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  1. Shot 92 today (72 nett) for even my handicap and beat my 3 single hdcp friends who all shots 5+ over their daily hdcp :). The 6 hdcp friend who hasn't golfed in 8 months played 22 strokes over (he got 2-3 birdies, and eagle putts as expected, but he's also got a few double pars :D)
  2. Hi all, I had an "incident" on last weekend and would like to share with you. It was a relatively slow day on the course. I never have problems with new players as I'm not a good player anyway. Further more I was playing with my brother who started a few months ago and I'm still teaching him a lot of thing about the game. We were taking our time because we know the 2 ball ahead of us was slowed by the 4 ball before them. In my mind we were definitely NOT rushing them. It was a par 5, 515 yard. We tee'ed off after the fairway was clear (by that I mean I had no sight of the 2 ball ahead of me on the fairway where I'm trying to drive to) My driver found the right side rough. I helped my brother located his ball which took a bit of time. He hit his 2nd shot before I started walking toward my ball. By saying this I mean I definitely did not rush to hit my 2nd shot. My ball had a good lie but it was a blind shot and I could not see the green. So I had to walk about 30 yards forward, up a steep hill to catch sight of the flag and the green. I could not see anyone on the green. My trusting Bushnell told me it was 210yard out. Plus the distance I walked forward, plus the slope, so I figure it was about 240 yard to the flag. I was playing off of 24, so I mean... I honestly had about 2% hope that I can reach that with my 3 wood. So I went back down, trying to remember the direction. And hit my shot. It was a solid hit and the ball went roughly where I wanted it to go. My brother was down on the fairway and told me that he heard the guy ahead of us yelling even though he wasn't sure what it was. When we walked up to the green, we can see the 2 ball walking off the green, one was making her way to the next tee but the man was clearly agitated and was walking toward us. I opened with "I'm so sorry, I had no idea, this is the first time I play this course." But regardless, he TOSSED MY BALL AT MY FEET, raised his voice and said "slow the heck down, we were keeping up with the group in front.. I was putting!!! you almost hit us at the last par 4 too..." I said "I'm sorry" one more time but at that point I was quite mad myself. Now the last par 4 was a 311 yard par 4, I waited until I was sure they were on the green before I hit my tee shot. It landed (laser told me) 24yard from the flag. I did not contest what he was saying because I know it's true. But at the same time I had no idea what the hell was going on and what else I could have reasonably done. I felt wronged that he picked my ball up like that so I assumed I got on in 2. And because I had no idea where my ball landed I wrote it off as a par. It was the best round I've played this year. I was 11 over with 5 consecutive pars in the back 9 up to that point. After that I went double, double, bogey, bogey for 17 over total. It was still the first time ever I broke 90, but the excitement got dampened by a lot because I did not get to see my eagle putt... My question to you is, what else could you have done? Also is it justified for him to pick my ball up like that? Is there any chance, even remotely, that my ball actually went in for an albatross but he picked it up anyway? :( Best regards, Luan
  3. I called a Titleist Fitting Centre and was quoted £79.95 per new SM5 wedges. Does this sound too good to be true to you? Other main online retailers are selling them for £99 each (which agrees more with the US price of $160). This is a centre listed as SureFit Cart Fitting Centre on Titleist.co.uk website and is located at a 36-hole golf club... I'm so jaded right now and don't know what to trust any more >.>
  4. Again, as in all threads of this nature, the buyer, who hates these clubs, can't bear to part with them. It would be very easy to protect other unwary buyers, but I've yet to see a reaction different to what I have jokingly summarised and am seeing again
  5. To those who imp[quote name="Shorty" url="/t/80938/counterfeit-vokey-wedges/18#post_1120451"]What most people do is 1) ask for confirmation that they are fake 2) accept ridiculous advice like "Get you club pro to check them" (pros love that kind of work) 3) express outrage 4) refuse to return them 5) [SIZE=13px]take the moral high ground in order to "protect" others[/SIZE] [SIZE=13px]6)stop posting in the thread[/SIZE] [SIZE=13px]7) realise they play exactly the same (that's fake wedges and Cameron putters)[/SIZE] 8) get their refund and/or replacement 9) insist on hanging on to their free clubs whilst claiming they are breaking the law if they don't. [/quote] I've invested too much time and money into to this god forsaken game to want to be seen near counterfeit products, left alone using ones. I have no one to give this to either. The people I play with mostly uses Honma, Miura and EPON clubs. You yourself would have ulterior motives to keeping the counterfeits while demanding the refund.But please don't judge other people based on the basis that you would do it. Your circumstances are far different than mine. I found myself in a dilemma and ebay doesn't have a clear path to deal with my situation. That is why I am posting here to see what I could do. Yes they say we must not return the counterfeit to the seller so, AT THIS POINT, I am trying to follow their guidelines. I have no problems destroying these clubs once I have my money back. You know why I don't just destroy it (because, hey, they promise my money back anyway?) Because what if ebay/paypal is running me in circles and the only way I will get my money back is to comply with the seller, i.e. returning the clubs? I won't be caught dead with these damn clubs in my bags. But at the end of the day I'm not noble enough to take the loss myself (i.e. destroying clubs and have no money back) than returning them and have someone else purchase it. If my golf set is my car then these wedges are like the damn BRAKESI will not use counterfeit or be near it! (you can, up to you as you implied in "7" above) If I get a counterfeit GOLF BAG or HEADCOVER, those are like blinkers or windshield fluid... then might not worht the troubles... But these are WEDGES. As any other clubs except putters, the SHAFTS are what make the club good or not. How can these play exactly the same? Show some respect to the game and retract what you said.
  6. Update... So the only ticket I can raise with the resolution centre is a RETURN request. But my problem is not getting a refund from the seller but that they want the product back before issuing a refund. And because I know without a doubt these are counterfeit I can't return the items due to ebay policy and common sense. I even selected the reason for return as "counterfeit." I tried to talk to the seller in private messages before using the resolution centre and that took a week without results. So I only started the Resolution Return Request today. Because I listened to ebay on "trying to sort things out with the seller first" I am 8 days behind in getting this sorted before ebay would step in... Does this make sense at all?
  7. 330 yard par 4 severely up hill. I was by myself and got to the tee when the 2-ball ahead of me just tee'd off and looked like they're looking for one of their ball so they waved me through. Quickly teed up and slam the driver 280yd down the fairway, about 100yd past one of the guy's drive xD. I then up and down for birdie like a pro while they were watching. Felt so good partly because it was a a good everything hole (birdie is RARE for me) but MOSTLY because I didn't fail when I had an audience. Would be a bit embarrassing if I sliced it into the woods after they waved me through hah hah.
  8. Last weekend I my back hurt again so I'm off golf for a while. Seeing Orthopaedic Surgeon this week. I will probably have to push carting it for a while, when I can golf again :'(
  9. But after this I doubt the big seller's £67 SM5 wedges too... they're very good prices and the feedbacks are not all golf so you can't be sure that the buyers all know what they bought... My seller also had positive feedbacks on her the clubs she sold as well. :-/ I've been looking at Vokey.com's WedgeWorks... :'( So tempting to order those and pick them up next time I visit family in the States but wedge plus Snow package is $220 per club hehe :'( USA is still golf equipment heaven!!! Next question: ebay says that we shouldn't be shipping counterfeit items back to seller (http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/money-back-guarantee.html under "counterfeit items"). But advise to sort things out with seller first (http://pages.ebay.co.uk/safetycentre/counterfeits.html). Now the seller is asking to return the clubs for a full refund. What should I do?
  10. I bought from a private seller with not so many feedback. I saw that he did sell a few sets of Vokeys with good feedback though. But now I think those buyers didn't really know their clubs... :( The items were shipped from the UK (Nottingham to London) and it wasn't dirt cheap so there wasn't any red flags for me. For comparisons, I paid £205 for 3 clubs and these can be had for £70 each from a seller established in 2002 with tens of thousands of ratings (99.8% positive) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Titleist-SM5-Vokey-Raw-Black-Wedge-58-8-M-Grind-gb111-/111613276935?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash;=item19fcab7307 Wasn't expecting to get a too good to be true deal, just my luck I guess :'(
  11. Had a very late round on a Saturday and finishing when it was dark, I left my 09 SM wedge on the 18th green and it never found its way back... So time for new wedges I thought. I've always thought ebay UK is all up and up so I bid and won 3 SM5 vokey wedges for about $320 shipped. This price is good but not the too good to be true good, is it!? Turns out they are counterfeit... :( Here are some pictures so you can compare to yours and maybe next time ask the seller to take pictures like these so that you can verify what you're buying... I'll proceed to request a full refund according to ebay counterfeit policy, but until that's sorted I'm some money down. The only positive thing about this is that I just had a back injury so I won't be able to play golf for 1-2 weeks so not able to hit these doesn't bother me too much! Can you tell the difference here? besides the colour? These aren't the white/silver ones, they're supposed to be golden but only have a light gold colour. The shaft was what caught my eyes. The material aren't as smooth as any of my other clubs. You can also notice the label isn't very nicely printed. This is just transportation scrub marks, but the ferrule isn't smooth and doesn't look nice either. The engraving looks like it's engraved by hand using a drill. The ferrule attachment to the hosel raises some alarms too. Other than these if you look at the Vokey Design engraving, the Titlelist engraving and colours.. they all really look the part. :( I'm sure more inexperienced golfers will definitely fall for these, which is kinda sad.
  12. Quick question for you all.. Do courses in America ban buggy and trolleys in Winter at all? If they do, do you think casual golfers still play (having to walk and carrying their own bag)? I came from Asia and started golf there. Over there, you are farthest removed from having to carrying your bag. By that I mean I always had a caddy playing golf. I don't even clean my clubs, rake any bunkers or even reach for my own drink... left alone carrying my own bag. Talking about being spoiled :) Now that I live in England, it's a different story. At first I would only golf driving buggy despite being laughed at by my older friends. Then they talked me into walking with them with a power trolley so we can talk so I did that. But one day in Winter, trolley is off limit as well and the only way I can play at this course (it's a European Tour course and is private, very well maintained) is by walking. The thought of calling it altogether that day has crossed my mind. But in the end I thought I should be able to carry my bag if those guys who are not as fit as me can! Turns out it's actually fine. It was all in my head. I now walk twice a week carrying my own bag. Even if there is free power caddy I'd probably still carry :)
  13. noob

    Do you warm up?

    After a few injuries that was accounted for by lack of warm up I now warm up properly before every round. The straw that broke the camel's back, or mine almost literally, was 4 weeks ago. Had a late night out and didn't get home until 3AM. Our tee time is 6:20AM and the course is 1hr away. So you could imagine I didn't really get to sleep much :) I was a bit late to the course so we went straight to the 1st tee. Had swung full with the driver and felt a jolt pain in my back. I could not take another shot. I could barely walk because every step I take was literally nerve pinching pain. Up on my friend cart I I went. I had to be the spectator for the first 9 holes. At the turn I went back in to the course clinic (yes it's a very nice course) where they treated me with some of the spray stuff which only helped a little and I rested (slept), waiting for my friends to finish the round. After that, you bet I warm up for almost 10 minute before every round. You'd never want to put yourself in that position again. I now do some extra strength training to improve my back muscles to protect my spine more, which will reduce the chance of that happening again.
  14. I don't average 300 yard but when I was a 36 handicapper (30 now!) I had a drive that CARRIED 300 yard. It was a local golf event and men played from the blue tee. Long par 5 dog leg left and at the bend if you go straight it's OB. I hit the ball straight ahead (instead of cutting the woods for the dogleg to stay on the fairway...) and landed outside the OB stakes into a small hill, ball stucked into the dirt and took a while to find, obviously it din't rolll. Caddie told me that the OB stakes was 300 yards from the blue tee. and my ball landed just outside of it. I looked at the hole layouton google earth and it was just as far as what the caddie said. Another time on a 320 yard par 4. I hit a drive to within chipping distance (10 yard off the green). Still got a picture of that :) Being a newbie doesn't mean I can't drive far, sometimes! It doesn't go straight most of the time though.. lol
  15. 145 yard par 3. Hit a 9 iron 10ft left of the pin. But that wasn't the good shot. I told my caddie I wanted to play the hole with a 7iron but she said it would be too much so I played it over for her. 145yd, 7iron short grip half swing stuck it 10ft past the pin. I got to the green before the caddie (and my putter) did so as I was waiting I chipped that ball with the 7 iron on the green to within 1ft :D Could've putted in for par with a 7iron too but I thought that was enough to prove my point :D. Very satisfying to have things worked out as planned (yeah it's kind of a big deal for a 40 handicapper like myself hehe).
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