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  1. It's a valid question. And yeah...I see your point but I'd agree with golfro. One less stroke to cover the same yardage... Paul Goydos....shoots 59 and says something about shooting his height instead of his age. He's funny sometimes.
  2. Kay Cockerill thinks there will be some 100's out there and +10 or 12 could win it. Brutal. Can't wait to watch though. I'd love to see Christie play well again and if Wie is on with the driver/irons, she'll be tough. Hitting shorter irons to those greens could be quite an advantage...
  3. Like someone else mentioned.....pure (and I mean truly pure) irons. I hit maybe one a round. That and a good round around and on the greens. I hate giving short game strokes away.
  4. Depends entirely on the player of course but for me, it varies. Somtimes I like to hit some balls just to stretch out but usually just hit a few putts then hit first tee and go. 20 minutes before a tee time is not the time to "work" on my swing. On a side note, I do find it hilarious to see people get genuinely pissed off on the range. Seriously, how much fun are they to play with if a duffed range ball is that big of a deal?
  5. Me too. I have a couple pairs of Tifosi's. Got both off www.downlowtooslow.com for less than $50 plus free shipping. I wear the Ventoux's around town and the Tyrant on the golf course. Steep and Cheap is great too although lately it's been more climbing/camping stuff. downlowtooslow is predominately golf/sports stuff. Keep checking there, you won't find Tifosi's any cheaper....
  6. Not sure where your located but I've played a few around St. Joe and they're all very good and a great value. Hawkshead Links - excellent course with a links feel. The Ravines (Arnie design) - beautiful course. Blackthorne - in South Bend, IN technically but close enough. They have a warm up hole which is kinda fun. Also, a classic local type course is Lake Michigan Hills. Very tight with tree lined fairways (and I mean huge trees. That part of MI is the fruit best so it's thick). Fun course. In fact, my avatar is #1 at LMH. I'd like check out some other areas of MI but some other
  7. $50.....that's quite a deal. What's Maple Hill Golf? I'll have to check it out. And BRT - I prefer the older style as well. I have a 60* that I love. Probably should regrip the thing though... On a side note, not sure if you guys/gals use downlowtooslow or sites like it. They have all sorts of sports stuff and lately I've seen some Cleveland, TaylorMade (bought an R9 the other day) Cobra and Titleist stuff on there.
  8. They're a pretty good deal over at http://www.downlowtooslow.com/index.php . I could use a new 56....
  9. Congrats on the 98..... Played Friday. Shot 87. Very pleased with how I drove the ball. Should have been more in the 84/85 range but missed some makeable par putts and 3-jacked the 18th for a bogey.... Great round though. My driver feels good again now that I'm paying attention to grip pressure...
  10. Played nine with my 9 yr old son yesterday. Man, he's getting good. It's fun to watch. Anyway, I was +2 through 6 and then took two doubles.... Chunked a chip on one hole and three jacked another. Shot 41. I did get birdie on a long downhill par 3 though (about 180 yds). Hit a nice easy 5-wood to about 8 feet and made the putt. Second bird of the year! And yes, a 180 yrd par 3 is long in my book......
  11. nice goin'.... I think it's cool when newer players get excited about the game. Good luck!
  12. Played 18 a couple days ago. Shot 90. Played nine yesterday and shot 43 (three jacked three times....)
  13. Intersting thread..... I played with a 909 all last year and didn't drive the ball very well. That's out and the 983k is back in the bag. I am thinking about some new fairway woods though. A buddy bought a TM r9 3-wood and that thing is sweet.
  14. $140 for a 2010 adidas powerband stand bag over at http://www.downlowtooslow.com I may pull the trigger on a black one. I have quite a few bags (i like bags). Two Nike Pro Combo's, a Sun Mountain and a Titleist Lightweight stand bag. I think I'm gonna give the Powerband a try.
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