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  1. sonnydamico pdx

    challenges of senior golfers

    Has anyone switched from a typical 6000 yard municipal course to an executive course of...say...4000 to 4500 yards? This has worked out great for me. I was invited to local and very well-maintained executive course last year. The mens club of about 20 members has a median age of 65 to 70. It is a great club with excellent morale and good competition. A few guys are near scratch; some are single digit; many are around bogey golf. When I turned 65 last March I decided to switch from the munis and make this my regular course. It has been a fine year, and I absolutely love my new home course.
  2. sonnydamico pdx

    distances for senior golfers

    ......great advice!!!!!..........
  3. sonnydamico pdx

    Favorite Lesser-known/Under the radar Pro Golfer

    Ollie Schneiderjans...he has a strong amateur background; a good finish at the Open Championship; and three PGA top tens in his rookie year (2016-17)...I saw him on the Web.com tour last year and was really impressed....he will break through soon...:-)...
  4. sonnydamico pdx

    Best Shot of the Week

    We had exceptionally nice weather for Christmas Day in Portland, OR....50 degrees; sunny; no wind......I scooted out to Greenlea Golf Course in Boring, OR, a well maintained 9 hole executive course which is great for winter golf.......I had a so-so round for me (6 over after 8 holes) until I got to the par three 9th......that tee shot was my shot of the week: pin high; eight feet to the right of the hole...sank the birdie putt
  5. sonnydamico pdx

    2016 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    Hats off to Matsuyama...brilliant stuff!!! Amen!!!!....and....he also had more birdies than anyone, according to the talking heads
  6. sonnydamico pdx

    2016 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    indeed!!!...super putt on 17!!!
  7. sonnydamico pdx

    2016 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

  8. sonnydamico pdx

    2016 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    Wow!!!!!!.....a totally studly par-saving putt by TW on 16!!!!!
  9. sonnydamico pdx

    2016 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    6 under today!!!.......a solid Friday so far for TW!!!
  10. sonnydamico pdx

    Rickie fowler has a stupid hat

    I think his style is great, and I think he is great; a real breath of fresh air. (PS: It's a drag that so many older people routinely bash on the styles of younger people; can you say "creeping old fartism"?) (PPS: I'll be 60 years old this winter). !!!!Bravissimo Fowler!!!!!
  11. sonnydamico pdx

    2010 Ryder Cup

    When Overton was yelling and screaming after his holeout from the fairway on Monday, it was just flat embarrassing. I realize that the following is a very oldskool attitude that represents the opposite end of the sporting continuum, but still, does anyone else remember the vibe of the great Joe DiMaggio? No bullshit. No yelling and screaming and making a big racket. Just immortally sublime performance. And a legacy as very possibly the greatest centerfielder of all time (and a damn good amateur golfer).

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