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  1. Thank you all for the advice. I will be practicing my 3/4 and half swings and follow the drills on Tom Watson's book for the next weeks and let you know how it goes. Thanks again :)
  2. I am checking out Tom Watson's book. This could be it. I usually don't push the ball if I do half or 3/4 swings.
  3. I couldn't play any golf for almost 4 months and it really showed. I was almost back to square 1, so I thought I should kind of start from scratch and really work on getting good fundamentals. My swing has improved. I feel a lot better and confident with how I'm swinging but... I've noticed the biggest (almost only) improvement on my wedges. In fact, today I hit my 56° a lot more distance than what I had been able to. I've never been a long hitter but they were going straight and I could score well. I know that making changes to my swing will be a case of really getting worse before it g
  4. That's how I understood it and at today's practice I started to try and picture where the cone would be for each shot. Don't know if it is because I focused on this but my curves seemed to get a lot smaller than the usual hook I've been hitting.
  5. Yes. It was an issue with my tempo more than having to actually turn my wrists but that instructor was really adamant on me doing that every time instead of leaving me to focus on my tempo. I stopped going with that instructor after that day.
  6. Did you buy it online? I was browsing their website and didn't get a lot of confidence to buy there. Shame it isn't available at amazon.
  7. Yeah. One had me turning my wrists to get the clubface in the "correct" position in the followthrough. Figured it was an insightful drill but just took it as a drill and have not done it as part of my swing.
  8. I tend to swing like that. It is most noticeable with the driver, I end up with the clubface looking up at the sky. My instructor has been trying to rid me of that for a while now and I've been working on "releasing" the club.
  9. Hadn't thought about that. I was thinking about just buying the mat and not the side mat where you can stand on. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Still debating a bit but I think I will buy a mat. I think I really need to practice my swing and the range is turning out to be really really pricey. Mats are pricey too but I figure I would spend buying one what I would spend in about 4-6 weeks going to the range (even though it's grass but with horrible balls). Been looking at the TruStrike and the Vijay Singh Golf Mat, just saw an ad for another one called the Fairway Pro. So many mats out there it's getting to be a tough decision, plus I'd like to get one that won't hurt my elbows or wrists so I discarded any of the mats that are basi
  11. Didn't know that. Any idea on when they will close their Tucson store?
  12. Anybody around here used the Swing Rite trainer? I need to work on my tempo and having some practice in when I can't make it to the range with feedback looks like a great option but just wondering if it's one of those things you buy, use once and forget about it or if there really is value to it considering it is a bit pricey.
  13. Thanks. I will give them a call and check.
  14. I am thinking about getting my clubs checked for lie and loft at a Golf Galaxy. Anybody know how long it takes for that to get done? Would I get my clubs back the next day or how does it work? Thanks!
  15. I am trying to speed up my pace of play when playing solo so that I don't feel rushed when playing with others but still not sure if that's the reason I score so high or some other reason I need to work on. Golf is a mental game after all. I just haven't been able to pinpoint what it is that makes me hit those 15+ extra strokes.
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