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  1. My Christmas gift wishlist is a little short and my wife suggested an animal driver headcover. I've always liked them, but if I have one, would that make me look like a total d-bag? I like this yellow lab (because it looks like my dog) and this polar bear (because I kinda like polar bears and polar bears = ferocious and ice cold, which is what I wish my golf game was like). If it makes a difference, I normally shoot mid 90s (in case it's one of those things where it's okay if you're good, but not okay if you're not very good).
  2. Thanks for the advice from everyone! So for someone of my ability, is getting my clubs bent going to be good for now, or is it worthwhile to get a set that's fitted just right for me? If I'm going to make a big club purchase, I'll probably wait until Christmas. But if getting the clubs bent is going to do the trick, I can drop that money right now and maybe knock that out next week. I suppose my point is that I don't see the need to spend $50 or so on my current set if I'm just going to get rid of them in a few months. Also, what's a good place to do the launch monitor? Is Golfsmith a
  3. Here's my story. I got my first set of cheapo Wal-Mart clubs maybe five or six years ago, but only really started playing consistently the last couple of years (once per weekend when there's not snow on the ground). This year I also have gotten some lessons and on the advice of my instructor, I'm in a continuing education class he does (about 12 people in each session) for now and will probably do another set of lessons next spring. I have since "upgraded" my set to some Nike VR full cavity backs I found for cheap on Craigslist and other clubs that I have found good deals on since then (Ada
  4. So the driver that is currently in my bag is a $20 POS that I got to replace the POS that came in my box set I got when I first started playing the game (not because I thought it was a better club, but because the head on my other driver flew off). I've taken some lessons and my full swing with my irons has gotten a TON better, as well as my pitching and chipping. The driver is taking a little bit longer, but it's coming along. Now I'm not a crazy person... I don't know much about golf but I do know that new equipment is fun and exciting, but it doesn't fix your swing. However, I wonder
  5. I'm still trying to get one I'm comfortable with. This is what I'm going with right now: Stand about 5-10 yards behind the ball, see the shot I want to hit, and pick my target. Line up my target with some sort of a mark a few feet in front of the ball Align my clubface to the mark Stand to the club and grip Look at my target and envision my shot one more time Waggle Swing Sometimes when I'm envisioning my shot and picking my target in step 1, I take a little half practice swing and sometimes I don't. I'm still working with it to see what feels the best, but I want to find that bala
  6. I've been shopping for a new bag as well, so I've been doing some research. I think that the Nike SQ Tour stand bag would suit you well. The 14 full length dividers are very nice and it has a ton of pockets and such. I really like the way the legs deploy and it feels really sturdy when you set it down. I'm also a big fan of the cooler pouch. It comes in some pretty good looking color combos as well. I'd also take a look at the OGIO Grom. It matches up with the Nike on pockets and features, but doesn't have the 14 dividers. However, the Grom has a specific spot for your putter which I
  7. I just got a good deal on an Adams Idea a7 3 hybrid and I just love it. It's the club that I finish up my full swing practice with at the range because I hit it really well. I'd recommend giving that one a shot if you get a chance to hit it.
  8. I'm in the United States Air Force. I get access to the USAF Academy golf courses, and I've heard they're really nice. Hopefully I'll get down there sometime this season.
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