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  1. saevel25

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Generally, underrated. Parsing it out Driver - Underrated Irons - Push Wedges - Slightly Underrated Putters - Underrated A lot of places will waive the fee for the fitting if you buy the clubs, or at least discount the fitting fee. So, not really a bit expense to get fitted. There is a lot of good information you can get from fittings. What if you never knew you hit down on the driver 5 degrees? Yea, underrated.
  2. saevel25

    Importance of Strike on Distance

    https://blog.trackmangolf.com/performance-of-the-average-male-amateur/ So, about 22% of people. Still, I think most people have the capability to see a significant gain in distance. I am not asking for a 20 mph difference. If every golfer spent some time to work on their swing speed, I could see the average swing speed increase to 100 mph. That means the guy who swings at 80 mph would bump up near the high 80's. Some people will see smaller gains, and some will see larger gains. 6.6 mph increase on average is not unrealistic. Thanks dad for having me play baseball ;) Also, swinging fricken hard when I started playing golf. Especially if you consider that the longest drivers on the PGA Tour are some of the most accurate as well. The correct way to measure accuracy is by degrees offline. These players are hitting the ball farther, with the same degrees offline, as the shorter hitters on tour. It's a big misconception that distance = inaccuracy.
  3. saevel25

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    They are only important because golfers decided to make them so. The Master's did not exist before 1934. The British Open (The Open) was not even important to US golfers till the 1960's when Arnie made it important. It offered too little of a payout and cost too much to fly over there. The US Open is probably the most prestigious. Primarily they are held in high esteem is because Jack made them an emphasis. The 2nd greatest golfer off all time (greatest of his time), decided to make them important. That influenced all future golfers as making them the gold standard. Majors are a horrible way to measure greatness. It lacks all nuance that the discussion needs.
  4. saevel25

    Importance of Strike on Distance

    If golfers learn a proper kinematic sequence they will see good gains in speed. They are losing a lot of their speed through inefficiencies. After that, the golfer can learn to swing faster. I could see someone who swings at 100 mph get up to 110 mph. Sub 11 second 100m isn't equivalent to someone swinging at 110 mph. You are talking about just over 1 second slower than Usain Bolts world record pace. The long drive champions swing at over 140 mph! Lets say that 11 second 100m sprint would be equivalent to swinging at or slightly above 130 mph. You are still not beating Usain Bolt, and you are still not beating the long drive champs.
  5. saevel25

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Overrated. The majors are not even the toughest tournaments throughout the season. Don't get me wrong, I tune in for every major though.
  6. saevel25

    iPad/Phone Apps for Pre-Round Course Strategy

    Google earth is free and useful. I am not sure if any of the yardage apps have any sort functionality similar to viewing the course by aerial imagery. That would be a cool app if you could get the course layout with your club carry distance overlaid.
  7. Lexi is getting a big advantage in that Tony hits the ball a long way. Since they played an alternate form of alternate shot (both people tee off and they take the best tee shot), they are not hampered by her lack of distance off the tee. I am not sure how the course is set up. It looks to be a laid back type of event. I am sure the course was set up for players to go low.
  8. saevel25

    Should You Club Up on a Hill?

    Uphill lies will increase your loft at impact, so they can turn an 8 iron into a 9 iron or PW. Though it is a bit trickier since it's a longer club and will have more club head speed. When on uphill lie, play the back a bit in your stance. There is a tendency to fall away from the target due to the lie. This will also negate some of the uphill effect on the ball flight.
  9. saevel25

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    What if the guy with the strong mental game just feels off that day of the match? Again, you can be strong mentally, that doesn't mean that you will always win the match. Golfers of the same ability will shoot close to the same scores because of their golfing ability. A strong mental game wouldn't suddenly make that guy shoot better that day.
  10. I think you have it incorrect in the analogy here, The big take away here is the use of the term "antisocial agent." Basically, we do not mind the misfortune of others if we think it is justified in a way that benefits the society we are part of. This is a common trend through out human society. We tend to get rid of people we deem a threat to the society we have built up. This preserves the stability of the society. I think with slapstick humor, we know its a comedy and get enjoyment out of it through laughter. that sort of enjoyment might be something a bit darker. These self-serving double standards make sense. They are a protection mechanism for society. If you consider that society is just a tight grouping of friends and family, then you obviously would have a double standard. Why would you help a stranger who has never shown the ability to be a good contributor to your society group versus helping someone you know is important to your society group? It doesn't matter if they committed the same sort of rudeness or infraction.
  11. saevel25

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    All the mental fortitude in the world will not make the up the difference between someone who is gifted at golf versus someone who is not. No matter how hard I train, how much more mentally strong I am than Usain Bolt, I will never beat him in the 100m race. I feel your way of thinking about is a cop-out just to give some credence to the mental aspect. I could play a round where I don't care and post a better score versus when I am really trying. I have half assed shot a low 70 score before and then grinded out a low 80. I have focused just as hard when shooting a low 80 and shot under par before. It isn't the mental game. Since there is no consistency in defining mental game or its actual benefit, then there isn't much correlation to shooting good scores with regards to the mental game.
  12. saevel25

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    To scam athletes out of money.
  13. saevel25

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    I disagree. It still over-rated. It's used as a crutch to try to explain why a golfer fails. Everyone expects PGA tour players to be perfect, but their mistakes are still with in their ability range. It isn't due to mental errors. A PGA Tour player shanks a ball is not a mental error. Those are few and far between. Do a a few number of players fall off the map, sure. Heck, it could be they physically could only excel at a high level for a short period of time. I have never seen that on the PGA Tour. How many Long Drive competitors have there been? Just saying, the thing you are viewing is extremely rare.
  14. saevel25

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Generally speaking it is Overrated by a lot. People don't want to attribute the wide range of results from a bad golf swing as something that is with in the norm of their playing ability. They rather blame it on a poor mental game like being mentally stronger will suddenly make them a scratch golfer. They rather look at a small samples size, like shooting a few over par for 9 holes, and claim that this should be the norm. In the end, they will continue to have a wide range of results (good or bad compared to their average) because their physical ability to deliver the club consistently well is bad. No manner of mental training will help them achieve a higher level of golf. They could become the Buddha himself and not significantly improve their golf game.

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