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  1. 2018 College Football Rule Changes

    I'll make an addendum on that, The first I heard of that was recently when he started using it. Maybe he does get some notoriety for using it. He did coach at OSU in the 80's under Earl Bruce. He was a WR coach. I can not confirm if it was originally his idea.
  2. 2018 College Football Rule Changes

    I know Urban Meyer created what OSU calls the coffin corner kick. They load up with their return team tight to the sideline, and they try to kick the ball right near the 5 yard line, and between the hash mark and the sideline. They have been near the top 10 in opponent starting field position the past few seasons. When you consider that Ohio State kicked off over 82 times last year and no one else inside the top 10 had over 45 kickoffs. It's an effective strategy. I could see Urban changing his strategy to kick a really high ball to the 15-20 yard line. Then daring them to try to get past the 25. I doubt Urban would ditch trying to get some sort of field position gain on the kickoffs.
  3. Ol Grandpa Sadlowski punks people at the range

    Thanks for the laugh! That was good.
  4. 2018 College Football Rule Changes

    I am OK with this.
  5. It isn't about the ball moving. It's about less grass being behind the ball now because the golfers has flattened it down.
  6. I think they do a lot of renovations and work over the summer. Also, I think they just want to keep wear and tear down from the hot summers. The greens at Augusta National are not Bermuda greens. Most greens that far south are some form of Bermuda, which is heat resistant. Most greens in Ohio are Bent grass. If we get a stretch of days in the 90's with no rain, you'll see greens get burnt out. I've seen a course lose 1/4 a green for a whole summer before.
  7. Ping G400 Max Driver

    ^This Most drivers are pretty much the same if you get fitted for them. You can see a good difference on a properly fit club versus a non-fitted club. Very few drivers are that much different on accuracy. If you are talking Ping versus SLDR (Taylormade), then yea. That is because the SLDR had a low and forward CG location. Ping is typically very low and back. Generally, it isn't that noticeable. I have the Callaway Epic Sub Zero and I really like that club. I've never been a fan of Pings sound.
  8. Doing some research, I believe with certainty that the course closes in May for the summer. So, why keep it maintained when it will not be in use?
  9. My Swing (saevel25)

    I guess the only other thing I notice is that my right knee stays flexed and I rotate strange? Not sure if that is an accurate assessment from this camera angle?
  10. My Swing (saevel25)

    I didn't think about that. I'll keep that in mind next time. This range has some out door mats, or grass that can be hit off of as well. I can say, it felt like I was doing the hip stuff well enough. I have no evidence to prove that
  11. My Swing (saevel25)

    Thoughts are scary... Head moves down and away from the ball in the downswing. I wonder if I am in to much of a sitting position at set up (weight on heels, bent over too much) Length of the swing, though it's been worse. Clubhead pointing way right at A4, partially from backswing, partially from length of the swing. Head probably tilts away from the target in the downswing. Late flip at the ball to not chunk the shot. I did hit a lot of thin, pick it clean, type of shots. Club is coming from the inside a lot. Good strikes tended to be big push shots. Kinda what I always struggle with there.
  12. My Swing (saevel25)

    Here is some updated swing. I couldn't get any face on view due to the stalls.
  13. My least favorite is probably 11. I am not a fan of the changes they made. I think they need to make it less a deal on driving the ball versus the challenging approach shot. My favorite is 13. I love how the golf hole contours around the bend with the creek on the left. I like that the slope on the 2nd shot makes a shorter par 5 a bit more challenging. It is a pretty good risk/reward hole. To me, it might be the best designed hole on the course.
  14. My Swing (saevel25)

    Went back to basics on pitching. Started with chipping first. Then worked my way up to pitching. I’m finding pivoting around the left knee worked best. Starting the pivot with the left knee. As for the full swing. Irons are bit schoopy right now. Picking everything clean. Direction is decent. Still working on the hip stuff. I’ll try to get video soon.
  15. My Swing (saevel25)

    I think the biggest issue is I am not keeping my head steady on these shots. I was way too lazy and probably faking the pivot by just turning my head up. The last two holes, I kept my head steadier. I got to go back to my good pitch feels. Torso turn stuff. I'll expand on this. Some of my iron struggles were due to tee shot placement. The first hole I tried to hit a low punchy 5 iron (not smart when you haven't hit a ball in 2-3 weeks). We had 20-30 mph with 40-50 mph gusts. I just turned it over too much. The second hole I tried to keep it down again and pulled it into the bunker. The third hole, I hit a slightly pushed distance wedge, but still a GIR. The fourth hole was an OK strike, I just pulled it a tad (GIR). The fifth hole, the wind was out of the left, and I fanned the 6 iron right. The wind pushed it further than I thought into some mucky weeds. The sixth hole, I hooked a drive and had to hit a few punch shots out of the trees. The ball was on top a mix of grass and leaves. The seventh hole, I thinned a SW into a tree, then blocked the next one into the same tree . I will say this, the first shot took down a big branch, which was funny at the time. The eighth hole, I hooked a drive into the trees. I hit a really good low 7 iron punch cut up next to the green. The ninth hole, I over turned my driver and my next shot was a low 8 iron. I hit what I thought was a great shot only to hit the tree that was hidden behind the pine tree I had to go under. I tried to hit a low punch 6 iron, but I fatted it. I then hit a great SW that flew the green. Mix of OK, Good and Bad.

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