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  1. I am a moderately interested in going. I will know more closer to 2021.
  2. I can attest to this being important. If every one of my drives ends up in a position where I don't have to hit a fairway bunker shot, punch out, or is OB then I had a very good driving day. The typical rough is not that penalizing.
  3. I think its mostly someone trying to come up with an adjective and doing a bad job at it. Just my take. I've never heard of these terms before to describe a swing.
  4. I’ve heard of complaints of the phone not coming with the charger. That it only comes with a cord.
  5. I am going to wait for the 13 to come out before upgrading.
  6. I am going to hit pitching wedge off the first tee now 😛
  7. I am tentative. I am closing on a house. So, I want to get through that before committing on a trip. I am 50/50 right now.
  8. I think on a short course and a par 70. So, it wasn't the most under par. Still impressive though. Not as much as they use to. In most cases, not on courses that favor longer hitters. I agree Not many new golf courses getting made these days. Most golf courses will not make major changes. We are kinda stuck for now. Most of us do not play on PGA tour courses.
  9. Might as well not let the kids even go to school ever again with the number of school shootings (sarcasm). Schools are not safe anymore.
  10. The only time I do that is with twilight hours where you can play as many holes as you want. Besides that, I never try to sneak in 9 holes if I just paid for 9.
  11. The only thing I can understand is the liability and getting sued. Though, I am sure that all the kids parents signed a form stating PIAA is not liable for any injuries or what not. to me, it’s just the fact they must punish the entire school because of a few people. There is no nuance at all. It’s just a binary decision. Like somehow it’s preferable treatment to allow them to play golf. It’s just pure idiocy.
  12. 1. Read the putt 2. Start to figure out the pace 3. Line up to the putt 4. Hit the putt with the pace on your target line There isn't much there to overthink.
  13. This thread about the actual COVID-19. There is another thread about golfing during COVID-19. Politics is discouraged in this forum. If you want to start a thread on the stock market, I am sure you could. In no way should it be about politics, since that is discouraged here.
  14. Now when you consider over the past 5 years. That is off topic here 😜
  15. Yep, but the technique is the same. I just need to adjust the speed because more loft means a more glancing blow. Most of the time you can hit pitch shots with a square club face and get plenty of loft.
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