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  1. You are a 22 handicap. Those type of misses are to be expected of a high handicap golfer's swing. My best guess, you lack key #1 a steady head. Usually all sorts of contact issues come from a lack of a steady head and not getting the weight forward at impact. I recommend at least starting a My Swing thread on the forum.
  2. That is actually a terrible stat to throw out. It doesn't do anything to actually quantify the danger of driving. In the US we average 1.12 vehicle fatalities every 100 million miles traveled. There is about 33-35K fatalities every year from vehicle related crashes. In the US we travel about 3.1 trillion miles in total per year. We are 3x less likely to die from driving then we were in the 80's.
  3. Depends. Some might feel just turning to there. Others might feel raising their left up. Some might feel where the hands are at. For me, I like to feel a bit more hinge from P2 to P3.
  4. Hybrid is a lighter, longer club with a club head designed for more ball speed. I would say 1-1.5 gap distances. So probably 10 -15 yards.
  5. Its hard not to with how you set up to the ball and how you turn. First, the ball is too far back in your stance. Then the angle of your spine is facing the target at the top of the swing. The angle being, if you draw a line from the top of your head to belt buckle when looking face on at your swing. This means the view your eyes have of the ball is in front of it. This is why you try to save it by falling away from the target. If you didn't you would hit the ball into the ground. I would check out this thread here,
  6. Good job guys. I'll try to get a few V-Logs up this year ;)
  7. The swing looks good Mike! I always wondered about how your hands kinda loop from A3 to A5, but it looks like it doesn't steepen the club.
  8. So he's just slightly better than average.
  9. I'd watch your posture. Your a tad too upright, and your head us a tad too up. You're very shallow in the backswing, stop the video when your hands are waste high in the back swing. Then you get very steep in the dowmswing. That is a result of the backswing. It's tough not to get steeper with the way the club head moves.
  10. Welcome to the site!
  11. This thread doesn't apply just to the Stack and Tilt Sounds to me you swing over the top and play a pull. It would make sense that moving the ball back would help combat a slice since you are effectively taking a bit of inward swing path out. In the end this will hurt your ability to hit the ball with any height. You'll probably struggle with long distance. You will lose a lot of distance with your driver.
  12. I had issues with the right side of my hand hurting for a while. I switched to an interlocking grip and haven't returned back to the overlap.
  13. So? I wouldn't suspect the top half of the league to form an normal distribution. Maybe if you considered all the teams in Division-I NCAA. Yep. Though I don't care if they do pair up teams from the same conference.
  14. You can't base bad seeding on the outcome of one game. Some teams are just bad matchups for others, and other teams just catch fire. The seeding should be based on the entire body of work in the season.
  15. Actually the selection was not horrible. Though I do not like automatic ins from winning conference championship games. This lets teams in who have no right to be in through their entire body of work versus 1-2 weeks of getting on a roll. Like UC-Davis. If you look at Kenpom's rankings. Break each ranking into groups of four. Top 4 teams would be rank 1, next four would be rank 2, and so on. Basically what the NCAA does in creating a bracket by labelling four teams as a #1. UC-Davis would have an equivalent NCAA ranking of 44. If you consider that 51 of the teams are with in 4 ranking positions from their actually analytic ranking. I think the NCAA does a decent job.