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  1. Welcome Mike, I am also a League City resident. We have a ton of good courses in the Houston area. If you get real serious and want to join a club Canongate has a good deal where you can play South Shore and Mag Creek.
  2. I never ask give advice to strangers or ask for it. Recently got pair with a hack who thought he was Tiger. He was trying to give my buddy advice who he didn't know and the guy had no clue what he was talking about. I shut him down pretty quick because he was making my buddies swing worse. I give advice to people I play with but only when they ask. To me it's rude to offer advice to someone you don't know.
  3. Plastic only it's a lot safer and easer to swing. Kids love to hit stuff at least mine does so a real club is dangerous. I got my boy his first real club around 4 from golfsmith. Mine in Houston has tons of kids clubs.
  4. Played ping and callaway irons my whole life got my mizuno irons about 3 months and I have never hit so many greens. I doubt I will ever picked up anything other then a mizuno ever again.
  5. personally I don't think a few buckets of balls is enough. Maybe 6-10 buckets. I did before I ever got near a par 3 course. There are far to many hackers clogging up the course who can't hit the ball 100 yards. Or if they do hit the course they need to learn the fine art of picking up the ball and moving to the next hole.
  6. Younger days my best golf day ever was breaking 80 on a fun course with great firends. That was surpassed two weeks ago by playing a par 3, nine hole course with my son for his first round of golf. My best golf day until I am 6 feet under will be any day on the course with him.
  7. picked up the NXT Extreme because they were on sale for $19 at golfsmith. It literally felt like I was hitting a rock and it says low spin but they mean NO spin. I could tell a huge difference in my short game because the ball would not check up at all. Luckily I found some NXT Tour's and Pro V's to finish the round with.
  8. You can take far more then 5 strokes off for high handicappers. Just look at your score card and how many of your shots were within 100 yards. I played 9 last week shot a 40, played the same 9 this week and shot a 48. I struck the ball much better on the 48 round but around the green it was a disaster.
  9. This looks like a great board and people seem helpful. Own a real estate company in the Houston area. Played for 11 years took a 5 year break and started playing again last month. Now I am on the course once or twice a week.
  10. crouch down with my back to the hacker, lower my head to my chest, cover my balls. Golf ball will hurt your body but if you catch a head shot they might have to name the hole after you.
  11. every person I have ever seen with a tour bag was a player until last week when a guy comes out on the range with a tour bag and blades. He was horrible and got so mad he stopped after about 20 balls. It doesn't bother me but if you have a tour bag right or wrong people will expect you to have some game.