral compass we are guided by!

    Yes its a golf forum, but if you havent noticed yet, this forum also provides some kind of entertainment value to its readers, and that actually differentiate it from other forums. If thats no longer the case, its an easy choice, really.

  12. There maybe 306000 men who are scratch but how many only golf their home course.

    This number is so far off the charts - first of all - only 20% of all golfers in the United States carry an offical handicap (and you can be most certain that players with really low hcps will almost all have an offical hcp) - GC´s market research came up with about 26.2 million active golfers.

    So that would make it 26.2 mil * 20% = 5.24 Mil with an offical hcp. Now you apply the USGA hcp distribution to that number (golf hcp distribtion is always a bell curve, with a fat end that covers beginners & the rest): http://www.usga.org/handicapping/art...dicap-Indexes/ The cumulative population of scratch and better is 0.63% of people carrying an offical hcp: 5.24 * 0.63 % = 33012 I guess the golf.com article slipped a comma? Otherwise you would need 45 million active players in the US - all having an offical hcp - and thats just not the case.

  13. why does everyone assume that with increased distance comes decreased accuracy...? Thats what golf is all about...working on your swing so its relatively long and accurate. You don't HAVE to just accept one over another...

    Because its statistically proven? In golf you rarley hit it actually straight, you always have to deal with some kind of sidespin be it a draw for fade spin - the longer the ball travels the more it has the chance to get offline.

    Imagine a guy hitting his driver 1millimeter - he will be accurate 100% of the time - now imagine a guy hitting it 400y like you see in long drive contests - their accuracy is way way poorer. Thats one of the reasons why women very seldomly have to deal with all the crap left and right of the course. They hit it shorter than the male population in general - have to deal with less side spin due to slower swing speeds, and that just puts you more into the fairway - its as easy as that! OP - in a previous post you talked about you were very comfortable playing ladies irons, and now you state you hit your driver 160y. You might find somebody who can properly asses your swingspeed and recommend you proper equipment. I assume it doesnt make much sense for you playing low lofted drivers and stiff shafts - you probably need the other end of that. Or you have some signifcant swing flaws. I guess its a combination of both since its really easy to "pitch" a driver past 160y without any effort at all.

  14. Well, thats what i´m a bit uncertain of tbh. We obv. only speak about Tiger. The way they calcuate these rolling weighted averages can make it very possible that a guy like Tiger with 8.x points all of sudden drops to 7 or even less, if he hasnt accomplished much in the last two years, i think a prime example how fast you can drop into oblivion was David Duval back then. So Tiger better makes sure he gets some wins racked up, otherwise he might end up really low in a couple of months.

  15. " what am i doing worng?" "why does that always happen?" "how do I fix that?"

    Ugh - i pretend i didnt hear these questions and just keep walking.

    But the situation you are in, is quite tricky, i guess there is no good way to tell your friends you dont like to play with them. Why dont you find them some nice "hackers" and set them up with them? It´ll take some time to develop the relationship but it will take them of your back if you can´t stand it. And lets be honest - playing every single round with a foursome of beginners isn´t easy and that´s not how it was supposed to be. You did your chores in the past looking for 4 missing balls every hole and taking 6 shots to reach a green of a par 4 and waiting for the rest of your foursome to do the same, when you started, but once you get better it makes the game a lot less fun once you have to go back to these painful times. Once they progress they will come back naturally, since they will see it from the same perspective as you do right now. I play with worse players frequently, but one at a time and not more than once a week - everything else makes me go bonkers...

  16. To my surprised it very easy to hit and the distance i gain is not bad...

    Of course you are allowed to play them. But shouldnt your decision making with irons go more towards how accurate you are with them instead of just how much distance you gain? You probably gain more distance cuz the shaft is more whippy, but then you have the tradeoff to lose accuracy. I know we men have this ego thing going - you hit 7 iron into the 170 par 3, my "thingy" is bigger so i´ll try to muscle in an 8 - but unfortunately this completly misses the point of an iron in your hand.

  17. You understand the difference between an athlete with a goal-driven approach to excel in a sport and a casual golfer, right? I´d say a 50y old playing for 38 years and playing off 20 hardly can be described as goal driven, and also not as an expert golfer.

    The term does fit our sport, but only is applicable to people who actually have the goal to become experts (professionals) in the game. So that would reduce the golfing population to a very small number.

  18. There have been done studies about this topic that this number was derived from. Of course if you do it wrong 10k h long, well, you dont get anywhere with it, but seriously who would put in the effort to do this and then not doing it properly, thats why i said "Efficient and purposeful practice".

    And lets face it, most athletes have to start very young, get their 15 years of practice (or whatever 10k hours translate into years) done and then go on and compete. Otherwise they just messed up their career, since in most sports you are old very quick. Golf is kind of an expeption though.

    Zeph - i fully understand what you mean by researching. Personally it i like to do it too, it helps me understand and translate things into practice a lot better. But i bet you, there are guys out there who never read a book on golf technique or physics of golf and they could quick all our asses. Different people - different approaches. But then again, this research and study time is something you would have to add to these 10k hours, since this is really only the time you have to spent to ingrain motions, learning putting on a high level and so on in practice, and so on.
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