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  1. The only clubs that use to change for me would be taking out a hybrid for a driving iron or a 5-wood. Besides that, everything else stays in the bag. Now that I don't have a driving iron or 5-wood anymore, nothing changes 😉 I would bet majority of golfers don't change out clubs for a perceived strategic advantage.
  2. Golf Swing Circa May 2020, Face On View, I could keep the left arm straighter. This would keep the swing shorter. I like the set up, I like the length of the backswing. I like the position at A4. I got the flip and roll the wrist over move going through impact. DTL View, I like the backswing of the 2nd video a lot. I like a lot of the downswing stuff. I think I just need to keep my turn rates up a lot more. DTL Driver, The driver I was trying to keep the swing shorter.... 😉 I know what I need to work on, lol.
  3. I might do that anyways, so not a big deal to get stressed out about a double bogey. I am not a fan of allowing 5% of the round to dictate my entire round.
  4. This was really enjoyable. I think the alternate shot was the best decision.
  5. I've been continuing with some of the COVID-19 videos. The list of the videos I work through are - #1, #5, #16, #20
  6. They were still in the atmosphere of the planet. Which Kilo shows has oxygen... So not Space Horses 😉
  7. The thing I noticed is how he flipped the logic to the inverse so easily. It was crazy to see him work through that puzzle with such ease.
  8. That was enjoyable to watch.
  9. Rory's putt was closer, so his was probably an easier putt. Knowing a Donald Ross green, he probably had the easier putt ;).
  10. I wonder if alternate shot would have been more interesting.
  11. Isn't the LPGA a totally different organization that the PGA? I would be for the LPGA doing their own event like this.
  12. Yep, I know of one course that has installed a credit card reader outside. So it's either prepay online or use the credit card reader.
  13. I tend to prefer 9-ball. Just a faster game. If there are three people we'll play cut throat. If we have four then we do 8-ball with teams.
  14. Fair, but it's not that big of a deal to have a better habit of cleaning your house ;). On the plus side, a lot of people will not be contracting other illnesses from bacterial sources. Which hasn't shown to be false either. I agree, the probability is low. Every instance is not a binary situation. It's all about what people's risk aversion is for this sort of thing. At least in Ohio, it has always been around flattening the curve. That is why after our projected peak we are moving forward with systematically opening businesses.
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