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  1. Looking to take the next step in golf...but first some background. I'll try to keep it short. I've always played golf. My grandfather would take me out all the time as a little boy. I had my little 7-iron to hit around with while I eagerly followed my grandfather around the course. I fell in love with the game. Come my teenage years, golf became difficult to juggle with football and track. My parents pushed me in the direction of football, rather than in the direction of golf. It payed off though as I recieved a scholarship at a junior college for football. However, I never lost my go
  2. You keep your weight centered on the backswing...but its not a bad thing according to some modern swing theories. Look up tips for a stack and tilt swing. As far as your grip which was already addressed, I would work on your takeaway. I see you are a bit handsy. You want everything for the first foot or so of your swing to move back together, propelled by your shoulder turn alone. After that first foot, you can let the club move up however much you like, as long as you keep your left arm connected to your body. Don't over-do it, or you will end up coming too far inside on your backswing whic
  3. I play conservative as well. For example... 176 yard par 3, pin back, little wind, no trouble front. I could muscle a 7 iron straight at the pin and try to have it stop dead, but I would much rather hit a lower, controlled shot with 6 iron and try and land it at the front/middle of the green and let it release for an uphill putt, and hopefully, a decent birdie chance. If I miss short, I still have a good lie with some green to work with for a chip shot and a more than likely par. Same goes for any other shot. If there is trouble left and a front pin on that same par 3, I may take that same
  4. Tough without a video. Reverse pivot is typically caused by tilting rather than turning your shoulders. Divots are ok to be pointing left, as long as you are not coming over the top. Execute a one piece takeaway (search the forums for info) for the first foot or so of the backswing then turn your shoulders and swing your arms up so as to take the club back on roughly the same angle as the club lies at address. Keep the left arm straight and let your hands hinge naturally.
  5. I'de like to see 285 carry with the amount of spin you say you are generating... What is the problem again? You hit the ball over 275 yards and it stops dead? That does not sound like a problem I would be worried about. If you hit the fairway, then all is good. Plus its probably just a wet fairway. The pros you see on TV are playing on very hard fairways, but when its wet, the player's ball stops just as quickly as yours does. In my opinion, you should focus on other aspects of your game, like putting.
  6. Yeah I knew this place was going to hurt my golf when I decided to move. I guess I'll have to go on my pop-tarts and ramon noodle diet. Its tuff to play as much golf as I did in Texas while trying to hold down a $1,000/month apartment.
  7. I checked out Arroyo. Not enough benefits for the money in terms of practice facilities. Great course for the money though.
  8. In order of most importance: 1. Shaggin' Wagon 2. Any kind of van (assuming you will be with friends) 3. Toyota Prius (for the mileage)
  9. No, it is impossible. The laws of golf do not allow such events from taking place. I love tight cut fairways. Much easier to control spin with less grass.
  10. His Little Green Book. The man was like a golfing shrink, possibly the best there will ever be at teaching the mental game and life in general. I almost cried with Crenshaw when he won only a week after loosing Harvey. RIP.
  11. Just moved here last month. Anyone know of any golf club memberships with good deals? And when I say golf club I'm not talking about country club. Something that won't break the bank. Some important perks: Free or cheap range Well maintained putting greens Decent full size course with an early twilight Cheap 19th hole Good looking cart girls
  12. Were you playing "real" golf?
  13. I remember my first time! Breaking 80 was the bite from the golf bug that has me hooked to this day. Now that you have the confidence and the mental images of breaking 80, you can really start to enjoy the game much more!
  14. That's terrible. What a horrible way to instill a competitive spirit in today's youth. You need to do the right thing and call them on that BS yourself. I would not stand for that in any way. The game deserves better than 15 year old punks like that ruining competitive golf.
  15. Haha, no I would not try that. Sorry should have saw that. Start down with the left knee towards the right.
  16. Looks like you have the fundamentals down. I bet your miss is a push with those fast hips. Maybe work on a smother transition? Its tuff to really see too much being wrong with your swing without knowing your ball flight tendencies and seeing you play in person. I agree you are slouched a bit. When I am trying to find something to work on, I always try and perfect my setup.
  17. That trajectory is caused by a delofted clubface at impact and a downward striking blow. That little lift at the end is due to clubhead speed. The more MPH, the more spin, the higher the shot, and the longer the carry.
  18. Try starting your downswing by turning your right knee towards the left knee.
  19. Is coarse how they spell it over the pond? Like colour? Maybe a review of the 1st grade spelling test is in order...
  20. Played twilight yesterday afternoon. Hit a low pitch from 70 yards for my third on a par 5. Ball bounced twice, checked, and fell into the hole for a very satisfying eagle. Also, handicap dropped by .6.
  21. Long drive? Oh, you mean those guys who can't cut it with real golf. Gotcha.
  22. Don't they measure spin rate? Seems like that would be the best way to determine how well you are hitting the irons on a simulator. Woods and driver I wouldn't know how to measure those accurately.
  23. And for your slowly regressing life span as well.
  24. I played football through my college years. The endless amount of heavy squats and hang cleans have done WONDERS for my golf game...126 MPH swing speed-but not always straight :) If you can physically do it, lift heavy. Do all core exercises with compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench, and overhead presses. Lift heavy for strength and employ a vigorous flexiblility program and you will literaly see your golf game take off!
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