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  1. I 100%......... Disagree. If you look at Arnold, Jack, Miller... they hit the ball HARD!!! Golf is about risk assessment. On a hole where I know it's not in my shot shape, I will not go at it. If there is hole that is open and gives me a lot of room, I can let loose. I was never taught to just go all out. Now, I think there is benefit to allowing someone growing up to turn a lot and swing harder since it develops speed. Then later on, getting them to control it. I rather have speed than not to have it at all. In terms of what you are saying, that is game planning.
  2. Not sure I agree with the 2005 Masters... DeMarco went birdie-birdie on hole 14 and 15 to get it to within one. Then Tiger chips in on 16 to extend to two. Then Tiger goes bogey bogey to fall to a playoff. I am not sure I would count Tiger being handed a major when a playoff is involved. DeMarco pars number 18 in the playoff and Tiger makes a 15-FT birdie putt. Not sure how this could be Tiger being handed a major.
  3. Just some other thoughts… the best contact came with the swing stopping at A3.5 or slightly shorter. It also felt like I didn’t turn as much, like 75-80% as much. Going on to focus on that feel.
  4. Lunch time driving range work... 1) Arm do nothing 2) keep swing shorter 3) Kind-of face palm out. Face On View DTL
  5. A golfer needs to have 7-9 irons to fill in a range of yardage. It doesn't matter what is printed on the club 😉 Glad you had a good experience. I am really enjoying my new PXG driver.
  6. I bet if Pfizer made the yearly flu vaccine, it wouldn't be as good as COVID vaccine. It has more to do with that the typical flu is a dumbed down version of the original, and we have no clue what strand we will get.
  7. I think so because it's a bit departure to try to feel arms do nothing. Those in the video, felt close to full speed. I will hit the range tomorrow or Saturday and try out different swing speeds with that feel.
  8. Feeling arms do nothing. Shift right at A1-A2.
  9. Not sure if this is relevant here, but PGA Tour commissioner was asked what proportion of revenue the PGA receives from its contracts with the Golf Channel and NBC, is 90%. But, the contract is set up in a way that the LPGA and PGA tour share the revenues. So PGA tour is keeping 90% of the revenues. Not implying anything.
  10. I mean, the COVID vaccine didn't come out in force until after the flu season. The flu shot is not nearly as effective as the COVID vaccines. Also, it has way more to do with not having kids in schools, wearing masks, and social distancing.
  11. Review of round... Hole 1: After no warmup, I hit driver that was a low pull (struck low on the face). I Hit a pitching wedge to about 30-FT and three putted (course greens were way faster than practice green). Hole 2: Hit a towering toe draw, good for the par 5 dogleg left. Being a short par 5, and I cut the corner, I had about 130 left in. I pulled the pitching wedge left over the green. My ball was sitting up on about 2-3 inches of rough. The pin was back with the green sloping away from me. I stupidly tried the hero shot and flop it about 2-FT in front of me. I then pitched it o
  12. Pete Dye forces you to play the course his way. Which means, on this hole, hit it 250, then hit it 150 to this green. He has a lot of constriction points, and force carry. I played TPC Sawgrass, it is kinda meh visually. There are about 3 blind tee shots you need a caddy to tell you were to aim or you end up in a bunker or water. Then there is hardly any spots to run the ball up. His courses feel gimmicky. Jack's courses are just meh to me. They are not fun to play. I think he puts to much priority in hitting the perfect tee shot. Its been a while since I have played one. My opinio
  13. Hard for me to say. I don't think I ever played a course that was horrible in terms of quality of the course. There are courses I hated from a design perspective (most Jack Nicklaus and Pete Dye courses). There are a lot of courses in the 4/10 range for me.
  14. Going through the list, and happen to find Sand Valley (25th) and Lawsonia (23rd) 🙂 Best public golf courses 2021-22: GOLF's Top 100 Courses You Can Play For the first time our ranking of the best public-access courses ventured outside the United States into Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean. Enjoy!
  15. Not all 3 putts are the same. What if you have an 80-FT putt. Really, getting the ball inside of 8-FT is a good putt. At 8-FT, you have a 50% chance of making the 2nd putt (by PGA Tour standards). That is why strokes gained is powerful. From 80-fT the expected strokes is 2.34, Almost the same hitting a shot from the fairway at 20 yards. If you hit a putt to 6-FT, then you had a net zero strokes gained. For putting, I kind of just know if I am putting well. I tend to practice lag putting, and inside 15-FT putting. Its more of a mental note, rather than writing the stats down. I know I wi
  16. Added myself to the list of going! I can make it work 🙂 Updated list @cipher @iacas @DeadMan @GolfLug @DaveP043 @Slim_Pivot @Hardspoon @billchao @criley4way @saevel25 open open Rat Scoundrels We Might Let Back In if they Change Their Minds Again: @mvmac @TN94z @jsgolfer @klineka @ChetlovesMer
  17. I would say for irons, your arms hang straight down to slightly out towards the ball. For a driver, your arms hang out more over your toes. I would hold the club with both hands gripping the club. Then just let them hang down and notice were they are at. Then just adjust them towards or away from your body. Just to get a feel for how the arms hang.
  18. I was thinking about this. Since COVID was ranked third is number of deaths in 2020, only cancer and heart attacks out did COVID, wouldn't the way to think about taking the COVID vaccine be this. If someone told you that two shots, with very minimal side effects (compared to other drugs humans take), would make you highly (95%) unlikely of not having a heart attack or getting cancer would you take the shots? I bet everyone would sign up for those shots in a heartbeat.
  19. Not to indict just Florida, but there are stories of people going after people with masks on and bullying them. The story I heard about was this guy in Florida stopped his bike ride to berate a woman who was out on a walk.
  20. I do think opening up country clubs to allow women as full members helps the game of golf. Image is now more important than ever. I rather see golf stay on the up and up.
  21. It didn't help that my allergies were like a 9/10 that day.
  22. My arm bothered me about 8-10 hours later, and that pain lasted for about 36 hours. On the 2nd dose, I got some bad chills about 12 hours after the shot.
  23. Breakdown of deaths by type... Was COVID-19 the only culprit behind the extraordinary increase in deaths last year? - Peter Attia Leading causes of death in 2020
  24. Mr & Mrs Smith, tap in par.
  25. Yea, just no. Maybe for three golfers.
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