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  1. the ruler function on google earth is incredibly accurate and perfect for creating your own yardage book. i know the basic yardages and ins-and-outs of my home course, but with google earth i was able to create a yardage book that includes distance to carry hazards, distance to certain layups, exact distances on par 3s, and most importantly the depth of the green. i had a clear enough image where i could see the markers on the fairway and i tested all those to be spot on....very reassuring.
  2. I've been using my cleveland classic 3 putter for the majority of this season and today i finally got to put it to the test against the scotty laguna 1.5. if you don't know, these putters are pretty much identical, minus the $230 difference in price. stats are fairly similar: Scotty...milled 303 stainless Cleveland...cast/milled 17-4 stainless only on mishits can i feel a very very slight difference in feel, as the scotty is a bit softer. however, when properly struck both feel as soft as one would want a milled putter. Scotty...360g Cleveland...340g the laguna comes in 340g
  3. what i was trying to say is just because a club can go 185 yards with a full swing doesn't mean its the only club to hit from 185 yards. i feel its far more important to feel comfortable from all attainable yardages with one club then it is to have set distances dialed in. this really opens up your options on the course. what i'm suggesting is that you don't have a 180-yard club. instead use a club that will go 180-yards based on the conditions at that time. if you watch the pros, sure they'll have their "go to" yardages, but they're hitting irons in a 30-40 yard window. i remember a co
  4. As i usually do, i played some golf after work today. however, today was much different. i was putting my shoes on and getting the clubs out of the bag, and realized i had my sunday bag in the car with some clubs i was hitting at the range yesterday. i'm not sure what it was, but something told me to go play 18 holes with just the 5 clubs i had in my bag. these clubs included: driver, 3 hybrid, 7 iron, sand wedge, and putter. i'm not exactly sure what made me do it, but i'm glad i did. the stats were as follows: Strokes: 80 (+8) Putts: 33 (2 Three Putts) Fairways: 10/14 GIR: 9
  5. Short Game!! Short Game!! Short Game!!!! Take a look at your round....19 putts (ouch!) and you were on the fringe or just off the green on 8 holes. during my rounds i take note when i'm just off the green because i expect to put it close and one-putt. you had 27 strokes from just off the green or on the green. that is astronomically high. work on your chipping and putting and try and get that number down to 18 or so. that means either a chip and one-putt or two-putt a GIR on every hole. that will save you 9 strokes right there and makes a 55 a 46...a much more respectable number.
  6. another vote for the cleveland classic series of putters. i'm recently switched to the classic 3 and i'm absolutely loving it. i love the feel of a milled stainless face and for 70 bucks you can't go wrong.
  7. myself and some guys at the course were having this argument the other day...here's what we accomplished: Carrying Pros: Cost effective, can walk over green, and takes up less space in car Cons: Bad for your back, limited "stuff" you can carry, more energy used Push Cart Pros: Less energy needed, can carry lots of extras, everything at your fingertips Cons: Must go around green, initial cost, takes up room in car
  8. if you hit your current driver really well then forget it. that being said, i play the tour burner and absolutely love it. the ball really jumps off the face and mishits still travel well. what i like about it most is it gives excellent feedback on the mishits...i can tell exactly where i hit it on the club face. i picked mine up used last year for about 80 bucks, so if money is tight better deals can be had.
  9. I'm 24 years old and have been golfing since I was 8. I've always walked and carried my own bag without a problem playing once or twice a week. I'm now in a position where I routinely play 27 holes a day 5-6 times a week plus time on the range and practice green. I always walk and carry and by the end of the week I'm definitely tired. My lower back hurts and my shoulders are far too tight. It doesn't prohibit me from swinging a club by any means, but it's noticeable pain. I have no reason to carry a bag. I don't need the added stress nor do I need the added exercise. My game should imp
  10. my story is very similar to enis750. played the pro combos for the last 4 seasons until i picked up some CCi forged irons this year. loved the pro combos, but love the CCi irons more. both sets had TT DGS300 shafts. nike forged irons perform awesome and IMO are the best looking clubs made. the looks alone sold me on the clubs. i believe a good looking club inspires confidence and is more important than just about anything else.
  11. I'm an assistant golf pro at a public/private course in southern Mass. i'm working through my pga apprenticeship and will hopefully be a club pro in the next year to year and half. i'm at the course about 80 hours (but that includes playing 5 days) a week over 6 days. i have saturdays off so i can play in the local tourneys. lots of work, but it will all be worth it in the end.
  12. i always gravitate towards nike or titleist for irons. while i know i'm in the minority, i'm not a huge fan of mizuno clubs. they've just never done it for me...always feel a bit "dead" and unresponsive. not a fan of nike drivers, usually test taylormade and cleveland.
  13. not quite the golf store, but i ordered 100 AAAA Nike One Platinums from lostgolfballs.com and they were delivered today. Best part was...41 bucks shipped and only 14 of 100 looked like they've been hit. 86 of them could pass for new. after falling in love with my 60* spin milled vokey, i recently picked up a matching 56*
  14. i do the same putt style with my 7 or 8 iron but i keep a open stance and play the ball off my back heel. when i need to get the ball in the air, i pretty much use the same stroke but with a wedge obviously. i keep most of my weight on my left leg, play the ball back, and really try and hit down on the ball. lots of touch is involved as with anything around the green, but playing the ball back helps me hit ball first and eliminate the possibility of duffing it. EDIT: i always choke way down on the club too.
  15. Harp

    Golf $$$

    i payed about $650 for all the clubs in my sig plus another 50 bucks for 100 used AAAA nike one platinums. free golf and range are perks of the job and i usually get free rounds at partnering courses. i play anywhere from 9 - 90 holes a week (although lately closer to the former) without costing me a dime. when i do venture out, its only 2 times or so per month so figure another 100 bucks a month on green fees.
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