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  1. The superfast is by far the longest driver i've ever hit. It comes off so hot, and carries at least 20-25 yards further than my current r9.
  2. My buddy just got some Victory Red Tiger Woods Blades with project X 6.0's all the way across. He still has them in the plastic and I guess decided to sell them without ever hitting them once. Anyway, he said I should offer a price, but I'm not exactly sure what a good one is. What do you guys think? Is $700 too little?
  3. another good one, http://www.youtube.com/user/iseekgolf
  4. Thanks for the great input so far guys. The club has a speeder shaft that he claims is very rare and used to cost $200 alone. Maybe I could find comparable driver to the 905 by getting a 907 or a newer 909? I really am set on the idea that a brand new r9 is not a fair trade for a 905s.
  5. My buddy thinks that the r9 I have which is a brand new head, never once been hit, would be a fair trade for a 905s with a speeder shaft in pretty good overall condition. I was planning on getting rid of the r9, and I do hit the 905 pretty well. But do you guys think this is a fair club for club trade?
  6. I actually had my buddy just hold my phone... It works pretty well that way.
  7. Thank you guys for all your advice! I hit the range today and was swinging better than I have in months.
  8. Hello all, I just discovered this new app and I wanted to know what you guys thought of my swing. Any help is greatly appreciated. Here are some things I know I should improve on, - Taking the club head more inside on takeaway. - Keeping the plane more flat on the downswing.
  9. Played a morning 9 holes, shot a 37.
  10. Its really great to see AK back in contention this year.
  11. caliwedge


    Its really amazing how many golfers on this site are 21-40 years old.
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