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  1. Dude, you have got to get over that! Just think of all the great seaside/waterfront courses you are ruling out: Pebble Beach and the entire Monterey Peninsula Kiawah Island Whistling Straits Chambers Bay Every course in Hawaii Ballybunion and most of Ireland St. Andrews and the entire Open rotation I'd hate to see you pass up any of these, given a chance to play there. Man up, Colin! Just having a bit of sport with you, mate. But seriously... Sean
  2. Vaguely remember that, Chilli, but it's a hilarious image. See a bit of everything on the 17th, don't we? Cheers, Sean
  3. In the States: Kiawah Island, Ocean Course Circling Raven (see above post) TPC Sawgrass Sage Valley, So.Caro. (private) Linville GC, No.Caro.
  4. I clicked on this thread fearing it involved a medical question of a personal nature. What a relief! Yellow makes sense, but white is so entrenched I can't see a major movement in another direction. Just ask Jerry Pate, whose orange Wilson ProStaff was all the rage when he won the first TPC played at TPC Sawgrass back in the day. Sean
  5. How about a least-favorite moment -- when that jackass jumped in the water before Jeff Sluman was about to putt in a playoff, late-1980s. Anyone else here old enough to remember that? Believe Sandy Lyle ended up beating him, but too lazy to look it up. Favorite moment (warning, personal ego stroking ahead): When I stuffed an 8-iron to 8 feet, only time I played the course. Yes, I missed the putt. Sean
  6. Jeez, guys, thought the question asked about your ideal day, and here you are shooting your realistic 81s and 86s in the rain. Heck with that. I'm firing a 59 in 70-degree, sunny, dry weather. Bombing it 300 on command. And generally making the ball my bi-otch with an array of fades, draws, punch shots, lofted long irons and bump-and-runs. Of course, every putt is tracking like an ICBM. Did I mention this was happening at Pebble Beach? With Kate Beckinsale toting the bag, providing yardages to the inch and whispering words of encouragement as I march toward U.S. Open history? Cheer
  7. Glad we were able to talk you into hitting Bandon, Canuck. Took some real arm-twisting. Chalk up another rave review, the only kind BD ever gets. Obvious question is, which course was your favorite? Also, did you play Old Macdonald and, if so, what did you think? Feel free to share as much as you want about the place, right down to the beers available at the 19th hole. Some of us have to live the experience vicariously, for now. Thanks for the rundown. Look forward to hearing more. Sean
  8. My golf reading has mostly included books on architecture, course profiles and such. A number I want to read though, including Golf In the Kingdom and The Greatest Game Ever Played -- on the strong recommendations stated on this thread. Sean
  9. Always good to see top young talent rise to the top, especially in droves like we've seen this year. The guys mentioned above have some major game, too. Now if Sergio, Charles Howell, Adam Scott, Badds et al would just step it up.... Sean
  10. Taking the putter back on line, instead of too far inside. Lifelong issue. Making progress, though. Sean
  11. Sorry to hear that, Phil. Be careful or you'll get a reputation for being injury-prone. Could really hurt your draft status. Get well (again) soon. Sean
  12. I'm gonna take a flyer on Rory. How'd he fare today, anyhow? Kid's a mega-talent. Good to see him break through in a big way. Sean
  13. Funny how we all acknowledge the short game's importance, and recognize that out best rounds are usually those when we're sharp around the greens. And yet, it's almost more satisfying to play well from tee to green and score worse... Ironic how we realize the short game is the most crucial aspect to scoring, but feel almost like we've "cheated" when the putter saves us. Golfers are weird. Sean
  14. Holy cow! I know it was par 70 and a short course, but 58 is ridiculous anytime, anywhere. Kid's got talent, no doubt. Can't believe he's only 18. Sean
  15. No argument here. Golf IS a stupid game. Congrats on the great score, regardless of your lousy driving. It ain't how, it's how many. Sean
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