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  1. Thank you to everyone value info on golfing distance and focus. Really appreciate everyone comments as it make me realised that one own strength is very important. Guess i am spend more time on the range with my Pro to focus on those points mention here !!! Thanks guys !
  2. In where i stay, it summer the whole year round. For the past 2 years or so, everyone from teens to old boys swear to the benefits of a Compression suit to protect strong UVA and to keep the body cool and a source of recovery for the body. We would wear this compression suit 1st than our colorful polo tshirts over. Here the link http://www.skinsusa.com/
  3. I am a short hitter, 170yards with driver, need 2 or 3 iron shots to reach green, 3 putted.... So is it natural for everyone to go for distance in their drive and approach irons or just have to rely and focus on their shorts games to score well ? Is it very disadvantage or even a curse if one couldn't hit far ? HELP ?????
  4. During a recent golf range practise, i had a chance to try some of the ladies pink and blue irons and woods sets. To my surprised it very easy to hit and the distance i gain is not bad... So does the rules allow men to used ladies sets to play social and medals tournament ??? Will i be a laughing stock ?
  5. Had a game with Old Boys last game at Pulai Spring, Johore Bahru...... Player A hit into the pond in a long par 3 180m. The group than proceed forward, Player A didn't see the drop zone and played a extra ball with 1 stroke penalty near the spot the ball went into the pond. As we reach the green, we discover the drop zone !! Can A played from the second shots by the pond or must he play from the drop zone !!!!???? We are just playing a social game
  6. Good stuff ! In my club got a property agents who loves to collect Scotty, limited edition types. He show me his latest collection, Scotty buttonback...cost $1000.....i don't even dare to touch it !
  7. Wow that far from US soil....could you posts some photos for everyone to see. Must a very interesting to play golf in Tanzania !
  8. In where i stay and played golf, average temperature can go up to 36 Deg C. So each game as we mount our golf bag onto the back of the buggy and each hole after using the driver, woods or hybrid woods...i always remove the cover, hit it and replace the cover. A habit since my golfing days. My logic is that as the driver and woods are filled with air as its hollow and if we leave them in the back of the buggy , the hot sun will heat up the driver head, the head may expand due to the heat thus when it used, it may lose distance in the process...... Make sense ????
  9. Will do a field report after the game, now trying to get a local guide to bring us for some real wild games food like wild boar, fruit bats etc...yum yum...
  10. Sorry ...wrong number...hehehe
  11. The Old boys, by buggies....we hit the ground by foot...
  12. Yesterday had a lovely evening walking 9 holes at Singapore Island Country Club, Sime course. Was chatting with my lady friend and a subject on biomechanics was the topic...... Her son had a few sessions with Ryan Lumsden, world renowned coach in Golf Swing Biomechanics in SICC somewhere in March. I was puzzled and ask what is a Biomecahnics ?..... * Biomechanics are a 3-D progamme on a Laptop that shows the dynamics, timing, co-ordination, injury risk factor and golf swing of a students. * sensors are stick n many parts body like the shoulders, chest, hips and head. The sensors th
  13. Whoa !!! $20 can play weekend golf in your place.....my place weekend top course like Sentosa or Singapore Island Country Club cost $200....ypu are so lucky !!!
  14. Read in some golf magazine or heard before that after you tee up a ball, whacked the ball with a Driver or Wood, the wooden or plastic tee should flip and fall backward as this reaction will confirm a long and straight hit. My $2, a packet, plastic tee always fly right and left, front or into limbo.....sometime so far, i have to walk or take a buggy to get it (that if i can find it ! ) Must i be concern about where my tee landed or just focus hitting the ball long and straight ? If my tee flew to front, left and right of the teebox, am i missing something important ? Need help here
  15. Good read and info bro Kazuhiro ! Are you coming over to Singapore for the Barclay in November ? If so do drop me a Private Message. We could arrange a game together !
  16. Whoa bro ! You played before in Johore ???? Yes that what we do in Johore after a game of golf, good food, cheap gas and you forget....cheap and good MASSAGE !!!!
  17. Bro......i doubt i could make it to 27 holes...lately the heat in Singapore and Johore can cook an egg, average heat 35 degree C...but i will try 36 holes for you !
  18. My group of goofy golfers, we called ourself Reddotgolfers (We had a forum too) is preparing to play on 29 November what we all love and fear...GOLF EXTREME....a day of non stop golfing ! We started this crazy non stop golfing 2 years back when our old boys group played 36 holes in a day under the hot sun. Temp average 35 deg C So we took on the game with them yearly ! We played this Extreme Golfing in a golf course in Johore, malaysia, a place called Pontian....2 hours drive from Singapore. Pontian ia a fishing town with fantatic seafood ! The place..KUKUP Golf and Country Club. For
  19. Wow ....fanastic cars everyone own ! Yes ....i am planning my vacation in December to visit my cousin who is working in New York....drive his Audi R6....drool...... Sorry guys i don't own a car, it very expensive here, average car US$30k for a Japanese made 1000cc, but our public transport is world best !
  20. For me....this is a must listen for me before any golf tournaments or high stake games(loser buy dinner and beer)..... Go to 1.06min.
  21. Today played in the Mizuno Open Singapore Qualifying rounds (my group just to fill in the numbers) in Sentosa. Sentosa is where the Barclay Open every November is held. During lunch time, Carlsberg was free flow......Carlsberg beer was on every buggies.........played 47-49=96....more beer during dinner....i love to golf !
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