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  1. Post round evaluation Full Swing Grade: C, I was spraying shots bit, but I know its because I wasn't doing my piece well enough. I need to start my downswing transition sooner and be better with getting my upper body rotated and forward more. My big misses were hanging back pushes out right or toe shots. I feel confident that things are going in the right direction. Pitching Grade: B-, No extra short game shots required is an automatic C or better 😉. Contact was good, distance control was meh. Getting a bit more confident though. I need to continue to hit pitches with speed. I can sometimes want to control the shot by slowing things down and use my hands instead of my turn. Putting Grade: B+, This is going really good. I feel like I got my aim much better and using my shoulders a bit more than my hands has helped my distance control.
  2. Played 9 holes in my work league. The first three holes were a bit of a mess because there is no range and I usually just go off cold. View this round on GAME GOLF Once I got a feel for the swing I started to play better. Overall, I think my downswing pieces coming along.
  3. Reason's why Jack and golfers in and before his era wouldn't win more majors than Tiger. 1. Equipment helps out less skilled golfers. There is a reason why ball speeds on centered strikes has not changed. If you have a golfer who hits the center of the clubface 99/100 times versus a guy who hits it 80/100 times, which do you think equipment benefits more? This is why Tiger has not seen the gains in distance versus the field, which has caught up to him. 2. Tiger's ceiling is higher. He proved it against tougher competition than Jack did. He didn't just beat golfers he dominated the game. He got to Jack's PGA Tour win count 8 years sooner! Against tougher fields! 3. The depth of field just bolsters these facts Tiger made 142 cuts in a row compared to Jack's 105. He has more PGA tour wins than Jack. Here is a graph of Jack's and Tiger's PGA Tour cumulative winning percentage. Even with Tiger being inactive, he still is 7.6% better than Jack was at the same time in his career! Tiger had one dip down, when he made the swing change with Harmon. Here is their winning percentage by year, ranked from largest to smallest. Tiger's highest 15 winning percentages are larger than Jack's. Here is just number of wins per season ranked form largest to smallest. In the first 15 instances, Jack tied Tiger twice and beat him twice. People are talking about peak, Tiger was dominate for a giant stretch of time. If you consider that Jack won his last tournament in year 25, 60% of Jack's career doesn't compare to Tiger's.
  4. Even if you consider that the fields are 20% stronger from Tiger's era, which is probably an understatement, Tiger's achievements match Jacks in Majors. This line makes no sense. This is about greatest golfer not greatest person. Still, some of the greatest athletes of all time were jerks. Golfers do not have to be good guys. Keep to the topic please. So you will not say Usain Bolt isn't the sprinter runner of all time? It's easy to tell he is. That one fact takes out your claim about not claiming athletes as great. It's not difficult. People just don't want to admit it because they want to keep hold of their icons.
  5. Yes it does No one said that. It does mean we should value them differently. Jack had 18 majors against weaker competition. If you even take Tiger out of the equation, I don't think he gets past 14 if he started his career the year Tiger did. It's just easy to see that as something highly possible. I don't need 100% certainty. I am 95% certain Tiger would have more Majors that Jack if they played in the same era. You could even throw Tiger back into the 70's and he would have more majors. Tiger is an all around better golfer.
  6. There is the key part of this whole thread, all of this is just you finding something that works for you. I can tell you right now none of that stuff I would even want to approach. It's must better for a golfer to be specific with what they want to work on (single piece of the swing) and keep it simple. Sorry to say, posts like above are way to convoluted.
  7. Backswing - keeping head steadier more over the ball. Downswing - Feeling of starting the downswing sooner. Same feel of right shoulder higher and turning more.
  8. Easier for a guy to win 8 majors when the fields are not that strong ;)
  9. That also is an indication of how deep the fields have gotten. A lot of really good golfers get bounced off the Tour. Also, Watson might be top 5 in terms of competition against Jack. DiMarco is outside the top 10. You may be cherry picking there.
  10. Over 100 of those wins are not on a major tour. 63 of them come from the Sunshine Tour. 41 of Tiger’s wins are from the European tour. Tiger ranks 3rd all time in European Tour wins. Way more quality for Tiger.
  11. If it is, it's the wrong way. Facts should be used to define greatness, not how we feel about a player.
  12. No he didn't. This line of logic has been exhausted. Tennis doesn't offer a good comparison. Tennis doesn't have stroke play. If every tournament in golf was match play then it might be more directly comparable. This thread is about who is the greatest golfer. It has nothing to do with rivalries. If you want to go down that line, I could say Tiger was so good that no one could stand out as his rival. Jack was much closer to his competition. Golfer A was consistently 2-3 strokes better a round than the next best golfer. This is such level of dominance that no one could stand near his level. Golfer B was consistently half a stroke better a round than the next best golfer. This allowed for some closer matches. Which golfer is more dominant? It's easy to see which one when you take away the names. Basically you are romanticizing the past instead of looking at facts.
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