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  1. alternative: Pearl Jam-Black (amazing amazing song), Amber by 311 is great too Rap: god thats tough Jay-z- Dead Presidents II or Nas- The World Is Yours or Either Metal: Metallica-Wherever I May Roam Songs of '07 Alternative: Foo Fighters- The Pretender Rap: Flashing Lights- Kanye West Metal: This Calling- All That Remains Reggae: Come Around-Collie Budz or Youth Dem Cold- Richie Spice great thread BTW
  2. i don't think its the possibility that he's chinese is the problem, most people run into fakes that are from china. Him being chinese has no real effect on the club, and from the picture listed it looks legit, but ya get the serials checked, the TOUR hibore doesn't have serials, but i think the standard xl does.
  3. do you seriously think that brady is an average qb???? last time i checked not many average quarterbacks won 3 superbowls with no name receivers. the only other guys to do that did that were bradshaw, montana, aikman, and brady. Call me crazy but i dont think that theyre very "average"...nor were they very mobile. Also brady wasnt throwing to lynn swan, michael ivin, or gerry rice.
  4. spot on g-funk, Peyton is a great QB regardless, but his WR's make him a Superstar. Brady is just now beginning to reap the benefits of a supporting cast who EQUAL him in talent, he is no longer picking up the slack for 5'10 receivers who cant catch or stretch the defense cough reche caldwell. On another note i really hope the colts can get healthy, i despise them with a genuine passion, but it would be a shame if they fell apart due to injuries. I think everyone can agree that the Colts Pats rivalry is a very very good thing for the NFL and for viewers around America.
  5. umm correct me if im wrong but until this year it was brady who had the no name receivers. That Marvin Harrison guy was pretty damn good for Peyton, and Reggie Wayne isnt exactly a scrub. Bradys receivers have never been even close to peytons, now they are, and we are seeing the numbers Brady can put up with star wideouts. Peyton's had that luxury every year of his career. Not downplaying Peyton's achievements, i just think its wrong to say that peyton doesn't have a great receiving core.
  6. ok i was modest several weeks ago but im not holding back any more, this is without a shadow of a doubt the best, most lethal offense in NFL history. It blows my mind how well brady is playing, and moss is simply uncover able. the only problem that could turn this offense from a 40ppg team to say a 35ppg team is the run blocking/health of the backs. i thought the bills would play them though...boy was i wrong.
  7. watched the game, seen the video. Its confusing why you can still hear nantz rambling on while the crowd noise skips, but i doubt they actually cheated. makes for good controversy tho, especially seeing as how the steelers complained of the same problem not long ago.
  8. valid point, but the team the pats just beat plays a cover 2 deep with ALOT of press coverage at the line. Jackson and Hayden love to bump, this is essential to the success of a 2 deep because if they dont get the jam that leaves a receiver one on one with a safety..not good. Obviously being a huge pats fan im biased. if theyre not the best ever theyre pretty close, they dont run the ball much but the fact is that they can when the time is needed. They've torched teams with great secondaries (redskins), great lines (chargers) and they just beat a very solid D in Indy. BTW i won't be mocking any colts fans because i know ill be treated with the "typical Boston a**hole" reply. See you guys in january p.s. to everyone talking about harrison not playing, that would have effected this game, but him playing will have ZERO effect in the playoffs when its 27 degrees at Gillette. While i'll concede that harrison is a great receiver, even the most passionate colts fan would agree that he hates contact, and when he gets hit he disappears. he wants nothing to do with going over the middle in january. IMO wayne is a far far better receiver at this point.
  9. your talking about a very very pissed off patriots team, they are clearly taking exception to everyone talking about their records being tainted. should they be running up the score? No, but it is fun to watch
  10. they cheated and got caught, they deserved the criticism that was thrown at them, the nfl has no place for that kind of action. that being said, i think that it is VERY obvious that the cheating had about zero impact on their performance this decade, since the cheating scandal they havent exactly fallen apart have they. SO clearly it didnt help them win, because they are more dominant right now than they have ever been, im not excusing their past actions, im just saying that to say that their cheating invalidates their records is frankly wrong.
  11. One More statistic that is FAR more important than "is the pats offense the best ever" Super Bowl Wins Patriots:3 Colts:1 Playoff Stats: Peyton Manning:# 18 passing touchdowns # 15 passes intercepted # 7-6 postseason record Tom Brady: 20 TouchDowns 9 passes intercepted 12-2 postseason record
  12. id have to say its one of the best ever, certainly in the top 3-5, and you can make a very strong argument that it is the best ever. Brady to moss is simply unfair, and stallworth and welker are tremendous complements. When people say they cant run the ball i dont know how to reply, because quite frankly they can. Maroney has been given a very light workload but has a 4.7 ypc, the same goes for morris. At some point some team will force them to run, and you will see them do it very effectively. NO other team ever has won by this type of margin (21 ppg through week 7), and they are on pace to destroy the all time scoring record for a team.
  13. s58, i have never hit them but i have hit the x-forged, and they are as mean as irons can get. They are extremely demanding of the player, and i dont think that many 5+ hcps should be playing them. If you feel like your up to it, they (xforged) are wonderful feeling irons and you can hit any type of shot you want with them, just make sure you flush it every time.
  14. bababaaba his "o face" thats a good one. Ya i read that exact golf magazine in the airport today and the article about CG made NO sense to me at all.
  15. a friend of mine whos playing college golf just got fitted over there, he hadnt been fit for clubs in several years. Off the top of my head he said that his shaft frequencies were alllll over the place, and the lie angles had gotten completely messed up, even his putter needed to be bent. They tossed the shafts and refit some frequency matched rifles, got all the lies back to spec, and from what he said it was a great experience. These are guys who clearly know their stuff, hey if u have the time and $$ why not give it a try??
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