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  1. I love his courses. One of my favorites is Brookside Country Club in Canton, Ohio. They found Ross's old plans and took out thousands of trees, and restored a lost tee box. The course is fantastic.
  2. I thought the same. This phrase is much more common.
  3. I don't care really. I know my swing. I know the clubs that fit towards my game. I know my expectations for certain club and club shaft combinations. I can tell if a launch monitor is finicky. It doesn't bother me if the spin rate is not measured, but calculated, on the typical launch monitors at a store. If I am getting fit, I will seek out someone with flightscope or trackman.
  4. I have no clue. I know flightscope uses a small metallic dot. I believe Trackman measures spin rate as well.
  5. Most places will wave the fitting fee if you end up ordering the clubs from them. Even then $50-$75 for a fitting is worth it anyways.
  6. I played a round of golf today. It was a mixed bag. I focused on the backswing stuff for the most part. I was getting into a bad groove of hitting some slices. I could feel inward path the hands take on my bad swings. Then I tried imagining the cone was there. I was trying to swing outside the cone in the backswing and then inside the cone in the downswing. This worked out really well, and almost had an immediate effect on my ball flight. The contact felt much more solid. The divots were much more shallow.
  7. Keep working at it. If you work at things with meaningful practice they become better. I didn't know you were working with someone. Go with what they say over my observations. He most likely knows your swing better than I do.
  8. From your latest video it does look like you are back on the side of taking the club shallow and steepening it in transition. You might struggle with this because when you go from A1-A2 you do not gain much hand depth with a good turn. In the image below, the red line is the front of your hands at address. Notice how your hands do not move off this line. Notice how the club head gets kicked backwards. It will be very hard to get that club vertical from this position. I also notices your grip is very strong. This might cause you some issue.
  9. Priority pieces depend on your golf swing. Someone might need the same fix, but go about it in completely different ways. ^This Very rarely a priority might be the short game or putting. Most of the time it is a fundamental lack of one of the 5 swing keys. Read some of the stuff @iacas and @mvmac have posted.
  10. The big two are Autodesk and Microstation. I think Autodesk is used primarily unless there is a specific CADD program for a certain field. Electrical Utilities use PLS_CADD. Which is nothing like Autodesk, but is a 3D software for designing transmission lines. I would say it isn't too hard to learn. The key is getting it set up the way you want. I like to save my own profile so I can just load it where ever I go. That way all the toolbars are where I want them to be. There are little tricks here and there.
  11. Looking good, Good job guys
  12. Please upload the video to Youtube, and then post the link of it here. The website will embed the video so people will not have to download it or go visit another site. Thx!
  13. Probably. The good thing for Nintendo is they don't have as much overhead as Sony or Microsoft hardware. They get the most out of their games for the hardware they use in their systems. They might be the best vide game making company of all time. If they have a few more flops like the Wii U I might see them getting out the hardware aspect of the video game industry. Though I can see them staying in the portable hand held gaming system. I can see them easily going into just making video games with Mario and Link being played on Microsoft or the Playstation. The sad thing is, I might just buy this system for Zelda
  14. I've been listening to his Podcast on Tolkin. He's going to spending the next year or two going through the Hobbit and LOTR books.