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  1. Good idea! I downloaded the app. Looks polished and lots of stats. Unfortunately I can't pay now as we just received a fresh blanket of snow. They have a whole section on kickstarter campaign comparing to competition. Sounds like better accuracy is a huge point. The rest are minor IMHO - slimmer, removable clip etc. Also claim better software.
  2. I just saw this article on Huff Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/58b0b765e4b0658fc20f951d. A tracking system, made by GolfPad, and apparently it's doing well on Kicsktarter. Looks like an improved version of Game Golf. Did anyone sign up? Looks tempting but I'm trying to decide if it's worth getting now with a discount or waiting till they start shipping.
  3. Did you end up getting one? Curious to hear how it works for you.
  4. Played a day after - had to try my Xmax gift :-) Chilly, but course wasn't too bad (Seattle area).
  5. Just got an ad for what seems to be a perfect handicap phone app. It's kind of like other handicap trackers / course handicap calculators, except A. it calculates handicaps for multiple players, and B. always has your latest handicap index (must be reading from ghin website or something). Link: http://www.contorra....in-tracker.html , the app is called Ghin Tracker. Looks pretty cool, BUT (!) it's only for Android :-( So... does anyone know if something like that exists for iPhone? Has anyone used the android version, is it working ok for you?
  6. Does anyone have Nike Zoom Bandon shoes? How waterproof are they in real life? What about comfort and performance? Thanks!
  7. Thanks Middies, that's what I need. Also someone pointed me at an iphone app: http://www.contorra.com/golf-course-...alculator.html . Just installed it, works pretty well, even without internet connection (which can be spotty around here). No bells or whistles, but I can live with that. And it's free, at least right now.
  8. Newbie here, sorry if I mixed up topics or that's a faq. So I finally posted enough scores to establish handicap index. Now I want to calculate my course handicap whenver I play. I know the formula but hate to punch the numbers and do the rounding every time. It has to be simpler than that. What do people use for that? I have iPhone and figured there should be an "app for that", but I don't see anything free available. I don't want to pay for some bigger app where I don't use most of the functions. Any advice?
  9. (almost) made par 5 green in two after hitting a nice draw with 3 wood, and then a long downhill 3 hybrid.
  10. 97 Was tracking to under 90 until bombing the last 3 holes. 8 on the final par 3 - the ball got wet twice.