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  1. My best shot was when I went to the golf course today for the very first time (after about a couple of months of lessons at the range). I was on a par 5 hole and chipped the boll into the holl for a birdie, I thought that was a fluke but when I got to the final ninth hole the tee was about 5meters from a lake (I looked up to the heavens for help). I took out a 24 degree wood and wacked the ball straight and bloody high, setting me up nicely for a par. My putting needs work though (too much time on the range).
  2. You need to end with all your weight on your left foot, so this will make your right foot go onto its tip-toes with the sole of your feet facing behind you (no longer stuck to the ground).
  3. I'm off to the course tomorrow and luckily suddenly remembered that I didn't want to be lugging around my heavy golf bag all day. Eventhough it only has about 14 clubs, for a complete beginner that's too much (seeming as I've only learnt how to use certain clubs in each of the different games). So I was wandering what would be the essential clubs that I would need to take (without stating the obvious). (If it helps my clubs are Bay Hill)
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