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  1. I am looking for a 20* Adams pro black hybrind preferably just the head. Please pm me if you have one for sale. I have paypal ready.~Chris
  2. I have for sale an M4 Cleveland Mashie Hybrid. It is in mint condtion only used once at the range with NO scratches, scrapes etc.....it has the Miyazaki R fled ultra light shaft (stock) and I am asking $150.00 + shipping to any 50 states.....I have 100% positive feedback on ebay (screenname clg82) so I am trustworthy....pm me with any offers~Chris
  3. I have a harder time playing against my teacher than i do anyone else. He is 25 and I am 28 and it is hard to play against someone that bombs it 300 down the fairway everytime without me trying to swing out of my shoes lol
  4. I know that is sounds kind of crazy but I find that I play my best golf when I am playing against someone. Not necessarily competition, but while playing with friends, or even in competition. Why is this and do any of you play the same way?
  5. We followed tiger for the full 18 and then just jumped around to whoever was behind them....they were all incredible golfers and the TV doesn't do them any justice as far as yardage goes.....
  6. yeh I got dustin johnson's auto and anthony kim.....AK seemed like kind of a prick....but he landed one within 5 feet from the hole on a par 5 on his second shot.....great golfer....
  7. I got dustin johnson's autograph yesterday! and a bunch of others
  8. The website says no cameras Thursday-Sunday. I'll be taking plenty on Wednesday.
  9. I think we're going to watch on the practice section for awhile and then follow a few. Not sure yet. Have you ever gotten an autograph while at CWC?
  10. Not sure what the wheelchair refrence is but ok......
  11. Thanks for the reply wrx! I'm excited and they say we can take pictures for the pro-am so i am pretty excited about that too.....i hope I get tiger's autograph that would be awesome......i'll brink a nike hat just incase
  12. I am so psyched! I am going to the pro am to watch the true greats of our game play. Any advice that you can give me, I've never been to any truly spectacular golf tournament like this. Will I be able to get autographs? What should I bring for them to sign? And what do you think the chances of me getting Tiger's autograph would be? Thanks for any insight or input you might all have....p.s. I will post pictures when I get back!
  13. I am currently gaming the Nickent 5dx hybrid and love it....most forgiving/long hybrid i've played to date....buy it you won't be disappointed....it's at a discounted price anyways what do you have to lose?
  14. Best post in this thread so far.
  15. That's what YOU sounded like when you first posted about him stealing....rediculous if you ask me...
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