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  1. Instead of focusing on scoring as a goal, break it down to different aspects. You want to work on things that cost you the most strokes. I would work on improving your golf swing first. You can start a My Swing thread on the forum.
  2. A tale of two nines, The Front Nine View this round on GAME GOLF Swing Thoughts 1. Shorter backswing 2. Turn Results, I struggled a ton with being stuck in the swing. I could feel the club way behind me. I also struggled with my putting. I don't know why I tried this, but I went to more of having the inside of my elbow facing out at set up. I also added a bit more float movement with the wrist. The Back Nine View this round on GAME GOLF Swing Thoughts 1. Backswing - Look at the ball, make a shorter turn 2. Downswing - Get the hands down sooner/faster. This seemed to help out a ton. I think I need to be more hands down in front of me. I also MUST keep turning. If I don't I hit weak push cuts. If I do things right I hit pretty natural ball flights
  3. Depends on how you are doing it. If you are flipping the club, then it's not a good thing. If you are doing it because you are getting too much extension too soon, a bit thin isn't a terrible thing. You don't compress or pinch the ball between the ground and the club. The ball deforms on the clubface, but it also slides up the clubface due to the loft. Also, thinking about hitting down may not be the thought you need. You might have something else going on in your swing that is causing you to scoop the ball.
  4. I never been told that this is a passive thing. Actually, I've seen proper extension being suggested before as advice. Extension including the straightening of the left leg. If you keep the left leg bent, then you will be keeping the left hip bent more and will not extend properly into the finish.
  5. Just got the notice my shoes will be delivered sometime next week. looking forward to trying them out!
  6. I've done it. Took golf trips to Orlando, FL. I wore pants majority of the time. I had no issue. I prefer not having to put on sunscreen. Also, good materials are breathable and get enough airflow.
  7. Umm... you denied consideration when you stated that no one is allowed to question the topic you wanted to talk about. If you are looking for someone to just say, "Yea man, that way is awesome!" then you should have known better. Also, why do you care about it so much to get upset about it. You found something that works for you. Awesome. I would bet if your swing improved to the point you get to a single digit handicap that you do all 5 swing decently. Here is the thing, the 5 keys are not a swing system. They not tell you, "Hey you need to hit this spot here, then this spot here, you must swing out, ect..." The 5 keys are what all great golfers achieve to hit the ball well. Jim Furyk does all 5 things really well. He has about as abnormal swing out there. So, I don't get your angst here. That matters how?
  8. Just got an email...
  9. Maybe off topic, but in the electric utility world, conductors are coated black because it helps the conductor loose the heat it's producing faster. This may be due more that conductors can run upwards of 300+ degrees depending on the conductor type. I never particularly noticed that the color of the clothing mattered much. What tends to mater more is wearing something that allows air flow (if you are lucky enough to get a breeze). Should you wear light-colored clothes in hot weather to stay cool? | HowStuffWorks Do light colors actually keep you cooler in hot weather, as some say? Read on to find out.
  10. 1. Hydrate before 2. Hydrate during 3. Hydrate after I tend to wear looser fitting shirts. I also find shade when possible.
  11. Feel Test #1 - Just feeling only turning shallower from A4. Not sure this works out well. Lots of over the top motion in practice. Feel Test #2 - Trying to be a bit higher thru impact. Also, trying to keep the chest and arms turning thru to the finish. Feel Test #3 - Feeling way more upright in the turn. Trying to keep myself from being very tilted over at impact and into the finish. I am trying to keep from doing this. I was hoping to try to get more towards the red line with my spine tilt. Then it would title the shoulders less down. End of the Bucket Test - I wanted to see what the swing would look like if I felt like I was really focusing on pointing my chest and torso to the sky sooner. I thought maybe focusing on a finish position might help keep it from getting shallower? I am going to say no, but contact was great. Ok, so my feeling on this is that I can't focus on the turn at the top of the backswing. I feel like I get stuck behind my turn and then I stall and have that weird shoulder motion were the shoulder moves forward, and the clubhead overtakes the hands really fast post impact (see screenshots below). This is from the video yesterday. I feel like the arms have to come down in front of the body then I turn. That way I don't feel like I need to do that weird shoulder move and flip post impact because the turn can take the hands thru more? I am just wondering if this is more of a sequencing issue. I could be wrong.
  12. Ok, I sweated out a range session after the scramble to figure out what I need to maybe work on. I was just trying to figure out what I was feeling at the scramble versus what I should be feeling more off to produce the image I want. Current 6 iron swing, On the course, I think the issue is I felt like I was getting stuck. It just felt like I couldn't turn hard enough to make solid contact. 6 Iron swing with the following feels, 1. More upright backswing feel, shorter, and a slight pause at the top to set up transition. 2. For the downswing, it's just making as much turn as possible. I like this impact position here, though the shoulders are a tad closed. I am not sure the pitch of the forearms matter here? Here is lost impact at club parallel to the ground. I don't no what causes this shoulder pitch here. I feel like it just needs to be more chest and arms together continuing to turn. IDK. Current Driver Swing, 1. OVERSWING CITY!!! 2. It feel stuck at A6 to A7. Driver with the following feels, 1. SHORTER SWING! This entails feeling a shorter turn, and my hands stopping at my right ear. Just a visual in my head to set up the pause to start transition. 2. Downswing, just turn. This is really really good for me, Things that seem to work out well. 1. Slower backswings, feel a slight pause at the top to set up a good turn. 2. Downswing, I still need to figure out how to change that shoulder pitch.
  13. Played in a scramble today. Driver - struggled with controlling face to path. I had one good drive. I think I’m getting stuck. I’m either hooking or hitting big push cuts. The feel on the good swing was getting the arms down sooner. Slow backswing, pause at the top a bit, the swing the arms down more with the turn. I couldn’t do this consistently. Everything was tilting back. Irons - they were not really good. I think same issue with the driver. A lot of them were very weak swipey push cuts. I felt no body turn, hands diving left. Pitching and distance wedges - really good. I need to find some sort of feel that produces a consistent ball flight.
  14. Hmm, that is a good question... The measurement form Erie was 53ish on the good ones. The video from above is around 59ish when the club is at the same spot in the swing.
  15. I try to line up the ball with my left shoulder. Depending on the width of my stance this can change how it is positioned in relation to my lead foot.
  16. Question on where to feel the most pressure in the hands. For me, the bottom three fingers of my left hand (I am a right handed golfer) apply the most pressure to the club (support the club the most). By the calluses I get, my middle finger takes the most wear and tear. Maybe I should feel a bit more pressure in the pinky and ring finger to even it out?
  17. Probably a few times I week I may read the latest posts on the last page of the thread.
  18. High variety of grinds, loft, and other custom options with a good fitting process.
  19. There are times where I don’t trust my feet and it never turns out well.... 😜
  20. Another range session 7 iron - Current 7 iron - Practice Set up - Trying to set up a bit taller and further away from the ball. Backswing - Trying to turn with a bit more shoulder tilt to keep the ball from getting to far inside. Also trying to feel the club pause at the top of the swing to set up the timing for the downswing. Also to try to keep the club from getting floppy at the top. Downswing - Just trying to turn more flat. This is still a major struggle. I might try to feel more left shoulder back and down. Overall, for the best contact. A slower backswing, feel a slight pause at the top to control the club. Driver - Current Driver - Practice Set up - Same as 7 iron, trying to be a bit taller Backswing - Trying to pivot on a steeper shoulder pitch. Also, feeling a much slower backswing with a pause at the top to feel the club more stable. Downswing - Turn through. Still trying to work on the flatter shoulder pitch.
  21. Sounds like he’s not practicing... it’s an easy skill to learn. I should practice more. It doesn’t take me long to use the first few holes to get calibrated.
  22. I do disagree, being able to advance the ball as far as possible is the most important. A golfer is going to be relatively consistent putting. If they end up taking 2 shots to get the ball onto the green versus 3 or 4 shots, those add up way more quickly.
  23. Current Driver - DTL Practice with Driver Backswing Focus - Shorter backswing Downswing Focus - Trying to get the arms down sooner, and turn the right shoulder through more. The feels like my arms and body are creating space as I turn. I'm trying to turn staying over the ball more. Backswing Comments - I need to keep the club from continuing on past my rotation. Maybe feeling like my hands are further away from my body will help it. Overall, I like what is going on there. Downswing Comments - I like the turn. I might be a bit stuck here, so the amount of turn is necessary. I could still be a bit more bent over at impact. Shoulder pitch could be better. Current FO Driver Backswing - I like it. The swing length was good. I don't slide my hips towards the target at the top of the backswing. I like the set up position. Downswing - Not much here I can talk about. I don't analyze my FO view much.
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