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  1. Thanks for the link... Cool stuff..
  2. which one to try- the normal head golf club or try the square headed club?
  3. Please suggest me for an appropriate Golf Ball Shag. Thanks!
  4. Basically, what are the areas to custom club fitting? I am only known to "Lie Angle" & "Grip Size". Any quotes?
  5. I bought a nice set of Callaway irons, 3-SW, Callaway driver, Adams 4 wood and an Odyssey putter. Which single club would best round out my bag?
  6. Currently, I use the Adams Boxer 3 (20*), 4 (21*), and 5 (23*) hybrids. I was told that I also need to have a 3, 4, and 7 wood as well. Any suggestions?
  7. Which one is beneficial and why? Please suggest.
  8. Well.. no choice. I Prefer playing with different every time.
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