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  1. Unless you slightly pull the ball left. Not entirely uncommon for someone who fades the ball. Do you are to publish your findings on that 99% of people lift the ball. I find that your statement is not even close to being factual. If you consider that it is a fact that bad golfers actually have very steep angles of attacks, then I highly doubt they are lifting the ball with the club. Second, it's not that easy. The reason being, they can't produce the correct mechanics that allows them to hit the ball first. No matter how much you think it, it doesn't mean it will happen.
  2. I'm trying to control my backswing length better on pitch shots. Is the feeling of the right wrist just hinging only a good feel for shorter pitches? I feel like I get into trouble because my normal backswing motion is to move the arms a lot. I tend to hinge late in my normal swing. I was using my TV as a mirror, and trying to mimic the the club movement to parallel as shown in the video of the OP. The only way I get there is by just hinging that right wrist.
  3. It could also be that the golfer just doesn’t turn correctly. Most people have enough ability to make a full turn.
  4. I know this is an old thread, but it's pretty general so I'll bring it back to life. This past Wednesday I saw Train and Goo Goo Dolls at Blossom Music Center. I will have to say the highlight for me was Train playing a Steely Dan, Queen/David Bowie, and a Led Zeppelin cover. I grew up listening to a lot of what my dad listening to. So, I am huge fan of 60's/70's/80's classic rock. I never thought I'd hear some of these songs live. Here are some photo's.
  5. Sorry, I already have plans on the 31st. Maybe next time! Have fun guys!
  6. I also consider it as protecting the field. Lets say Bryson is in the middle of the pack. Is it fair that the half the field has to play out of pace while maybe the top half of the field gets to play at a more reasonable pace?
  7. You didn’t see me check the wind speed, wind pressure, temperature and angle of the sun.
  8. Newport Cup Application for @saevel25, for the East Team! Questions Vlog Measurements Shoe Size: 10 Wide (True Original), 10.5 Normal (True TL-01, True Major) Shirt Size: XL (Any major golf shirt brand) Pant Size: 36W 32L (Izod or Dockers Flat front) Hat Size: XL (Underarmor)
  9. I wouldn’t mind them having a general fine for slow play. Make it something like 10-20 grand each violation.
  10. At a certain point super game improvement irons are a hinderance to the golfer.
  11. If I had to pick one it would be the T100’s.
  12. Bryson DeChambeau Wastes No Time Responding to Slow Play Critics - The New York Times Other golfers had complained about his pace during Friday’s round. I would disagree. I don’t think you can compare 30-40 seconds to over 2 minutes!!! Yep. Please do this going forward Thomas.
  13. Went up to Erie today. Just some notes. Setup - watch width of stance and make sure ball position isn’t to far back. Further forward will help out with what I am working on. Backswing - Continue to keep left arm from getting too deep. Looking good. Downswing- Swing path left, keep turn rates up, add in a bit of palmar flexion to help square up the club. To help clean up contact, finish with arms extended at chest height. This helps makes sure the turn rates keep up. With the driver and woods, straighten the left knee sooner to help speed up turn rates. Overall, Swing is looking good.
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