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  1. Is it a bad habit, sure... It's not the end of the world. It's a waste of energy to make a big deal of this sort of thing.
  2. This could cause you to sway more and cause stability issues. It also depends on how wide your stance is currently. A proper weight shift is helped by turning correctly.
  3. Woodland's Strokes Gained by Category,
  4. It's not an average. It's a total from all his shots over the entire round. Example, Round 1 he totaled .66 strokes more than the field off the tee. Before you try to criticize, you might want to gain a bit more knowledge on the subject.
  5. Even your assessment of what is hurting him the the US open is wrong, Round 1 it was his approach shots. Round 2 it was his putting Round 3 it was his putting and short game His driving hasn't hurt him nearly as much as you want to claim it does.
  6. Tiger is ranked 70th on the PGA Tour off the tee. He is better than average. Which is amazingly better than an amateur golfer. Keep your hyperbole to something a bit better. I disagree.
  7. Veteran shot in head, paralyzed golfs with one arm Charlie Morris survived a gunshot to the head while serving in Vietnam in 1971. He figured out... I do think the title is a bit misleading, but still a great story.
  8. Let’s say the caddie miscalculated the downhill or wind? Again, it’s all about the agreed expectations.
  9. If the contractual expectation is that his caddie handles yardages and club suggestions than it might be a fair criticism.
  10. That’s not what I’m taking about. It’s when they push greens to the point only parts are usable and by even elite standards a good shot is not rewarded.
  11. I think it has to do that the course ends up out of pristine condition that some think that if it was under normal conditions they would not get the bad break.
  12. Tiger hit 3-wood... Tiger's controlled driver swing is getting him 290 carry and 173 ball speed. Just stating some facts...
  13. First, both positions are not the same. Second, impact is a combination of natural ability, good swing mechanics, and intent. The more compensations you need the more timing you need. Some golfers have high closer rates versus others. Certain motions influence this. To answer your question, depends on the golfers. I would say that most good golfers have had instruction at some point.
  14. I kept up a bit with E3. I am looking forward to the following, Cyberpunk 2077 - Keanu is on FIRE!!! Sequel to Breath of the Wild - Can we finally play as Zelda!!!! I am a bit underwhelmed with Smash Brother's DLC. I never played Dragon Quest or Banjo. Still, I am a big Smash fan. Final Fantasy VII Update
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