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  1. There is currently a gagging order on the UK press so they are not able to publish stories relating to his 'extra curricular' activities. For this reason they are being very careful about the stories that they do publish. They will be kind to him as he is not a British sports star!
  2. Sergio! One of the best long games around but struggles the closer he gets. I suppose there is still time for him though.
  3. It appears to me that Faldo is not the most popular guy in the world. I have seen on countless occasions that people will jump on his back for the slightest thing. It maybe that I am English so a little biased and also the fact that we do not get to listen to him commentating.
  4. I have yet to find any convincing evidence to prove that there is a link. This all came about by a journalist wrongly reporting an article which then caused a big fuss about nothing. It happens all the time and journalists should have a responsibility into what they publish as it just scares the public into believing things that are not true. A good website is http://www.badscience.net/ which explores the myths behind articles! The trials that do suggest the link are very poor in quality and have no academic weight to them.
  5. That is why we love the game that we play! Think you have got it under control and its your friend, then next time you go out there with all that confidence the golfing god strikes you down!
  6. Yep these places are amazing! It is basically bowling with a golf club in your hand!
  7. If you have had it for more than 2 weeks then it must be something serious! By the nature of the symptoms it sounds like you have a broken rib or even broken ribs! Get an xray as the shortness of breath is a typical sign of broken ribs!
  8. Hello I am from just outside London in Hertfordshire. You will find it difficult to find a golf course within London but there are many big courses in surrounding counties. Try places such as Brocket Hall, the Oxfordshire and the London Golf Club. If you need any further suggestions please let me know!
  9. Thats a very good point! I have no idea where they were bought although they were not the kind of people to buy off places like ebay. It could just be a manufacturing problem that callaway has had. Like ( i no this is completely different) microsoft has been having with the xbox 360 due to them rushing it out to beat ps3. That could be the same with the callaway as they wanted to beat the nike square driver that was coming out!
  10. This seems to be a problem that I have encountered with Callaway drivers. It has happened to 3 of my friends and the rattle was unbelievable and very annoying! Although 2 of the them just went out and bought new drivers, I do not know what the 3rd did as haven't played with them in a while! It just seemed that they were cheaply made and could not be used for more than a year before started to fall apart!
  11. I have a Cleveland halo 2i. I do like it but as it is a 2iron I hardly need to use it. The only time that i need it is into the wind when playing a low running shot or off the tee. For me it is the same as hitting a fairway wood.
  12. It is because of a lack of club head speed meaning that you are not getting the carry needed. This means that a 4 iron will travel the same distance as a 6 iron. Try to purchase a hybrid as they are made to hit the ball higher with more spin meaning you will get more carry and more distance.
  13. Yes very true! Although Mickelson finished T19 after a shocking start so may deserves to just be in 2nd. Also Harrington hasn't won many PGA events so that may be another reason why Mickleson is still No.2
  14. Sorry to break this to you but these clubs are as budget as golf clubs come. Although John Letters do make some really great clubs they are aimed at the lower end of the market who do not want to spend lots of money!
  15. I completely agree. If you look at the position that all the other people in the top 10 finished then he deserves to move up a long way. On another note Norman has made the biggest move in history moving around 400 places!
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