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  1. Quick update, the wound has healed about 70% (guess due to the depth of the wound).
  2. Watch Kill Bill 1 & 2 back to back this evening. Both movies get a tap in birdie.
  3. Don’t “Flatten the Curve,” stop it! - Joscha Bach - Medium You have all seen a version of this curve of COVID-19 case loads by now: It's much graver than you think. The sudden high number of people who will need to be in intensive care is much greater than the number of people who die. Think of it this way, 3% of people just don't fall over dead. That would be a lot cleaner. 6% of people need to be put on a ventilator. If this infects 40% of the population, 143,000,000 people, then 8.1 million of them will need to be on a ventilator. "if hospitals put all existing ventilators to use, we have 160,000 of them. In addition, the CDC has a strategic stockpile of 8900 ventilators that can be deployed in hospitals that need them." Social distancing accomplishes two things. 1. It spreads out the number of people who need a ventilator so it doesn't overload the system as bad as it would otherwise. 2. It gives more time to find a cure. The lucky people are those who get hit with this thing either really early or really late or not at all.
  4. I'm actually really good with a kitchen knife. so, i was a bit over confident that i could rush.
  5. Using it with out a hand guard 😜 the blades slide out for easy cleaning.
  6. Put myself on the 15 day IR. I had a kitchen accident with a mandolin, and took a chunk out of my right middle finger.
  7. Twice as High Diet-Induced Thermogenesis After Breakfast vs Dinner On High-Calorie as Well as Low-Calorie Meals | The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism | Oxford Academic AbstractBackground. The question of whether there is daytime time variation in diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT) has not been clearly answered. Moreover, it is A recent study showing that big meals in the evening is not advantageous compared to having a big breakfast. There is also a lot of data showing that intermittent fasting is highly beneficial. I know I always feel good when I eat dinner before 7pm and don't make it a huge meal. I can tolerate a big breakfast much better. Its also easier for me to intermittently fast when I eat dinner before 7pm. I tend to break my fast around 9-10am. That makes it 14-16 hours if I eat before 7pm.
  8. There has never been a standard on loft ever. I wish club manufactures would let you choose what you want on the bottom of the club 😉 My Edel wedges have custom stamping and I love it. PGA tour rough can be a bit nasty. 😛 I think the biggest issue is that there may not be that big of a fairway % increase going from a driver to something like a 5-wood or hybrid. If you lay back 50 yards hitting a hybrid, and then hit it in the rough, now you are really screwed. Anyways. I agree with the OP. It makes total sense to compare clubs at the yardage not the number on the club. I image it as, what if I was getting fitted hitting balls into a 170 yard par 3. The club fitter finds me the clubs that would go that yardage across many models and I compare it to the club I have now.
  9. The True Eco Knit look like they have the sole of the TL-01, not the original Knit shoe. I am wondering if I need to move up half a size.
  10. I am all for them closing Kittyhawk and Madden. Community is the best of the Dayton courses.
  11. Realizing that Erik @iacas, is right 😜 In seriousness, it’s getting out of my own way and not trying to do 100 things at once.
  12. Yes We can hold our opinions, but our opinions can not be the reason to punish someone. You can go ahead and hate on Reed for eternity, but a the ruling body that governs the PGA Tour can not be making their judgments based on opinions. Especially when we have the clear cut penalty put down by the USGA Rules. That isn't even relevant to discuss since the facts are clear. He violated the rules, and he got the appropriate penalty. There isn't much to talk about. It wasn't like the situation were DJ grounded his putter at Oakmont and the ball moved. That had a lot of uncertainty into what caused the ball to move. That was a much more interesting discussion. Discussing Reed's penalty based on the facts is like talking about someone who got pulled over by a cop for speeding and the cop shows you he's been going 15 mph over the speed limit. There isn't much of a discussion to be had. Since the thread is "Is there a golf equivalent of the Houston Astros Scandal." Then no. The Astros scandal is based on a lot of facts. You can then hold the opinion that the penalty should have been more severe based on those facts, but MLB is not like golf. There is not a clear cut penalty for steeling signs. In golf you have a very clear defined penalty for what Reed did. The only reason why we can discuss the severity of penalty for the MLB players is because the penalty is basically a person's opinion, the commissioner. If the PGA Tour wants to add in a rule that players can get suspended for blatant and consistent cheating, then fine. BUT... They must make this rule clear. It just can't come from the PGA tour by some whim or opinion. Golf doesn't have rules like that. If you wanted to start another thread to talk about how there should be a harsher penalty for blatant cheating, then fine. I don't see how talking about Reed should be suspended is actually on topic for this thread.
  13. If you are losing 3 out of 15 drives, that is way too many. You may need to find a shot that helps eliminate that. Do you own a copy of LSW? The book has details on how to find your shot zone. You can gain a lot of knowledge from this.
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