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  1. Well, I actually meant to discuss the driver more...not so much me But, my club head speed is in the 125-30 range ..ball speed 190+ . Ex-ball player (just minors leagues before you ask.lol). You learn how to generate power and let it go all at the right moment.
  2. Over 300 in the air... the rest must be roll. The ball had gills!
  3. Well lets round up to an even 370... it was far Added about 35-40 yards!
  4. Recently, I got to give the new SQ Sumo 5000 (driver) a test drive. Now, I am King Cobra kind of guy...but I have never hit a ball that far and straight. Capped out at 369 yards. I guess I have to buy it now! Any other reviews out there on this club....??
  5. ANY NEED FOR A WEDGE OVER 60 DEGREES ? I know for I, 60 degree's is about the most loft I want in my bag. If I need more, it is simple to just open it up. I carried a 64 degree for while (just sat in my bag so I yanked it).
  6. Hey Matt. Yes, that is me. Wasn't quite tanked though..more playing the part Was a good time though for sure! You still have the card? David
  7. Just putting it out there... I have swung a couple different brands/models and just don’t feel comfortable with them. Not sure if a T.V. belongs on the end of a golf shaft?? They are funny to look at though Just my opinion... Wondering what the mass consensus is on them? (To be made fun of ...or to have fun with?...K.J. does ok with it)
  8. Hit it 1 time...and I was sold! These drivers are 2nd to none. Good bye Taylormade. Although, in all fairness, I have heard rumors that the new Burner is not half bad.
  9. If PRO V1 Did'nt exsist! What would be the #1 ball? After ProV1 balls, I would have to say Callaways are next in line for Me.
  10. I know everyone has their "favorite iron"....You know...the one you hit perfect every time! Is it a "head thing" though? I believe it may be.....We all have one club that we have solid confidence in.....which usually leads to a well struck ball! It is when we are questioning a club, that we tend to duff it! I love my 4 iron! (never fails) You??
  11. Hybrids are what it is all about now! If I had to use a 3 wood from the fair way or rough...Must be shallow faced.
  12. Here...Here... I like that comment. Yes... It is Always the CLUB...Never the Clubber!!
  13. Man...Just have fun. That is the key! Dont get frustrated.....and "when" you do smack a beauty shot....Take a moment and enjoy. Those are the shots that keep us all going back to the course. Other then that... I learned my technique by looking at golf magazines and noting the positions of the peoples hands feet and swing paths that they show in mag. Then golf...golf....golf. Just know this...once your hooked...man...your hooked! The quick route is lessons of course and letting your natural ability take over and grow. Welcome
  14. Draw is further in most cases..... As for Tiger Woods.... he may be speaking for him self. I dont think many of us have his club speed...in which it doesnt really matter which way the ball is going....but one thing is for certian....It is going a long way!
  15. Yea..Those are some interesting web commercials! at nikegolf.com (juice ball!!) However.....I am guessing if you launch any golf ball out of a cannon it will do some major damage on what ever it hits.... Just a guess!!
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