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  1. ejimsmith


  2. Do others have the same issue I seem to have. Today when I was at Dick's, I decided to try a driver in the simulator stall. It felt really odd, like I was hitting a ball inside my house. I kept holding back, getting tense, and after I shanked a shot directly into the launch monitor I decided it was best to not continue. Years ago I hit in one when I was buying a driver. But thinking back on it, that was a much larger stall. I think the issue is the distance from me to the drop cloth that stops the ball. The one I was able to hit at years ago felt like 10+ feet to the drop cloth, wher
  3. I wasn't able to watch the TV broadcast. Do they replay it? Or can I find it online? Thanks! Never mind, the entire 5+ hour broadcast is on masters.com. Sweet!!
  4. Actually, I'm ok with what you did - I don't see your response as rude. I love to see maniac's freak out too.
  5. I see far too many cigarette butts on greens. I find that sooooo disrespectful! I've seen guys just flick their butts into bushes too. I have a thing about that. Seeing people throw butts out of their cars grinds my gears too.
  6. Yeah, that's the case for most LA muni's on the weekend. Not quite 6 hours, but close. Like others said, Rancho is the worst. In Long Beach, Skylinks is the best I think, followed by Rec Park and El Dorado. Lakewood is always bad though, you can likely have a 6 hour round there on the weekend. I try to avoid muni golf on the weekends. Better to take the drive and pay a little more for someplace else. Skylinks will put out 5-somes before first light - I haven't played that early there in a while, but they use to give you balls that lit up when you hit them, and would have spot lights on
  7. Yeah, I was impressed too. I may now buy a rifle scope from them too (those are lifetime warranty).
  8. Got the offer, 60% off MSRP (+tax) for a new one. I'm going to get a gx-3i3 now. 🙂
  9. UPDATE: No go, two year warranty. Lifetime is for their non-electronic scopes (like their rifle scopes). Probably just going to buy a Bushnell. The Tour 4 seems like a good price at $274 on amazon.
  10. Ok, resureecting this thread - please ignore the silly argument. I'm having the same problem with my Leupold gx-4, my display shows just the crosshairs and the last digit of the yardage. At one point it showed only half of the battery life indicator, and seemed to slowly fade out more, starting from the bottom left of the viewfinder. I replaced the battery, but it did nothing. I may get a different battery (I was using a Duracell lithium cr2 before). But I'm concerned its the device itself. Any thoughts?
  11. I asked for clarification. Do you have anything better to do than rip on strangers online?
  12. What I want to know is can I repair it? As in fold the divot back into its hole? I have a feeling that the answer is no... :(
  13. If the divot is folded over, can I repair it before I take my swing?
  14. I will throw away my score card, which allows me to stop focusing. Then I'm in a mode where I play each shot as it is. I've played enough good and bad golf that I'm able to keep a "so-be-it" attitude. There was a time I'd be embarrassed in front of the strangers I'm playing with (and that I'll never see again). Throwing away the scorecard seems to allow me to not care about appearances nor score and just hit the ball around. If I get lucky and manage a birdie, or scramble for a nice par, then I take that away as a positive.
  15. I'd never play in low 50's or under. And if its mid-50's, it better be first light where I can pull my jacket off before the 6th or 7th hole.
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