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  1. The cigars I got about two weeks ago.. Cohibas were a gift from a legit cuban friend, and the Nubs were a christmas present to.. Well myself. I dip too, so the Grizz Mint was just a restock.. Then a brand new set of Taylor Made burners, from my parents and a new Norelco Razor.. Amazing!!
  2. I was beating him until hole 18, where he did come back and tie my score. It wasn't a good round for me, but seemed like a great one for him so I didn't make any snide remarks. I was just peeved that he didn't offer to buy me a mountain dew or something.
  3. So I was playing with three other guys I met on about the fourth hole. We were on the 17th, which is a short par 3, and one of the fellas aced it. It happened to be the one that didn't seem to like me much. Of course at the end of the round we went in to buy drinks, and his buddies said hey, you gonna buy Colin a drink? The guy looked me directly in the eye and said "Go away kid, this is grown up time." All his friends thought he should atleast buy me a soda or something.. I was kinda pissed. But I bit my tongue and took off. I mean after dealing with this guys attitude towards me for 14
  4. Because I forgot I was going to it, as me and my buddies signed up 2-3 months ago, so I forgot the exact day, I got reminded today by my friend, hence the question. I wasn't going to cancel, I just want to know how to break the news to her I want to reschedule it.
  5. Ok, I think I will tell her tomorrow whats going on.. Let her know I just realized the two events fall on the same day. And Ohio Lefty.. I have two things for you. One I am in 3 fantasy football leagues now, and 2.. GO BUCKEYES
  6. I think the reciept is a good idea, I will talk to him tonight. As for the girlfriend.. I still don't know. I mean she understands, I have golfed on days where we were supposed to go out before. But this is our one year.
  7. When I was just starting, I was on a par 4 and tee'd it up really low to use my three wood. I topped it and it went a whole -4 yards. Off the backside of the tee box. Haha
  8. I have a double whammy here. #1) My parents bought me a new driver for my birthday. Well it was more my dad getting it. Anyways, it is a old King Cobra, and I honestly can't hit it. It was turned in 3* to fix a slice, and I just fixed mine.. How should I break the news to my dad? #2) Me and my girlfriends anniversary is coming up this weekend, and she can't do anything the day of the anniversary. So we planned to celebrate the day after. I am playing in a shotgun start event that day, and have been planning on it for about five months.. How do I tell my girlfriend this?.. Thanks guy C
  9. 4th hole par 3. Yeah. I said it. Its over a pretty sizeable creek. The water on this hole and this hole only freaks me out. I always club up and hit over the green.
  10. I love playing solo. Usually two or three times a week. My cheap ass, and whipped friends can't get out as much as me. XD. But I do love getting to play with them. Playing alone lets me focus more on ME, and not US. If you know what I mean.
  11. Today whilst playing I was thinking about joining my school team. Now, I usually shoot high 80's to low 90's, and I really have no clue what my golf team shoots. I defiently dont want to go out there and make an ass of myself in front of my peers. So for those of you that are on or were on their school golf team answer me these: What was the average score when you play/ed? Was your coach overly bossy? What was practice like? Did you enjoy it? I don't want golf to become like a job like lacrosse season is.
  12. MY 6 iron is my 170 yard club. And my 7 goes down to a 150 yard club, with nothing in between.
  13. I was golfing with a buddy a few days ago. The ball landed and rolled right next to a tree, me being lefty I couldn't hit it. He said don't sweat it, go ahead and drop on the FW. I said nah, went in his bag, grabbed a 9i and right hand chunked it into the woods. 50 feet in! I saw no OB stakes, so I went ahead and hit it with a wedge out of the trees. Looking back bad idea on the wedge, but thats a different story. He got a 6, I wound up with an 8. Later he said if I just dropped my ball I woulda won the dollar on that hole. I just looked at him and said, "How will I ever get better if I cheat?
  14. I could drop my 3 wood, and 3/4 irons. I barely ever use them. Maybe once every two or three rounds.
  15. Some irons come with the bottom grooves painted. I don't know why, personally I think it looks stupid. But that could be it?
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