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  1. Gareth


    definitely a UK person Smoke them fags. Whats more hilarious is the US call stealing a cigarette 'Bumming'. So, if from the UK and incorporating US lingo and UK slang, if you dont have a smoke you ask: Can I bum a fag? Wrong in many ways.
  2. Gareth


    I'm intrigued to know who smokes on tour. Jimenez is often seen on the course smoking a cigar, but who else on tour smokes on the course? You never see the pro's smoking anymore, which is a good thing. Anyone got any inside knowledge?
  3. Poulter looks like an idiot
  4. Walk the course. Don't use a buggy
  5. 1. Tom 2. Freddie 3. Sandy I can dream :)
  6. Tommy Watson!!! Sandy, Freddie and Bernard! Bring on the greats!!
  7. After back surgery you are doing well! Keep it up! you obviously practice a lot, so you will reap the rewards, especially now we have the new season starting with better conditions on the course. Enjoy Gareth
  8. Dude, Very cool! Nothing better than a loved one showing you love and support on the course! it' a must. The game is a completely different experience, and one, I'd hope, that you'd find for the better!
  9. Sometimes it is Psychological. Going to the tips and understanding your own game, you played with a slightly more carefree attitude. Not as much pressure. This can have the opposite affect. But, looking at your Cap, the players with you wouldn't have expected you to ping everything perfectly, thus you subconsciously knew that? The fact you played well, and you enjoyed it, however you look at it, it's is a good round of golf. Congratulations!
  10. I always found it a strange concept. Surely you should have evryone buy you a drink ;)
  11. You make a good point. I abhor waiting too long to play a shot. Too many practice swings, too much time to think. Another reason why I like to walk the course. irrespective of what I've said, its interesting what DavidFehertysBike mentioned. Is it mandatory to play with a cart at some courses in the states?
  12. 1. Enter more competitions. 2. play as many courses as possible. 3. Return to a single figure handicap. 4. Consistent putting!
  13. Do the majority of everyone here play golf with a cart? I have played using one, but prefer to walk the course as it gives me a better balance and feel for the course. i have more time to think about the shots a head. Playing with a cart makes me feel like i'm rushing the course. Any thoughts?
  14. I don't see how they're different at all. Regardless, it's speculative. The point is, if they were playing at their best, with similar technology, which they were comfortable with, the match would be a helluva game!
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