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  1. On the par 3 ninth, I chipped in for birdie from 40 feet .
  2. I think his style is great, and I think he is great; a real breath of fresh air. (PS: It's a drag that so many older people routinely bash on the styles of younger people; can you say "creeping old fartism"?) (PPS: I'll be 60 years old this winter). !!!!Bravissimo Fowler!!!!!
  3. On the dogleg par 4 7th at my home course, I hit a 3-wood damn near as well as I have ever hit it, winding up two and a half feet from the hole. The easy birdie putt was a way cool ending to an average round (they had sent me out on #8 to start because the course was crowded).
  4. Once again this week, the putter is on fire; I was co-winner of the "low putts" award at the weekly men's club mini-tournament .
  5. After the wettest spring in 80 years, we finally have good weather in pdx. In re "shot of the week", I'll just say that the putter was magic: 5 holes; 5 putts. 8-).
  6. When Overton was yelling and screaming after his holeout from the fairway on Monday, it was just flat embarrassing. I realize that the following is a very oldskool attitude that represents the opposite end of the sporting continuum, but still, does anyone else remember the vibe of the great Joe DiMaggio? No bullshit. No yelling and screaming and making a big racket. Just immortally sublime performance. And a legacy as very possibly the greatest centerfielder of all time (and a damn good amateur golfer).
  7. Finally, the calm voice of reason (in the middle of what may be the MOST weird, unrealistic and out-of-touch with-reality thread ever in the forum). "Giant thank you", iacas.
  8. This is an excellent post; just flat well-written. !!Thank you, Shanks!!
  9. I agree completely. Thanks for the great post, nuck81.
  10. "History in the Making"? "Take #1 by force!"? Phil is backing into the number one ranking after a good, but hardly amazingly great year. Tiger was #1 for so long because he very clearly was an enormously dominant force for over a decade. No question. Regarding the "history in the making" and the "take #1 by force": Can you really, accurately describe Phil as "dominating"? Especially in light of what "dominating" has come to mean since the late 90s?
  11. In ten words or less: You are, indeed, most definitely, "holier than thou".
  12. Did the PGA, Nike and IMG "create" the amazing performance at the 2000 US Open?
  13. Well stated. Articulate. Right on the money.
  14. Golly. Pro athletes cuss when they get upset. This is a surprise? to anyone? And "a big problem"? To anyone?
  15. Balance out you selected, out-of-context stats with the following: 4th at the Masters; 4th at the US Open. Do you know any "average", middle of the pack golf pro who regularly posts results like that by the first week of August?