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  1. I will not say because I am not 100% certain. All I have posted is information I have found.
  2. I would not have guessed the difference would produce that large of a ball flight change. I do think all golf manufacturers are pretty good at producing consistent golf balls. I doubt would find a ball that has one half like that. Maybe a dimple here or there. It would be interesting to see if they had let’s say 10% of the dimples at a different depth.
  3. The ball could stop. Look at Fred Couples at the Masters. The ball stopped on the slope on hole #12. It happens. The rules of golf are the fairest rules I have seen in sports. It doesn't go out of its way to protect a certain type of player (QB's in the NFL). It promotes that everyone plays on an equal footing based on their ability.
  4. Basically your body remembers the stretched position. on over flexibility
  5. Circadian Eating (12 hour window)

    Oops The term I've heard is inflammation. That is true. To me this makes a lot more sense than a lot of other stuff on the internet. Everyone needs to find what works for them.
  6. Circadian Eating (12 hour window)

    Not really. For losing weight yes, but for health maybe not. This is being found out more and more as studies are showing that carbs cause the body to produce bad health indicators and other health issues. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/carbs-against-cardio/ If you are talking strictly weight loss, sure calorie deficit is a must. Weight maintenance doesn't mean you will be healthy. My point was not to say, "If you eat with in this window you will not gain weight." That isn't true. If I eat 7500 calories at lunch, I will gain weight. That is a fact. At least by now, a good amount of studies have shown that eating during a specific window has shown health benefits. The study of how the body reacts to what we eat is a relatively new science. A lot of progress has been made over the past two decades. It wasn't to long ago a doctor was telling me not to eat eggs because they were high in cholesterol. Yet eggs are really good for the cholesterol ratios. Its the same thing with saturated fats. They though, oh you get fat by eating fats. That is absurd logic. Again, weight loss, portion control and calorie control is the primary driver. For maintaining good health indicators like correct cholesterol ratios, it isn't that simple.
  7. Again, from MIT, I believe this is still unknown as to why a muscle will perform worse for certain activities when stretched first. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3273886/ This is why I never do static stretching to start out working out. If it's weight lifting, I rather spend my time doing a set at lower weight with more reps to get the muscles warmed up and get them use to the motion I want. If it is warming up for golf, I'll start off with wedge shots and work my way up to full swings.
  8. The tired all arms hook swing

    Relative to the swing path. A pull cut is the closed to the target line (ball starts left), but open to the swing path (curves right). I would say it is extremely hard to fine tune the rate of closure to the point that a golfer has thinkable control over it. It would be better served for the golfer to fix something else in their swing to make their swing more consistent. Example, a golfer swings over the top, in order to not chunk the ball they add a little flip to the swing. The flip accelerates the rate of closure. It would be better fix the over the top move than try to teach them to manipulate the rate of closure. I don't think suddenly your left arm gets more tired than your right arm. It might be more that a tired golf swing produces lack of turn, which then can cause arms to get out of sync and speed up rate of closure. I would not specifically tie it to just the right hand.
  9. http://web.mit.edu/tkd/stretch/stretching_2.html Yes, over time you can lengthen the muscles. It probably doesn't take much in terms of muscle elongation to see a greater increase in range of motion. It probably depends on the muscle you are stretching and the range of motion you are looking at. It's probably easier to gain range of motion in the classic hamstring stretch versus range of motion in the classic quad stretch. Mostly because you can stretch your hamstring, calf, glute and lower back muscles since they are all connected. When you try to stretch the quad you have to deal with a very big and strong muscle, and also the range of motion of your knee can inhibit the movement.
  10. I first noticed their system about 4 years ago when I was in Pinehurst for a golf trip. I love the idea. I agree, it's a very simple, economical, solution for getting kids out on the course. I will be emailing a few courses around the area here to pass along this system.
  11. Christmas presents

    I vote the Mevo.
  12. Circadian Eating (12 hour window)

    They found in studies, that if you eat closely to your natural bed-time, it will be processed by your body as it is slowing down it's metabolism. This is bad because it means what ever you eat will be turned into fat more so then if you ate that earlier in the day. They found that healthy biomarkers increase when eating in a smaller time-window. Also, this is a pretty simple change people can make and gain some pretty good benefits. Is caloric intake important, yea. This time restrictive eating studies are showing benefits even if you restrict your caloric intake. It makes sense. If you eat a lot of food at a time when your body is not running at the highest metabolic rate then it will not be burning the maximum amount of calories.
  13. Bizarre Jon Rahm Camera Crew Row

    Sometimes I wonder what is worse. The athlete or the fans who think they have ownership of anything the athlete does just because they happen to think their money gives them the right to do so. If it's Rahm's position that he isn't there to entertain you, but to make a living at something he does well, then fine. He has the right to consider golf as a job versus an entertainment business.
  14. Bunker Sand - Firm or Soft?

    I voted Firm for the first one and too soft for the 2nd one.
  15. exercises for the knee and back

    Go see a Doctor or maybe a personal trainer who has experience with injuries. A forum isn't a good place for this. I have no idea the scope of your injury and do not have the knowledge to safely point you in the right direction other than what I aid in my first sentence.

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