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  1. Many seem to miss the point that the perhaps the caddy should have just remained zipped. Two tour pro's are trashing it out, a professional caddy would know best to remain a bystander, unless his boss came to blows, of course. Not saying what Jimenez did was classy by any means, but....for a guy whose first language isn't English, maybe 'shut up' was the best way he could say 'hey, you stay out of this one, pal' Just sayin.... Ray
  2. Hi, I am sorry to reply to such an old thread, but wanted to ask some thoughts of you guys in here. I will be volunteering (for the first time. Ever. ) at the CIMB Classic in KLGCC here in KL, Malaysia later this month. Hole Captain (3 &12) - whatever that means ! :D Just wanted to ask what on earth does a hole captain do, and any other pointers will be greatly appreciated Cheers Ray
  3. Hi, I don't know if this is the right thread, and if it is not, I apologize. I didn't want to start a new thread, and I just wanted some help in trying to make sense of what's happening to my game at the moment. I started playing about 4 years ago, and worked my way to a solid 16 handicap in 2012. And then because of work and travel, I went cold turkey and didn't touch a club for about 8 months. Started back again a couple of months ago. After a few rounds, my drive was back to normal, putting and chipping as good as ever.....but....my approach shots with irons have gone to the dogs.
  4. Quite possibly....or maybe GC is 'holding its horses' before jumping on their biggest star :) Ray
  5. I'm guessing in about an hour and half, the good people at Augusta would address this for sure... Just curious though, if Augusta stay quiet somehow, what happens ? TW keeps his 145pm tee time ? Ray
  6. Only Joe ?? What about Donald, Pearcy and their caddies ?? If I were playing with someone and I knew there was a rules infingement, I'd be the first to approach him ! This whole episode is strange....well, a few hours away now.....all will be sorted then, I suppose :) Ray
  7. Ok, fair enough... But what if in the morning tomorrow, Tiger says 'I couldn't see the ball and thought it came straight back at me into the drink' ? In all honesty, the video does show Tiger straining to see his first shot as soon as he hit it. Ray
  8. " He could have dropped the ball, keeping the point at which it last crossed the margin of the water between the hole and the spot on which the ball would be dropped." Any reason why he could not have choosen this option ? Ray
  9. 'as nearly as possible'......is there is a definite distance for 'nearly' in this instance ? I mean, Tiger could have said 2 yards, but it could have been just 3-4 feet from where he last struck the ball....does him saying 2 yards MEAN it to be deemed as exactly 2 yards ? 3 feet and 6 feet aren't exactly miles apart you know..... Ray
  10. Unless Rory, or someone else in the Top 10 OWGR, starts winning again, TW is going to be holding on to that no 1 spot for quite a while longer. Tiger and Rory have made quite a gap there up top... Ray
  11. Mate, just curious....we're both almost the same built and height......what's your driving distance like with that swing speed ? My swing speed is around 95 average, and I carry my driver around 210,215.... Cheers Ray
  12. The Melbourne government paid for Tiger to show up in Kingston Heath back in 2009.... I recall a big hu-ha during that time too.....but guess what, Tiger won that event AND whatever $$$ that was spent on him was well recouped....and then some. Ray
  13. This event is like 15miles from my place.....still contemplating whether I should go tomorrow or not.... Never been a huge fan of LPGA.... Ray
  14. Actually...and I'm serious...DL3 is a genius... If only Furyk hadn't do a Mahan on the 15th with his 2nd shot, he might have beaten Garcia....and Tiger would have been in a position to get the clincher for US.... Ray
  15. Sorry, man....I forgot that we all have to be PGA level golfers to give our thoughts on these forums. My bad. In my comments you quoted, only half of it was directed at Phil. I never said anything about Phil wanting to sit out. Obviously my next part of the comment was indeed directed at him for applauding Rose birdie on the 17th. I've never played golf competitively at any level but I play other sports competitively up till university level. The guy/team you're playing against is your opponent. Your job is not to go out there and be chummy with them, but to take them out (figuratively speak
  16. You guys could slice this and dice this 7 ways to Sunday, and it won't matter.....ultimately the US team LOST, no they didn't choke that's utter BS, they lost the Ryder Cup to a superior European team on Singles Sunday. You can talk about DL3's picks, his lineup, decision to sit PM and KB on the fourball all you want, but the reality is this. The Ryder Cup didn't end on Friday. Or Saturday. Bradley/Watson/Snedeker/Simpson all on fire Friday and Saturday...woooohooo! Great ! But hey......you still got to do your job on Sunday. And they didn't. Plain and simple. You don't get half-
  17. Personally I just wonder how the outcome would have been had it not been for these 3 factors : . 1) Colsaerts performance on day 1 fourball. 2) Donald's tee shot on 17th day 2 fourball. 3) Strickers unexplainable chip on 17th today when he maybe could have putt.... Ray
  18. You do mean 3 up after the foursome ? The four ball pairings for the afternoon session will be named later on Friday I guess... I predict a 2-2 scoreline after the foursome, with US taking 1 and 4, Europe the rest. Ray
  19. My bad, mate....missed those 6 months from Sep 04 to Feb 05.... Ray
  20. Hmmm....strange....what other Americans are there ?
  21. When does the pairings usually come out ? After the opening ceremony ?
  22. I really think all of us are reading too mucn into this 'bromance'.... Geez, those 2 could have been talking about all sorts of things, Rory's gf, his newfound fame, papparazzi, etc etc....anything really. Why does it have to be TW trying to 'influence' RM into Nike Golf ? For all you know, maybe Rory wants to buy a pad in the Jupiter area and who better than getting info from other than Tiger ? Maybe Rory even might be asking more info about Medalist GC.... Its been a while since Titleist had a hot superstar in their stable, so I doubt they would just let Rory go
  23. Can't wait ! Btw, does anyone also realise that this will be the FIRST Ryder Cup in the new millennium that doesn't have a guy named Woods as the World no 1 ? :-P That's six RC's that Tiger was the world no 1 going in.....just saying..... Ray
  24. Voted Tiger. Because when Tiger dominated all those years, he didn't really win a golf tournament every week, but.....he stayed relevant almost every tournament and was in sunday contention as much too, even if he had a not so particularly good ball striking week. Sound familiar ? Yeah....that's what happened last week at BMW. I think...for the first time since 2010, Tiger Woods was in contention in a tournament he didn't particularly play so well....as opposed to those Sundays where he played brilliantly, only to be beaten by some other player who played a notch be
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