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  1. In the video, one of them had #7 as their favorite hole 🙂 Then sadly he liked #9 Here are my course reviews... Lac La Belle - 6.0/10 Visually this course is good. The mix of fescue, bunkers, and marshy areas outline the holes nicely. There is a lot of target golf going on here. Some of the holes were a bit wonky, like hole #2. Also, the 600 yard par 5 was kind of bad. I am just glad that the fescue was not thick and tall, it was very playable from. If not, this course would be unbearable. The massive putting green with basically a putt putt course was really fun. In the end, it's a
  2. Played halfway decent in Wisconsin. For the most part I was able to put a good stretch of holes together (8-10) and be making pars or a birdie or two. Still had some big misses, mostly a big push or push cut. Rarely I would hit a hook.
  3. Some people fear snakes, I hate spiders. If they get into kill range, they be dead.
  4. I get the feeling you think it is silliness for them to change their name versus the name they chose actually being silly. As a life long Indians (no Guardians) fan, I am ok with the change. I grew up going to games with a few Native Americans protesting on the corners before the game while everyone just walked by not caring. Now I see that we were just all selfish fans. I am sure growing up you thought the previous generation was stuck in their ways not wanting things to change. They thought that changes you stood for were silly to. Yep Indians is not the worst, but
  5. Just got home from Wisconsin. Again, thank you @cipher and @iacas for setting this up and running this trip. I had a fantastic time and it was great to see most of you again and to meet some of you for the first time. The courses were amazing, and we could not have ask for better weather. The most rain we got was a few sprinkles today for like 3 minutes.
  6. Went up to Erie for a get out of my head tune up. Just spent time working on getting better contract and some pitching and chipping tuning. I worked on swinging out more while turning left more. Mostly for me it was just bringing the hands and arms down in front of me when I make what feels like a much smaller turn in the backswing. The swing felt like I went to A2.5, or just shy of A3, and I send the hands down in front of me with my turn. The club feels like it gained lag in transition, not forcing this feel. Then I just be aggressive with the turn and try to swing out at the ball
  7. Double reverse overlap. So bottom fingers of the left hand overlap the right instead of the right overlapping on top of the left. right hand only putting is a good drill. Great to get the feel of the putter.
  8. At that swing speed. The equipment does matter a bit more. I agree he is staying to close to the edge with that swing speed. It sounded like he was deflecting his bad round on the equipment.
  9. Yea, I get that feeling as well. I might try to feel more in the right hand to see if that sticks better. The right hand position might be easier to feel for me. A feel for me was back of left hand facing out. Palm of right hand might work a bit better. Also, I can push the hand further away from me.
  10. So after weeks of not hitting one hook. I get all the hooks tonight! apparently just flinging the club doesn’t work in practice. At least on the last hole, a par three, I was able to not hit a hook. I basically felt right palm out facing out at A3 and I swung down and left. Hit a nice slight straight cut. Yay!
  11. Hmm... My opinion of Bryson has gone down more then.
  12. Shoulder turn has stopped at the top image. Ideally, I would like if it stopped here. Some carry on (club momentum is fine) Right elbow has continued to move back a bit, and right shoulder has retracted a bit. Hands have went around me a bit. You can see how my shirt has stretched a bit near the front of the right shoulder compared to where I want it to stop. The forearm and hands are more in front of my right elbow where I want it to stop versus here where they are closer to being above my right shoulder (more behind me).
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