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  1. I usually score better on courses I haven't played or rarely play. Probably because no particular holes are getting in my head the same way they do at my home course where I have a few holes I never seem to figure out making me everything but comfortable adressing the ball.
  2. Let the guy vent his frustration and talk about it later. Nothing is more annoying when you're struggling than a guy telling you how to behave.
  3. Happened to me my last round as well. I did a little tweak with my swing, shortening it and slowing down my tempo and I airmailed a bunch of greens with my irons. Shot one of my worst rounds of the year as a result but can' help but feel good about it anyway!
  4. Are these girls professional golfers? They are chunking and skulling the ball all over the place. Terrible display of short game and a few of them barely hit the ball 200 yards in the long drive contest. What a joke!
  5. Well. Normally with strangers but considering playing partners often visit the bushes to ease the bladder and obviously not washing I often don't want to. It has created a couple of akward situations when the guy sticks his hand out expecting me to shake it.
  6. 4 iron, 5 iron or 4 hybrid (I hit my 4 hybrid 15 yards further than my 4 iron)
  7. 34 putts i a lot when you miss 15 greens. You should work on chips and putting
  8. I do unless it's a SW or LW shot. Makes it too easy to hit too high off the face. On longer irons off the tee I usually tee it up higher than on par 3's to get a longer and higher trajectory
  9. At par 3 course nearby only 1 hole measures less than 200 yards. Needless to say, it's very difficult. In general I score better on real courses because I can hit the ball long and solidly. My 2nds on par 4's and 3rds on par 5's are usually closer to the hole in a better position than from the teebox of par 3s. I average 3.21 shots on par 3's. 4.14 on par 4's and 4.79 on par 5's. So yeah if a par 3 course has the same kind of par 3's you find on a normal course it's more difficult for me
  10. You don't need to change your swing to hit a hybrid. You really shouldn't make it more complicated than it needs to be. A hybrid swing, a wood swing or an iron swing, they should all be the same. It's the ball positioning and lenght of the club that makes the difference. If you feel you have to alter your general way of swinging to hit hybrids you have lost before even trying them out. Coming down on the ball steeply doesn't mean you should stay away from hybrids. As a 1 hcp you're probably a good ballstriker and should go with whatever makes you feel more comfortable but if you can't hit hybrids it's not the hybrids fault.
  11. Draining loooong putts. The ones where you're thinking about just avoiding a 3 put.b Such a bonus
  12. I used to until recently. Not anymore. I guess part of the reason is my very unforgiving old titleist mb irons. The #3 was tough to hit consitantly. I switched it with a 4 hybrid. I find that I hit my 4 hybrid a lot longer than my 4 iron and even a bit longer than my 3 iron and it's a lot more forgiving so I ditched the 3 iron and now carry both a 4 hybrid and a 4 iron. Every casual golfer should replace their long irons with hybrids. Most paople are really only fooling themselves keeping #2 and #3 irons in the bag because they "feel like it fits them better"
  13. Always because of #3 off the tee. I've even had #5 off the tee a couple of times this year too.
  14. sounds like you put a lot of work in. Guess it comes down to the fact that you can't teach talent
  15. I you're less than a foot OB in a casual round you're not OB
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