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  1. Not my favorite feel. In most cases the hands are slowing down for a pitch, and the clubhead is catching up to the hands near impact. This allows the golfer to use the bounce effectively. So, accelerating through the ball might be a horrible feel for pitching. Could be a few things. Mostly it's more clubhead speed, and the ball goes a bit higher as well. So, a steeper descent angle + spin means better stopping power. It could also be the green. If the green has more slope back to front, the ball will stop easier.
  2. saevel25

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    I think the only thing about Miller's golfing career he is remembered for is Oakmont. He's had many more memorable candid broadcasting moments. Even though he can be annoying sometimes, I like that he speaks his mind.
  3. saevel25

    My Swing (saevel25)

    No problem
  4. saevel25

    My Swing (saevel25)

    Umm... you quoted a post of mind from 2010. Not really concerned with what I posted for that one.
  5. saevel25

    My Swing (saevel25)

    Agreed. 👍
  6. saevel25

    My Swing (saevel25)

    Played 18 today. Shot a +4. My goal today was to do #1 as good as possible. I did that for the most part. I struggled on the back nine (my first nine) with the driver. I did the slow backswing well, but struggled with my downswing. I was tipping back and hitting toe push hooks. Then I finally figured out the timing and started hitting very neutral ball flights. The backswing is, slow as possible, and feel the swing stopping when the club reaches shoulder height. I didn’t really try any flattening feels. I tried to feel the right arm more in front of the body. Then turn the right side through. I think this is the path I need to continue to do going forward. Maddening slow shorter backswing and get a good turn on the downswing. Some things I did notice though, my irons launch lower. I will need a pitching lesson again. I lost a bit on what I need to do. I was hitting these shanking looking shots, but I wasn’t hitting the hosel. It’s not good when the ball starts 30 degrees right.
  7. saevel25

    Winter Depression Thread

    I took the day off tomorrow, and I am 99% sure I will play.
  8. saevel25

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    I answered Broadcasting. I think people know Johnny Miller way more for his broadcasting than this golf. I think he brought an edge to golf broadcasting that it needed, even if you disagree with his opinions.
  9. saevel25

    Shot Dispersion

    He may not be counting the thins, chunks and duff shots. Maybe it's only shots that hit the green. If I am off the green, or on the fringe, I don't really register the proximity. When the ball is on the green, I register how far it is.
  10. saevel25

    How many shots do I get??

    No, the course par does not come into effect. If you have a course that is par 72 with a slope of 125, you get the same number of strokes as a par 70 with a slope of 125. You just get the strokes on the hardest holes. lets say a golfer has 20 strokes, they would get 1 stroke on every hole, and then an additional stroke on the #1 and #2 handicap holes.
  11. saevel25

    USGA Seeking Feedback on Distance "Issue"

    Nope Addendum,
  12. saevel25

    Video Game Thread

    I started watching them a few years ago. The insane ones are for Mario 64. Ocarina of Time has some interesting stuff. That game is really broken.
  13. saevel25

    USGA Seeking Feedback on Distance "Issue"

    I agree. They are changing the rules b/c of the top fraction of 1% of golfers. I think that is a bad thing.
  14. saevel25

    Good exercises for improving your core strength?

    I know crunches get a bad rap. There are people who have done thousands of them in their life and have no adverse effects. A quick google search can bring up a multitude of exercises. i remember finding this website. It lists the exercises by muscle activation. https://www.t-nation.com/training/inside-the-muscles-best-ab-exercises The abs get worked out a lot by doing certain compound exercises like chin-ups.
  15. saevel25

    Ball Striking Is Improving, but Scores Are Not

    I try to use LSW as much as possible. Know my shot zone. Know where the hazards are at. Elliminate the hazards. I agree, really bad shots just happen.

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