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  1. a. Spot of Ball to Be Lifted and Replaced Must Be Marked Before lifting a ball under a Rule requiring the ball to be replaced on its original spot, the player must mark the spot which means to: Place a ball-marker right behind or right next to the ball, or Hold a club on the ground right behind or right next to the ball. If the spot is marked with a ball-marker, after replacing the ball the player must remove the ball-marker before making a stroke. If the player lifts the ball without marking its spot, marks its spot in a wrong way or makes a stroke with a ball-marker left in place, the player gets one penalty stroke. If multiple Rule breaches result from a single act or related acts, see Rule 1.3c(4). When a ball is lifted to take relief under a Rule, the player is not required to mark the spot before lifting the ball.
  2. Yea a slight stimulant... He broke the rules. I agree with @iacas comments. Especially the CBD route. There are plenty of products out there that have no THC.
  3. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    Just to show you winning is tough. It’s hard to play a top level week in and week out.
  4. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    Down goes Wisconsin! What a victory for Illinois! Two big turn overs in the final 5 minutes of the game. Just not executing at a high level under pressure. I was concerned with Wisconsin being that they control the clock so much. Is their offense protecting their defense. Illinois ran for 4.0 yards per play and passed for 8.3 yards per attempt.
  5. That could be just what he does to get his muscles warmed up. If he's at a certain level of strength then that weight might not be what he does to gain strength.
  6. That is different. A seat belt doesn't stop your car from starting. By that logic, then we should ban people from driving all together. Accidents happen. People drive when they are sleeping. People speed. People just have lapses of concentration that cause an accident. In the end, people can die from it.
  7. I've owned three cars, and only had one electronic issue. That was a recall on a radio. The impact of that is substantially less than having a car not start. I agree, it would need to happen less than once in a lifetime. Like, once in a lifetime for 1 person out of 1,000,000 people. Yea, I don't think the technology will be there. My friend brought up a good point, there are other medical conditions that could mimic the symptoms of being drunk. Maybe there is one that will dilated the capillaries like being drunk. Maybe they are taking some medication that mimics that.
  8. This is what came to mind for me. Are these cars only registered to one driver? What if a family member or friend needs to borrow my car? Drunk Driving Fatalities Though progress has been made, our commitment to eliminate drunk driving is stronger than ever. Visit us for facts and statistics on drunk driving... Only about 37,000 people. Honestly, that isn't that many compared to other issues in the USA that need our attention. That isn't to say I don't have compassion for the people who lose a loved one that way. I just don't think it's worth making life a procedural hell. In the end, people are going to die in ways that don't include old age. You can't legislate all of that away. In the end, you'd just end up forcing everyone to live in their homes 24/7 because going outside is too dangerous. If you want a compromise on this, you get caught driving wile impaired, then you have to use one of these devices the rest of your life. Don't punish those who act responsibly. What type of system is that.
  9. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    We do? I thought we had a third bye week? 😛
  10. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    More so his health with the cyst on his brain. Any sort of very high stress level would cause him debilitating headaches. They had someone follow him along the sideline to monitor his status. Also, I think he just got stuck in his ways on running that zone read. J.T. Barrett was really really good at it, but not being diverse in an offense will cause you to lose games.
  11. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    Don't get me wrong, Urban Meyer is one of the top 10 coaches of all time, and Top 3 of this generation. Him not realizing the defensive scheme was highly exploitable (mostly not firing Schiano), and then teams being able to scheme up to make the team one dimensional hurt them. There is something different about this team under Day. They are now extremely good at making adjustments during the game. What I don't know is how big game Fields at QB. When fields was going to get sacked and then spun out of hit then to throw a perfect pass to the TE for a first down was something that I am extremely happy to see him do. That is huge TALENT! Then he has times were he just holds the ball for 6 seconds and gives up a sack. @DeadMan, The thing that makes me feel like Jim might not be there much longer is that he seems lifeless in his interviews. I just don't get a good vibe when I hear him have to answer questions about the team.
  12. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    Yea, being only up 3 against Illinois with nearly 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter is not good. If they can't run the ball, I wouldn't put much stock in them moving the ball down the field consistently. Patterson has only been above 60% completion percentage twice, against Rutgers and Navy. I still don't think that their defensive scheme is that good. I don't think their D-Line is at good, and it is tough to cover man to man if you can't get to the QB. I see them losing to PSU and ND and OSU. I think the MSU versus Mich game could be like 7 to 3? I wouldn't sleep on Indiana. Their QB is ranked 10th in QBR on ESPN.
  13. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    Definitely Wisc. and PSU will be the best tests for OSU. I am not sure Wisc. Defense is that legit. Looking at ESPN's FPI Team Efficiencies, they have only faced one team inside the top 50. These rankings take into account strength of opponent, but Illinois rankes 119 in offense. There is no real big step up for Wisconsin to go up against a team like Ohio State in terms of skill players. I am also suspicious of teams who have high Time of Possession. Is their defense propped up because they play keep away. What if OSU puts out one of their 21 points 2nd quarters on them. Do they have the tempo to get back in the game?
  14. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    There are a lot more reason for players to transfer. I know a few OSU players where the player wanted to be closer to home due to family stuff that came up.
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