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  1. 2012 Ryder Cup BluRay

    Has anyone seen the official BluRay of the 2012 Ryder Cup on this side of "the pond"? Not surprisingly, it has been available all over Europe for some time (PAL format) but I haven't seen one in North America (NTSC format) yet.
  2. Can Tiger win the Fed Ex Cup?

    Yeah, it's tough to figure out. We're not sure where we are or how we got here, and we sure don't know where we'll end up. It doesn't strike me as the kind of event that FedEx would want to sponsor.
  3. Ryder Cup Predictions?

    I agree with that. Pavin and Monty don't exactly come across as motivational titans, but motivation and psychology are such a big part of this event. So I'll go with home advantage tipping the balance in favor of the Euros.
  4. PGA Fiasco

    I have a question for you folks. There were many errant drives over the four days at the bunker-infested Whistling Straits, and some of them ended up in tightly-packed spectator areas. Just like DJ's drive on 18 in round four. BUT, none of them was subject to anything like the same, up-close camera coverage that Johnson's was. Could there be any players who, on reflection, think that they MIGHT have done exactly the same thing as Johnson at some point during the tournament?
  5. Who Does Augusta National Pair up with Tiger?

    Most of the posts thus far are about making sure that Tiger's comfortable, and I find that rather surprising given the background. My greater concern would be for them to choose people whose games won't be unhinged by the inevitable atmosphere. After all, it's their Masters, too. I'm less concerned about Augusta National being fair to Tiger than being fair to those players.