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  1. Right now it feels like I can’t turn towards the target in the downswing. It’s a random chance of no turn thin/fat, to turn with a block right, to a good shot.
  2. I think so. Might be too much right and not enough left. I will get more video when I get back home from vacation.
  3. Struggling with getting my weight forward. Drivers a big push slices or very good. Irons are mix of fat, thin, or very good. sometimes it feels like I can’t turn through.
  4. On the course update... driver- big low heel blocks right or decent shots down the middle. Swing fees tilty back too much. irons- not to solid. Feels a bit tilty back like the driver. pitching good. Putting good.
  5. I don’t care about bad looks. That is nothing more that everyone has to suffer because they don’t play golf.
  6. I read that the CEO of Pfizer says we will probably need a third booster shot and yearly shots. he might say that for profit sake though. It’s still inconclusive.
  7. Played 9 holes, first time swinging a club in 6 weeks. Good thing is my right side felt normal. Overall, happy with how things went. As I slowly got my golf muscles stretched out, the swing was pretty good. I want 1 over on the last 6 holes. Swing feels.. 1. Slight sway back in the backswing 2. Top of left hand facing out at A3. 3. Tried to feel a bit more of the left leg stuff, but wasn't overly focusing on it.
  8. @Vinsk, I don't like being used as an example 😛
  9. See @iacas most recent post above. He covered it better than I can.
  10. A belief is not a fact. Facts are not perceived by one person and not perceived by another. Facts are universal. What comes out of ones mouth is not always a fact, and most likely an opinion.
  11. Is it like probable cause for when cops search a vehicle. They need probable cause to arrest someone, and if that exists, then any resisting is resisting arrest. Is there a situation where detaining a person physically, with no intention to arresting them? I wonder if they are trying to get rid of cops just blanketing saying that the person is resisting arrest when they had no intention to arrest them in the first place.
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