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  1. Facts are not what you say they are. They are not created by you. You can easily say something that is not factual, and by you saying it, it doesn't now make it factual. Opinions are not facts. You don't get to make up the facts to back up your opinion. Sorry, if you think you can make what ever facts you want then you are delusional.
  2. Some people don't like to be confronted with these type of questions. Some questions are scary. At this point it's pure obstinacy.
  3. Probably distance control. He's 3 putting or worse over 50% of the time.
  4. He needed to write it, Week(s)
  5. I agree with @klineka, spend more time on long game. Without stats, there is no way to tell were you need to work on. Being a 37 handicap, I would assume you need to work on your long game.
  6. Fitting question

    It depends on the club and the golfer. A club should be fitted based on impact conditions. Those conditions are not the same as set up. Example, the club will actually droop a bit compared to set up. The golfer's body doesn't return to the set up position at impact. The body isn't square to the target line (if the golfer sets up square). The hands are not in the same spot. They can add or subtract lie angle (higher hands or lower hands, also moving the hands closer or away from the golf ball). The Ping chart is specifically for Ping golf clubs and how Ping designs their clubs to react to the golf swing. Also, the chart is more of a starting point.
  7. September 12 Apple iPhone Event

    I agree. The phone looks like it is running faster. If not faster, then it feels like things run smoother. I wonder if making the GUI to run more consistent makes the phone look like it is running faster. Like if you hide the load screens in video games, it makes it feel like its running faster.
  8. Jogging

    This would depend on your physical ability. Walking an 18-hole course would be similar to walking 6-8 miles, or hiking 6-8 miles depending on the course. If you are really out of shape, then start with eating better and walking a lot more. Then you can ease into jogging. It might be best to look into interval training. Jog for some time, then walk, then job. Slowly go from to more jogging than walking. If you want to make sure you don't hurt yourself, then I would ask a doctor or a trainer this question.
  9. Depends if it actually causes an issue. You have golfers who keep their eyes looking at were the ball was longer than others, and you have golfers like Annika that start looking forward before they even hit the ball. I am not sure it is related to eye dominance.
  10. My Swing (saevel25)

    I was trying to find the slowest I could swing (full backswing length) and make good contact. I was working my way from top down not bottom up.
  11. My Swing (saevel25)

    I know the goal isn't to swing fast. I have to work on not swinging fast. It takes a lot of concentration for me to slow the swing way down. Even when I slow it down, its still not something I am accustomed to doing. I have no experience in the timing for this type of swing.
  12. My Swing (saevel25)

    "Make the longest/fastest swing you can make where the ball is hit solidly and has a good flight. Don't worry about the mechanics that much." Well, I need to learn how to do this better. Lots of mixed results in trying this.
  13. I don't think their market was ever the one for retail stores. I think they are just throwing their weight around because they can.
  14. Corey Kluber's Breaking Ball

    I think he should be in the lead for the AL CY Young Award. He's #1 in WAR for pitchers in the AL ERA Wins WHIP Complete Games Shutouts
  15. The only think limiting the golf ball will do is help out the shorter hitters on the Tour. This sort of thing does not scale linearly. Bubba Watson will see a much greater decrease in distance versus someone like Furyk. I see no problem with the equipment as it is.