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  1. Awesome swing, that driver swing is nuts. You get good extension then it just drops and the angle you have between the shaft and your arms is crazy. You must just destroy the ball. If i was you, i would keep at, we will look for you on tour in 3-4 years. I like the concepts of understanding feel rather than swing thoughs. Its better than thinking, "I need to get this club there," rather than whats the feel at the moment that lcubs there. Thats easier to represent in a golf swing, i think. Though i don't personaly care much for keeping the right arm closer to the body, its not something i grew up doing. But it works for you. I like right elbow to come off the body, were my right arm forms a 90 degree angle. If my wrist don't collapse at the top of the swing, i know i am at parallel. The pivot is tough to get, the weight transfer is very imporant. I like to feel like i am tucking my right hip back. but i wont collapse my left knee away from the ball. This stops me from turning my hips to much. But i get into a bad habit of not turning my hips and just lifting my arms. But at the top of my swing the hips are 45 degrees from the target line. THe belt buckle is a nice mental image. For feel, i like to feel that my left hip is tucking in, rotating around my spine on the downswing, maybe initiate it first before the downswing. This lets me clear my hips, for me this gets my weight over to the left side easier because then i am not sliding my hips out from other me.
  2. I guess i will let you know tomorrow, going to switch from the Gamers to either the callaway i(s or z), or the Nike Tour
  3. Looks like you got psyched out a bit. Don't worry about what the other person does, if he keeps hitting to 15 feet, he still has to make the putt. If you are inconsistant in the irons, work alot on your short game. especially pitch shots. That contact will help you win your iron game as well, getting that feel of compressing the ball. Then when you hit a chip shot to inside 2 feet, that will drive him nuts, because he now knows he has to make those 15 footers to get ahead of you. A good shortgame can conguer a good iron game. The only thing bad about that is if his putter is on. That is impossible to beat if you go up againts a guy who can drain them from anywere.
  4. The first thing i notice is that your to hunched over in the shoulders. The flex at the hip and knees look good, but the hunched over is bringing your hands to close to your body. so you are standing to close to the ball. you want to be able to draw a straight line from your tailbone to your head. With that you will find that you will probably need to stand away from the ball more to. Your swing plane looks good taking it back, I think your downswing would work its self out if you fixed your posture. I can't tell from this angle, but looks like you hang back on your right side a bit at impact. Don't worry about the backswing, if you feel like you have a full turn, then it doesn't matter if you reach parrallel. That will just throw off your timing, i would work on posture first. Is your misses either pushes right or hooks left? Also, i hope that is a plastic ball, or that truck might take a beating
  5. Well a down market is a good time to start, especially when housing and land properties are low. You can buy alot of start up materials for cheaper price than they use to be. But you might have to work hard to break even for the first few years.
  6. Wow, yeah i would agree with that. theres about 30 million golfers in the US, roughly, so that means there are 27 million who shoot over 90...
  7. my normal overlap grip, but i extend my right index finger down the grip. I take an athletic stance, normal to my short iron stance. My feet are just outside shoulder width and the ball is placed about a ball away from the inside of my left foot. I then forward press the putter to just off my left foot.
  8. "Measured. From 20 yards forward of the very back of the back teebox to the front of the green is 289.3, and to the front bunker is 284.4 yards. From this it seems you're not carrying it quite as far as you think you are. First of all, you're 800 feet above sea level. Second, you're downhill. Third, the prevailing winds are helping you. If you hit it as far as you claimed to, you'd be landing on the green and bouncing off the back. So, in reality, at sea level, you'd be hitting your good drives about 260-270 yards total, not bad, but not what you claim. Thanks for playing, better luck next time." Yeah and the Pro's constantly don't play at Sea Level as well, and they play on golf courses were the fairways are cut short, in perfect condition. I play on a golf course were the fairways are not cut like that and get less roll. We were not talking about 300 yards at sea level, no one stipulated any conditions pertaining to how i get 300 yards. 800 feet above sea level isn't that much. I wouldn't go on google earth and trust them as well if you were taking measurements. "So, you have the athletic ability to hit the center of the driver face time after time at 117 mph, but can't hit a putter even close enough to tap in? I'm not buying it." Pretty much... There was a great article by Ralph Maltby. Google search, Horizontal and Vertical Ball Impact by Handicap. This will show you the measured range in which pro's, low handicap, and high handicap people hit there puts. Even though a normal person might not notice it, but everyone hits it relatively center in the putter, but the pro's dispursion on this is insane. Its the difference between Accuracy and Precision. High handicapers are Accurate, they can get it close to the center, but Pro's are precise, they can hit that same area over and over again. Thats the difference between Pro Putting and Our putting. I know my stats right now, average putts per nine holes, 16-18. Thats a fact. Measured with ArcMap and accurated GIS information, Distance from back of tee box to front of green 315 Yards, -20, thats 295. Bring it on.. But we can nit pick on 5 yards, GPS is +/- 2 yards, i had two GPS units be off by 4 yards, split the difference. But who says i was hitting the front of the green. I was flying it onto the green, add in another 10 yards to the center of the green.
  9. Yeah its a retail store, but i was using the Prolaunch to get club head speed and ball speed. They got a virtual driving range, that gave me the distances. I don't know if there carry is on or not. Alot more factors that go into a shot. Temperature of the day, wind, humidity, ect... But, i doubt club head speed and ball speed can not be off by more than 5%... I could disregard the carry distance, but if you look at ball launch statistcs for Pro's, the longer Pro's have club head speeds of 115+ and ball speeds of 160+.. Not to mention i was using a bridgestone e7 golf ball, not the hardest ball out there. If i got a pinnacle golf ball or a top rock, i bet i could increase those a bit.
  10. I am not a range by distance guy. I got to get an exact yardage to get the club range i want, taking into consideration distance to front of green and back of green. Just they way i always played. I play with a few people who can look, pick a club, and hit it to the pin. I don't get how they do it.
  11. Eh, i don't have to pitch the ball, lets say 40 yards and in, i am pretty confident i can get it with in striking distance for the putter. But short range pitching and chipping, is not good. My best days are when i hit a ton of GIR. I get up and down maybe twice in 9 holes.
  12. As a side note to my golf ball fitting from golf galaxy, Club head speed: 117 Ball Speed: 168 Smash Factor: 1.436 Carry Distance: 297 Total Distance: 312 Launch Angle: 10 degrees off a 10.5 degree driver Like i said, my short game is mediocre at best, but one thing i am certain of, i can out drive a lot of people.
  13. Look at this, Yesterday, i shot even par. First time in about 2 years. Even par for 9 holes, i would play more but sunlight ran out and Ohio weather came through. But, i hit 7 out of 9 greens. What do you think Pro's score if they hit 78% of there greens, better than what i did on the coarse i played. So i can tell you straight up, i can shoot from couple over par to 12 or so over par with hitting the ball 300 yards. One reason, i do not one putt often, and i do not practice my short game. Want to know when i last practice chipping, at a chipping green, over 8 years ago. I took a 5 years hiadus from golf for college, got back into it about a year and a half ago. Most of my short game improvements just from playing 9 holes a week and maybe 18 on the weekends. If i decided, and i am strongly leaning towards it, practicing my short game. So i will let you know how it goes... Hopefully i can play scratch golf all year. But i tell you, i am horrible from 100 yards and in.
  14. Yeah, it takes time to fix years of wrong. Some people know how to play it that way, some like Ray want to get good so much they are constantly thinking. Well, the only way Ray will get better is if he starts hitting them better. Its hard when you have no confidence in it.
  15. Yep 250 is plenty... Most par 4's run from 350 to 450, so you are looking at 100 yards to 200 yards. Definetly with in reaching distance with any club in the bag for a 2nd shot. Though i have been beet plenty of times by others who hit it 200-220, get up near the green and get up and down 80% of the time. gets really annoying, but i am lazy about practicing my short game. Thats the beauty about golf. you don't need to bomb it to play.
  16. saevel25


    Well i am wondering about gap distances. My iron set PW is at 48 degrees, don't i want to go 52, then 56 degrees, to keep that 4 degrees difference for gap yardages.
  17. The reason i am not a scratch golfer, i usually have 35+ putts a round. I am a two putt machine. My scrambling ability is horrible.
  18. Honestly, i can count on my hand how many others i found who were able to seriously outdrive me, besides going to see the Pro's Play. One was on my highschool golf team, a few inches taller than me, but could fly the green on the first hole at Tam O'Shantern golf course in Canton, ohio. If you want proof, community golf course, Dayton, ohio. Hole 1, 328 yards from the back of the tee box. We play the Back tees in my league. Usually 10-20 yards from the back of the tee box. I hit the green, or hit the front bunker of the green.
  19. I don't because everyone else marks there ball ;b
  20. I was about to say because i find those Pro v1's on the course and i usually end up jacking them out of bounds or off to the right a bit. But that could be coincidence as well.
  21. Did you ever watch lessons with the Pro's when gary player was on. He would hit shots and then immedietly walk towards the ball. This was so he could get to his left side. Honestly once the ball is hit, it doesn't mater after the fact, if he falls over or not. But being on the back foot is not good. But i hope Ray can break 80.
  22. saevel25


    Well i don't want a 60 anymore. I don't use it. So i thought i get two 56's, one with a lower bounce and one with a higher bounce. Then i can just use one or the other depending on how the ground surface is. Higher bounces are used for soft ground, to keep the club from digging.
  23. Come on down to Dayton. Community golf course, Thursday, 4pm i will be there each week for the next 11 weeks. I am always game to win some money
  24. well let me rephrase that, thats my 2009 numbers. This year will be lower because i want to actually hit some fairways. My 295 average includes some nice pull shots as well. I think i had about 15% driving accuracy last year. This year i am tuning it back, but when i want to get after one i can easily be assured its going over 295. Just because i am 6'1" doesn't mean i can't jacked the ball. You don't have to be 6'6" to get the leverage required to do it. I play with a guy who is about same size as me, in better shape than me, who if he is on hits it 285-290. But like i say, my drives are almost full carry.
  25. saevel25


    I been wondering this. I am usually a one wedge guy, unless i am playing a tight lie were i need less bounce. my question is, i am thinking of buying a new set of wedges. My current iron set goes from 3 to PW basically. were my PW is 48 degrees. I am thinking of getting three new wedges, a 52, and two 56's. I am wondering if anyone else has ditched the lobwedge in place of two 56's. I don't realy need the lob wedge, i rarely find myself in the need for that much ups. Unless i am going out to the road hole at st. andrews.
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