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  1. Amazing that we are able to get such efficient level of protection with these vaccines.
  2. I think nearly every tee shot on the front nine was a blind tee shot. Then you have every 2nd shot on the par 5 being a blind 2nd shot/layup. There was a handful of 2nd shots on par 4's that were blind. It wasn't enjoyable. The back nine was much better.
  3. Played 18 today at the PA/OH/NY Meetup (Deer Ridge GC, OH). In general. Didn't hit many greens. Didn't make any putts. Had 4 blowup holes. Driver - For the most part decent, though I got in a 3 hole stretch were I would just block the shot 30 yards right. On the back nine I started to just decide to try to swing low left. This helped out for the most part. Irons - Not that solid. Just couldn't hit many greens. Shots still feel like I have no room to swing down with my arms. Things just feel stuck. Short game - Pretty decent Putting - Never made anything outside of 5-Ft
  4. I guess, what would be the area that defines a lie? Is it directly under the ball? If so, then I believe his lie was not disturbed since he was able to place it then asked for the official to confirm if he could rake the bunker.
  5. Not sure what tournament this was at, not even sure it happened this year. Phil was able to smooth out the bunker because he claimed it worsened his lie, not improved it. The rules official allowed it. I am just not sure if he was given a better lie, why change it back? Maybe it was a mental thing, like he didn't want less sand behind the ball? Wouldn't that improve his lie.
  6. The odds are really low. It is not zero, just like the vaccine is not 100% effective. Its enough the PGA tour is willing to say no testing required for those who get vaccinated. Which I think is fair with what we know.
  7. For distance wedge shots, I suspect it is still arms do nothing. Is it more just less turn to control the distance?
  8. For a 10 stroke penalty, my mind went to an equipment issue like too many clubs or something.
  9. Still looks decent, rain in the morning… weather.gov has a 15-20% chance for pop up shower/t-storm after noon.
  10. It just gets tiring when everyone kisses your ass all the time. Rather have a spirited discussion. Also, stop trolling please.
  11. Ok, definitely a troll. Kind of shady posting when you just copy and paste exactly what you posted before with out adding anything meaningful.
  12. That might be interesting for a tournament. Find an older course that use to hold a PGA Tour event and require the use of older clubs and golf balls. I don't think the original rules make it more interesting.
  13. Rewatched How to Train your Dragon, easy Birdie. One of my favorite modern animated movies.
  14. some of your assumptions of what original made up the rules of golf seem incorrect... The Original 13 Rules of Golf | Professional Golfers Career College (golfcollege.edu) Read the 13 original rules of golf, dating back to 1744(!) This was incorrect... You were able to remove lose impediments around your ball when on the green.. This is also incorrect. There were a very limit instance were you were able to take free relief and relief from water hazards (hence touching the ball). I don't find this interesting.
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