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  1. Food Thread

    16 oz of steak bliss
  2. Fitting Dilemma

    If you went to a 2nd fitter, then their machines are probably not the same. They might be the same type of machine, but calibrated differently. I would always hit the stock option, and the upgraded option on the same machine at the same time.
  3. I don't practice this at all. First, most driving ranges do not offer a bunker to even long iron fairway shots. Second, I don't end up in fairway bunkers that often. Probably less than 5 times a year. Finally, I just play them like a normal shot. Maybe I might try to fee more pressure under my left foot at set up to promote hitting the ball first. Also, you probably want to swing easier to make sure you don't lose balance. I don't think fairway bunker practice is a good substitute for normal practice.
  4. One of the Great Things About Golf

    I absolutely agree. Golf is one of the few sports that can have people of all ages compete.
  5. Athletic advantage exists in all sports. It took Tiger, and the next era of golfers, to make that advantage apparent. In the end, people are always going to cry about it. To the PGA Tour players who think it is unfair, go do something else. In terms of ball speed on solid hits, it hasn't changed in over 15 years. What has changed is the ability to expand that sweet spot out. Also, golf fitting has allowed golfers to eek out every available yard. There is a limit to this. I think we are near it. You don't have long drive champions competing on the PGA Tour because they don't have the accuracy. It's really amazing how well DJ and Rory hit the ball that far and keep it on the course. It has more to do with their playing ability than it does the equipment.
  6. Shot Timing

    Standing around next to one person and watching them hit will slow down play.
  7. http://www.pga.com/news/golf-buzz/bill-haas-injured-in-fatal-car-crash-near-riviera-country-club?cid=pgacomsocial_fb_sf182115544&sf182115544=1 Very lucky to survive a rollover crash.
  8. What if some of your inconsistency comes from having irons that do not fit your swing. Even if your swing is volatile, you could have a specific miss that is due to the bad fitting. Also, some places will throw in the fitting cost if you buy the irons that day. Outside of buying new irons, there isn't that big of a monetary cost to weight. Check out this thread
  9. I agree. If it happens, then I guess I'll move up a few tee's
  10. I just used excel on 2017 data. There is obviously some other factors besides ball speed. It did have a R^2 around .820.
  11. If they were to change the distance, I like to see them drop the COR again. I would not increase the spin rate on the ball. Changing the COR would more uniformly cause all tour players distance to decrease the same amount. Changing the spin rate would hurt the top end more than the bottom end because golfers who swing faster can put more spin on the ball. If they took the COR limit from .830 max to .800 max. Then there would be about a 6 mph drop off in ball speed on every golfer on Tour. In doing so, you'd see about an 8 yards of carry distance drop off. That would drop the top end to just under 300 yards. The average on tour would be 271 yards. That is the big question. If it is golfer v golfer, then they believe the skill of hitting the ball a long way with accuracy is not an important skill. Yet, that is the very skill that gave Jack and Tiger their competitive advantage. Golf has always been about the more gifted versus the less gifted.
  12. Can't flatten club on downswing

    It's really hard to reroute the club inside once the momentum of the clubhead is set in a particular motion. You might need to work on your backswing to help you shallow the club better. I agree with @billchao, update your My Swing thread.
  13. MOI practicality?

    MOI is important in that it helps the clubhead resist twisting on off-center hits. I am not sure what the real-world differences would be in the incremental increases between models or comparing to other clubs.
  14. Putters of Choice?

    A good putter should do the following, 1. Let you aim where you want to. 2. Let you have good tempo and speed control. Here is a pretty good resource, https://edelgolf.com/pages/classic-fit If you find that you aim your putter too much left, then try to find one with design combinations that correct that. A small change can go along way. I've seen putter fittings were adding a few alignment lines would drastically change how a person aims their putter. For me, I got lucky with my choices over the years. When I got fitted for my Edel, they basically copied the same look as my previous putter. The big issue for me was weighting. I needed a much heavier putter head and back weighting in the grip. If you struggle with speed control, then you probably are using a putter that is too lightweight. Major manufactures are finally seeing that, and coming out with heavier options and counter balance options.
  15. Here are some that I've played Shingle Creek: 7/10 Celebration: 8/10 Falcon's Fire: 7/10 Orange County National: 9/10 Champions Gate International: 8/10 Southern Dunes: 9/10 (A bit of a hike from Orlando, about 30 minutes south of the airport. If you do not like bunkers then stay away. A great course though).

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