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  1. Think i am in the wrong country for golf....i am a 100 percent Singaporean, been born in Singapore, work and played. Singapore is a very small country...roughly the size of long Island.

    In a small place, the greens fees is amazing.....my own golf club which is own by the Ministry Of Defence for Singaporean who did our 2 1/2 years of National Service to our Country. National Service Resort & Country Club charges weekday USD $30 for a round of golf. Guest pay USD $80....which is by our standard the cheapest

    Other private clubs which hosted the Barclay and HSBC Championship courses like Sentosa are members clubs and for guest is USD $150 for weekday and weekend USD $250 green fees....other private golf clubs average weekday green fees USD $100. Buggy fees not included.

    Many of my golf buddies either travelled to neighbour country like Johore, Malaysia Southern state, an 2 hour drive from Singapore. weekday average USD $15 and weekend USD $50 to play golf. Sadly many are giving up golf and go into other sports like Darts, Badminton, Tennis and Table Tennis....

    Happy Golfing everyone !!

  2. Thanks for sharing, i enjoy reading the old and new development in golf equipments and their designs all this years.

    Myself started golf in 2002 and i started with a 300cc driver to today a Nike VR_S 9.5 degree driver. But i still enjoy my old Callaway Big Bertha irons alot. As a social golfer and trying not to make a fool of myself during company of charity golf. I guess having a pro to teach me is very  important.

    Good read ! Cheers !

  3. I need help on my putting......thanks in advance for your advise. Need to brush up before my duel with regular golf buddy jocolor

    Uncle Lau putting problem :- My putting action is a simple just like a Chinese brush, brushing thru. Lately got a lovely putter from a good friend of mine. A odyssey white steel number 5, mallet type, heavy and straight.

    lately i notice when i putt the ball, the ball would roll out and follow by a bounce, once or twice before it continue toward the intended target. My woes starts when any or putter length short distant putt, the ball always bounce off line.
    Could it be the Red Indian and not the arrow ???
  4. For me, i have 3 sets of golf clubs...i played very regular at home club.....i always switch my 3 sets to play and i enjoy taking them out for a spin.

    Buying a new or desire sets are not always my first priority as my budget is tight.

    I can wait for a desire set in 5 to 10 years time, i am not in a hurry to change. By than, the preowned sets pricing will be just nice.

    At my age, able to play golf with friends and loved one is already a Blessing.

    I don't mind if i have time to try different golf course as guest with my golfing buddies

    Oversea course if i got time. Yes you can say i am willing to spend a little more to enjoy and admire the lovely layout of different course...once a while. It just like bring your loved one to different restaurant to eat.

    I am from the old school, so i won't keep changing clubs.

    I belong to Golfer B

  5. Golf Sets or Golf Games ???

    Golfer A, this golfer loves to buy new golf sets, Driver, irons, wood, putter, the latests in town or just to change clubs as he pleased. If he can sleep with his golf sets, he will. But he will not spend more than certain amount to play a good golf course, anything more than his home club, he will give a miss. He continue to change clubs but only play at his home club. Reason:-  rather pay for a good golf sets and keep it than to spend money for a game which last 4 to 5 hours.

    Golfer B, this golfers owns only one or two golf sets he loved, he would not spend money to buy the latest or the best golf sets whichever he can afford. But he is willing to bring his beloved golf sets and played in Top golf course beside his own club. He is willing to travel oversea and spends lots of money for golf tour to exotic golfing destination. His golf sets are almost 20 years old.....

    Which type of golfer are you ? golfer A and B are just fictional characters for discussion.

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  6. Originally Posted by NI4NI

    Nice photos; looks like everyone had a great time.  Did you win a trophy?

    I golfed once a few years ago in China during a business trip (Mission Hills near Shenzhen).  Never got to Singapore or Malaysia...

    Yes China now the golf industries are booming....if you coming over our part of the world, do drop by Thailand, Bintan and Bali (Indonesian islands) for golf and some exciting happening.....ofcos must drop me a note, i bring you to golf in Malaysia and my home club NSRCC  / http://www.nsrcc.com.sg/

    I didn't win anything...just help to present the trophies out....

    Cheers !

  7. Guys...think you will all called me a nut..but in my club, NSRCC Changi location, where every 7 minutes a flight ( 701am to 430pm) will be teeing off in our 3, 9 holes course. Ball will fly all over the places and if you know where to find them.....Titleist, Noodle, Srixion etc....average i will find around 20 a round as we have to wait for the front to clear. A round of 18 holes on buggy will take around 5 hours to finish. Even will traffic marshal chasing .....

    My record find is 68 a day. All balls i passed to my uncle group (average 60 to 75 years old)

    This photo is only after 9 holes ball picking.....


  8. Originally Posted by pound puppy

    Here's what I see in my own game when a new person joins.  If the newbie is AT my level, I tend to push things just a bit physically...a bit harder swing to try go gain an edge.  This MAY get me through the round 1 or 2 strokes better than my average round.

    If the newbie is WAY BETTER than my, I tend to try to play my game smarter to keep from throwing away strokes with bad decisions.  I spend that extra 5 or 6 seconds it takes to make a last second alignment check, or take an extra practice swing.  This MAY get me through the round 1 or 2 strokes better than my average round.

    If the newbie has a HIGHER HANDICAP than me, I tend to relax and maybe try some shots that I don't normally use in a close round...you know the one, a low draw under a tree limb, over water, and sand, into a hard fade wind, to a rock hard green, from 125 yards.  ;-)  This MAY get me through the round 1 or 2 shots better than my average round.

    Or not.

    Regardless of outcome, I like playing with different people of any skill level.  I've played courses that periodically had manditory random group selection so it wasn't the same guys playing with the same guys all the time...and it prevents someone stacking a team.  Those nights were fun to play.

    Bro ! You can play golf with anytime !!!

  9. This type of situation best inform the club discipline committees or green committees. It is dangerous to take a shot if you could see players infront or on the green. The player hitting the ball just say sorry or with all sorts of excuses but the unlucky player could be in ICU.....

    In my home club, we view this type of play very seriously, a player if being complained or hit a ball near or over another player head, didn't shout FORE if one ball goes OB...will get 3 months to 1 year of suspension for club members and 1 year banned notice for visitors. The main booker will get suspension too.

    Be SAFE  than SORRY is my motto...

  10. I personally would welcome and enjoy playing with any golfers who just join flight with me and my regular golfing friends for the 1st time. I would be able to learn somethings from the good players or just enjoy the morning stroll with a beginner golfers.

    The question is WHO will truly enjoy or benefited from a join flight with a lousy player like myself (Hcp 22).???

    Based on a true events happen in NSRCC Changi one Monday morning, myself, Patrick and Golfiekids met for a morning stroll with buggy. Dr Yeo couldn't make it so my slot was release to the golfing counter. A Hcp 8 player join us. Lets name this person Mr X ( I asked his permission to post this thread)

    We started the beautiful day with thundering drives, we played from White teebox although the mashal handle me the Blue Teebox card. Golfiekids's wrist still in pain so we moved to white teebox.

    Myself, Pat and Golfie drove around 200m..Mr X thunder passed our ball at least 60m.... He par the next 3 holes and almost birdie the 4th. Than Golfiekid started his story telling.....stories of S'pore during the WWll Japanese occupation, the future of England Manchester United Football Club and his power collections of Panerai.........Pat started his Green Hornet Kato darts, his balls wizzy passed under and over trees and skipped over water and blasted the bunker till i have to call the maintenance guys to fill up the bunker with sands.......MINE act the best......I can disappeared from my last seen location and reappeared with 3 pond or bush ProV in my hands.......

    Now this whole time, Mr X played his games and we didn't distract him whatsoever....slowly he blasted sand bunker like SD........talk to Golfie about his Tour Of Vietnam.......and ever help me fish out a Water Monitor Lizard egg, a Jackfruit and 1 dozen balls from pond and bushes ......

    His game had became 3 holes Double Par, 6 holes Double bogeys...OB 3 holes........

    After the last holes, we exchange contact and he is looking forward to play with us again in the future.

    So is it that a good player game can be affected by a bunch of lousy players ? Myself learn how to read the putting line from Mr X, Pat drive even longer after Mr X suggested that he should clocked his wrist and whip the Driver....as for Golfiekid....it another story.

  11. I guess is theat the drainage for par 3 are usually not that well made, or course designer design a par 3 on the lowest part of the land....(cutting cost maybe), so all par 3 if we are on a buggy on course club, it is not allow to go on course on par 3 holes.

    In my part of the world, Singapore, Malaysia, Batam and even Thailand...all par 3 are off limit to buggies. Some course are buggies on track the whole year long.

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