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  1. Welcome to Malaysia ! *I am you neighbour down south, a small island called Singapore ! Will give you a ring if i am going up to KL for food and games ! All the best for your Asia Tour !
  2. Thanks for sharing everyone, good read !
  3. Tough.....i give up and wait for the answer....
  4. Oh dear, hope they have golf insurance to cover.....
  5. Merry Christmas everyone ! I like to dedicate this beautiful Christmas song to everyone in TheSandTrap !!! God Bless ! I think this is the best Christmas song to come out in years. Where's the Line to See Jesus OFFICIAL Studio version MUSIC VIDEO Listen to it at: http://bit.ly/grAPGE or Here’s the story behind the song: About the Song While at the mall a couple of years ago, my then four year old nephew, Spencer, saw kids lined up to see Santa Claus.
  6. Wow i salute those who played golf in such terrible times....good read !
  7. Welcome ! Do hit the indoor range to sharpenen your ball striking, than wait for spring ! Cheers !
  8. Welcome and thanks for sharing Lateral Line system. Cheers !
  9. Hahahaha...do take my story with a pinch of salt....yes it is a true story but we did not whack him, just let go all the foul words we can think out and almost chased him across the stream. We never see in the club ever since.
  10. Wow good stuff bro fat slice...thanks ....hey if you in Shenzhen do find time to travel south to Thailand and Singapore....in Singapore i bring you around and try our famous claypot milk crab and laksa...hehehe Welcome you ant time bro !
  11. Hey Mr chan, i may be poping over to my uncle factory in Dongguan next year, let have a game !!!
  12. Gary, you are always welcome over here in Singapore ! I also like to extend my invitation to anyone here in SandTrap forum coming over to my humble little country...beer on me ! Gary i have PM you my email, do drop me a note if you are passing by. Please note...CNY 4 days no Chicken Rice...only malay or indian food. hehehe
  13. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, i am just nobody in the world, just another simple and happy go lucky golfer ! Hey Gary if you pass by Singapore, do PM me i bring you to play in my home club NSRCC http://www.nsrcc.com.sg/golf or to Johore Bahru for game and wild game dinner hehehe !
  14. Welcome you to GOLF....Game Of a Lifetime oF learning !
  15. Most of us only watch World and US PGA on cable, myself and some of my golfing buddies have the privilege to go to the Barclay Singapore Open and witness some of the best players in the world playing great golf, it was really one of the best enjoyment in life despite the hot weather and lots of walking and standing. After witnessing all the best players like Adam Scott, Ian Poulter, Phil Mickelson hitting GIR from all impossible lies, there is one question in my head..... why all the best iron shots sound so much like "top" ? I can always tell a good sound of hitting ball on the sweet spot
  16. In Singapore, when a beginner golfer started his journey from the range to complete his golf course, his or her golf instructor or home club will test the beginner golfer a test known as Proficiency Certificate Test. His test usually tested in a par 3, 4 to 5 holes test, it will determine how the beginner golfer played his or her long game, short games and most important, Golf Etiquette. Upon passing this Proficiency Certificate Test, the new golfer will be allow to play in his home club or another private or public club, provided a member or a handicapper would to bring him in. One inci
  17. Felt sorry for him....from now on, i will throw all my coin or magnetic markers and use only plastic pin on type.....
  18. It okay bro Jazz....just wonder if got chance to play with all the wonderful golfers here...chances they will sleep during the game with us as we alway topped and duffed the ball every shots....
  19. My condolences to the late Mr Maurice Hayden family....God Bless !
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