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  1. Grip change = BAD day at the range, sound familiar?

    Last week, I did the same thing. My grip is with the thumb straight down the shaft and I hit a bunch of balls with with my thumb in the proper place, as depicted in your photo on the left. I was more consistant and hit the ball more pure. Tomorrow I will play with my new grip and hopefully I will have good results. I would suggest trying it again at the range.
  2. Putting Question

    I focus on looking at the putter making contact with the ball. That helps me keep my head down and not looking up to where the ball will go, which causes me to pull my putts.
  3. Etiquette Paraniod now!!!

    Well, I play Kelly Plantation several times a year (my parents have a place in Destin). I played there last week, the course is in great shape!! We always play with some of the local members in the morning...they play during the week and weekends cause they are all retired. So, If you are playing with just your wife, I would recommend playing in the afternoon. During the summer months, you will get offseason rates and twilight rates.