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  1. Well, what if a feel for you produces a result for another that doesn't work at all? That is the problem of using feels in trying to describe what is going on. I am not you, you are not me, and we are not Mickey Wright. Each golfer needs to find their own feel for what might produce the same movement.
  2. Not sure I would be reading much of the earlier stuff. ? Note that a lot of the stuff I post is not for general use. I've worked with a handful of feels to try to fix the same issues. I'm finally seeing some good results with most recent post.
  3. Golf improvement is constantly doing golf homework (drills, camera work, ect...)
  4. Probably more with what @mvmac has said, but it can happen to those that improver their swings. Proper swing mechanics will produce more effortless power.
  5. Probably. The weight of the golf shaft and the hosel will shift the CG towards the heel. This is true with irons as well.
  6. Had a better range session today. I worked on a few things. 1. Gripping the club more open. It lets me swing aggressive with my right side. 2. Keeping the back swing shorter. 3. Flatten the club at A3-A4. This helps with letting me confidently hitting with the right side better. I find I get two swing faults. Not the right side through enough and having my head tip back. Which is related to my right side stuff. My driver was coming around. I need really focus more on the back swing flattening and shortening. Then more swing outwards at the ball as I get my right side through. If I don't I hit heel cuts or pull draws.
  7. She has a responsibility to her religion, not the NCAA. I think the NCAA went well beyond what is right here. It's her choice to either strictly adhere to her religious beliefs or play in the tournament. It's not right to give one person preferential treatment.
  8. 46 degree: 145, 120, 95 52 degree: 125, 100, 75 56 degree: 112, 87, 62 60 degree: 100, 75, 50 These go Full, A3, A2.5
  9. With your driver, the ball is way too far back. With how wide your stance is the ball should be at least off the inside of your left heel. You might find it easier now to tilt backwards with the ball more forward.
  10. I took a trip up to Erie today. I need to add a bit more laying off the club at A4 to what I am doing. Continue on keeping the backswing shorter, and getting the right side through better, Short game work was better. Keep working on pivoting through with belly/torso speed. Also, just work on a variety of shots. A lot of my work is on distance shots. Taking a few clubs more and working on controlling by backswing better. What helped here was taking a slower backswing.
  11. I went to the range today. Good thing is the back loosens up after I swing a for a while. :) The irons swing is halfway decent. I like that I can stop the swing pre-parallel. The swing does get shallow to steep too much for my liking. My butt comes off the wall too much. I struggled to get my right side through as much as I would like. This swing is bad. Just bad. I struggle so much to shorten this swing. I got the swing to parallel at one point, but that felt like I swung the club back to waist high. It felt so strange that I heel pulled the ball so bad. I don't know where this stand upright shit comes from in my swing. . On the bright side, I had a good pitching session today. I am getting more confident there. I need to make sure I take it to the course.
  12. I wonder what they changed about them.
  13. Just curious. I would have guessed you preferred then more well done.
  14. If you get a steak, how do you ask for it cooked?
  15. Depends on the size of the container. It might take longer to heat up, but also larger volume of water is easier to maintain temperature. I could probably use my machine on 24 gallon plastic container. Which could probably do two dozen steaks.