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  1. Pork Chop with Garlic Mushroom Rice
  2. I’ll second his statement. So, your wrong here again. Move on.
  3. He isn't digging he has dug the hole!
  4. Yes it does. Who says it and the context in which they say the word matters.
  5. You can hold the position that he has circumstances in his life that should be considered when forming a judgement of them and also hold the position that he should no the allowed to cheat. One does not excuse the other. Most people just do stuff in the moment. They are not sitting there thinking the positives and negatives of the action. As such, there is a lot of subconscious programming that influence everything we do. Also, we don't just magically wipe all that subconscious programming from our brains as soon as we becomes adult. Again, this does excuse the cheating, but it
  6. A lot more goes into the club than just the loft. Yes, they are extremely easy to hit.
  7. Since it is the president who decides who gets the medal. Its tough in this case to justify it is from the office and not Donald Trump. There are some people who look like they deserve it. There are some it is clearly a blatant kick back to the person because they were a large donor to Donald Trump. In this case, I can't blame someone for not accepting it from Donald Trump. I don't think it is clear as you should accept it.
  8. It's hard to prove intent, but he looks at the ball and then see this divot staying there. The previous article had the image in my head that he immediately kicked a divot away out of anger. I didn't know he walked 15-20 yards before kicking the divot. It looks more like he saw the path of the ball, noticed the divot, and kicked it out of the way. I think the penalty is warranted.
  9. I will still watch the tournament. For me, its too much energy to care enough about such things. For me, who knows where my money goes to for anything I spend it on. I will probably never play at his courses. Unless I am on a golf outing, and they chose the course. I would not disregard my own enjoyment for the trip just because of something like that.
  10. Not sure how much money Trump gets from this event being at his course. From the optics, I think the PGA should move it away. I wouldn't be shocked if there is some protest from the PGA Tour players on this. Though, it being in 2022, it might be far enough removed from this election and the next election that there might not be much talk about Trump at the time.
  11. Google search. Stay away from things that seem too good to be true. 😉 In terms of options similar to but not investing in mutual funds. Stocks with high dividends are nice. Also, just investing in ETF's. That depends on your age and risk assessment. Day trading is a totally different animal. Also, in the long term holding onto stocks tend to make you more money. Day trading is taxed as personal income, while long term holdings are capital gains tax. Depending on your income level, that can be substantial. If you are only 2% better day trading versus holding onto stocks for at least
  12. I got a buddy who told me about TRIT. I got some money in there as a risk/reward stock. He's a smart guy who does his research, but still some risk. He thinks that in the long term this could give great returns.
  13. I just typed it into excel. I was curious to see what I can make out of the data. I know I’ve been lazy with not working out hard. So, one variable was set there.
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