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  1. Another thing would be to not cut the fairway so short, and to keep to softer with water. Take away the 20-30 yards of roll and the distance would come back down,.
  2. I would say it’s not possible. ball speed is governed by impact physics. The only things that matter are the COR of the ball interacting with the club and the golfers swing speed. You would end up with a situation where you lower the COR enough to get the ball to 170 mph. Yet, a golfer can overcome this if they swing harder. Then you’d have to lower the COR again.
  3. I don't see this to be possible. If someone new and strong come out are you going to require the club makers to adjust again? Do you want a handful of people to be banned from golf, or penalized for being better at something than someone else?
  4. I was just amazed at how this guy can get his body is a weird position and still have the grip strength to not fall. The foot holds for that climb were sometimes just enough to get his big toe grip.
  5. Free Solo - Documentary film about Alex Honnold's free climbing El Capitan. A gripping film. As suspenseful as any movie I've ever watched. You just never want to think about what it would be like to be in the positions he put himself in to climb El Capitan! I give this an Eagle.
  6. Hard to say with out seeing your swing, but a few thoughts came to mind. 1. Your clubs are not fitted well for you. 2. The handle of the club is way to high at impact. Take your grip at address, then raise the handle up, but keep the clubhead in contact with the ground. You will see the toe start to tip down.
  7. One game does not make a team great at something. Really, KC's rush defense is not that great, I am going to go with SF to win. I think they can play keep away from KC. I like their pass rush against KC.
  8. Players: Webb Simpson (-16)Masters: Rory McIlroy (-15)PGA Championship: Xander Schauffele (-14)U.S. Open: Hideki Matsuyama (+1)British Open: Tiger Woods (-7)FedExCup: Tiger Woods (-12)
  9. Most golf courses only allow non-metal spikes. They PGA Tour may get permission to allow them for tour events.
  10. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    The NCAA will. They have investigated for things way less trivial than this.
  11. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    Celebration has nothing to do with it. If that was the case then booster would exploit that till the NCAA stopped it. The biggest DUH! in the article is that the players who accepted it are leaving. So it is obvious they would see no punishment. They are not part of the NCAA anymore. If a freshman or sophomore took money, I would think they would get a couple game suspension.
  12. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    I could see any of the players who are still on the team next year being suspended 2-3 games to start the season next year.
  13. I was never a fan of his courses. I never found them visually appealing or interesting to play. I can't deny he's an icon for golf architecture.
  14. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    Chart showing average recruiting rankings per year, Overachieving teams... Clemson! They only show up in the top 10 from 2018 to 2020. Not sure how influential their Sophomores are this year, but it's not common to have a team who's recruiting doesn't have a few classes in the top 5 in recurring, 2-4 years before their NC run, actually make a NC run. Major underachievers... FSU, USC, Michigan. LSU has been recruiting pretty well the past 6 years.
  15. Here is my quick review Quality: A, the leather is good quality. The stitching is well done. I foresee this lasting a long time. Usage - It's great when you don't want to bring your entire bag to the driving range. Which for me, is about 99% of the time. I tend to bring 4-5 clubs, depending on what I want to work on. There is plenty of space for other things like tees, gloves, and a few golf balls. Though I have a Golf Evolution bag that I use to carry some scuffed up golf balls for practice. Aesthetics: A, I got the black one, and it looks sharp with the white PING logo. I recommend this product if you don't want to lug your bag around at the driving range. It also makes you look more sophisticated when you are not just holding a bunch of clubs in one hand 😉
  16. It's getting better fast. After it gets to a good point, I will get back on working out my core and back to protect it better.
  17. Reynoldsburg, Ohio... I was 2 years old :p
  18. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    It's nice for the FCS school who gets a big check. They should be good. They need to figure out their offense. They can't rely on just being a running team only. If a team wants to stop the run they usually can. Passing tends to travel better than running. They got some nice pieces.
  19. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    You also have to look at how many games a team is an underdog versus the favorite. If the SEC was favorite for most of their games and ended up winning that amount, then is it really impressive? To get more schools to play power 5 teams, I would like to see the conferences agree on an 8 conference game schedule, and a requirement of only allowing one game being from a non power 5 school.
  20. Out of commission for a while. I threw my back out this morning when I had a nasty coughing fit. Lower back is super tight.
  21. Finally watched Spiderman Homecoming, I'll give it a tap in Birdie. I really enjoyed the throw back to the traditional Spiderman with Peter making his own webbing. Michael Keaton does a really good villain. This vaulted up to my favorite Spiderman movie.
  22. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    The stats are what they are. One game doesn't dictate an entire season outlook on the performance of a conference. Yea, kinda meh results for the Big 10. A lot of close game loses except for Illinois. Though I think they need to get rid of some bowl games and make it 7 wins or better for bowl games. Michigan classically stunk it up versus an elite team, though they looked decent for a half. Michigan needs to get rid of their DC. His defense is a bully defense, good against weaker opponents but has no backbone against really good teams. They actually recruit decently well enough for them to be better than this. That Oregon versus Wisconsin game was a strange game. Maybe it's a classic Wisconsin loss. Dominate time of possession, not enough explosive plays, lose a close game. The Ohio State versus Clemson game was one of the better games in a long time for a bowl game. Yea, I could claim that the B10 was slightly over-rated this year. Still the 2nd best conference this year. Which is where I said they were at all year.
  23. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    If you look at any win streak, they are not all against top 25 teams. If OSU won the NC this year, they would have beaten 4 top 10 teams and 1 top 15 team. Which is really absurd if you actually look at the schedule of teams who go on to win a NC.
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