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  1. I don't because everyone else marks there ball ;b
  2. I was about to say because i find those Pro v1's on the course and i usually end up jacking them out of bounds or off to the right a bit. But that could be coincidence as well.
  3. Did you ever watch lessons with the Pro's when gary player was on. He would hit shots and then immedietly walk towards the ball. This was so he could get to his left side. Honestly once the ball is hit, it doesn't mater after the fact, if he falls over or not. But being on the back foot is not good. But i hope Ray can break 80.
  4. saevel25


    Well i don't want a 60 anymore. I don't use it. So i thought i get two 56's, one with a lower bounce and one with a higher bounce. Then i can just use one or the other depending on how the ground surface is. Higher bounces are used for soft ground, to keep the club from digging.
  5. Come on down to Dayton. Community golf course, Thursday, 4pm i will be there each week for the next 11 weeks. I am always game to win some money
  6. well let me rephrase that, thats my 2009 numbers. This year will be lower because i want to actually hit some fairways. My 295 average includes some nice pull shots as well. I think i had about 15% driving accuracy last year. This year i am tuning it back, but when i want to get after one i can easily be assured its going over 295. Just because i am 6'1" doesn't mean i can't jacked the ball. You don't have to be 6'6" to get the leverage required to do it. I play with a guy who is about same size as me, in better shape than me, who if he is on hits it 285-290. But like i say, my drives are almost full carry.
  7. saevel25


    I been wondering this. I am usually a one wedge guy, unless i am playing a tight lie were i need less bounce. my question is, i am thinking of buying a new set of wedges. My current iron set goes from 3 to PW basically. were my PW is 48 degrees. I am thinking of getting three new wedges, a 52, and two 56's. I am wondering if anyone else has ditched the lobwedge in place of two 56's. I don't realy need the lob wedge, i rarely find myself in the need for that much ups. Unless i am going out to the road hole at st. andrews.
  8. Do circuit training, it will kick your butt into gear. 35 minutes of non stop movement with resistant weight training. Greg Norman recommends this form of exercise, especially if you are scraped with time. I was weight lifting for 6 months, doing cardio on off days. I get in this class, first day i am dying..
  9. Club Head Speed (Driver): 115+, Ball Speed: 165+
  10. Oh i know what 300 is. When i get up to a 400 yard hole and my golf ball is with in 2 yards of the red 100 marker, yep its 300, give or take 5 yards. Yeah most people don't know there yardage of there drive. I know my straight ball (2 yard draw) goes 300 (with roll), carries about 290 or so. My drives don't get much roll, unless 10 yard is alot of roll. That and its still spring so the courses are still a bit damp. My duck hook goes 265-270 yards. My push cut goes about 280 yards. But honestly, if i was those who think they hit it a ton, take the hole yardage and minus what you hit to the green. best way to get a guess of what you hit.
  11. Well for example, over the weekend i shot two days at 12 over par. Then i go out last night and shoot even par in a 9 hole golf league. Just one of those things. I can go and light up the course or i can shoot near my maximum, about 10-12. Usually my scorecard is a row of Pars, or bogeys. I may occassionally get a double bogey, but most of the time i am either one the par train or bogey train.
  12. I usually play the 20 dollar a dozen golf ball. Just because i use to loose a golf ball every other rounds of golf i played. I don't like loosing espensive golf balls, not to mention i am a ball hawk on the golf course, nothing better than finding a Pro V1, perfect condition. Then getting to loose it in the water on the next hole. But i am curious, those who switched to a premium ball, do you find a difference. I am a 5-10 handicap depending on the day. Sometimes better. I think my game could benefit from going from the 20 dollar golf ball to a 40 dollar one. I am starting to develop more of a feel because of better ball striking. I am curious, for those who are around my handicap, or those who had a significant benefit to there game from going to a premium ball, your opinions on this would be welcome.
  13. Just played with a golfer on friday. Shot in the 90's, hits the ball 270+ easy. To hit a 300 yard drive, you must have a athletic swing. You must make some sort of square contact. I have never scene a hook or a slice travel over 300 yards, unless you catch ESPN long drive, but there slice is probably a fade for them. For me, i usually hit the center of the driver 80% of the time, if i do miss it, its towards the bottome of the driver were i will thin it a bit. My biggest miss is the duck hook, i hate it with a passion. I am 6'1" tall, 225lbs, my driving average is 295 carry. But i contribute this to solid contact and a solid swing. though i do credit lifting weights and gaining flexibility as a major key. Last year i would have to swing harder to get this distance. I worked out so i could swing not as hard.
  14. Do you know what your common miss is. Most golfers its short. most of the time we record a yardage we hit as our maximum with that club.
  15. I wouldn't do any static streches, ones were you hold the stretch. Balance yourself with a club. Lift one leg up and swing it side to side and front to back, to loosen up the hips. Arm circles, swing your arms in big circles, then go opposite direction. Hold your arms out straight to the side and rotate your hands palms up to palms down. This will get your triceps, biceps and shoulder rotators. For the back, i like to take my golf stance with out a club. let your arms hang. Then keeping one arm down, rotate around your spine and lift the other arm straight in the air.
  16. Depends on the hole. Dog legs, i like to tee up on the side opposite the direction in which the dogleg beds, to give my self the best shot at the corner. I like to tee up on side of the tee boxes that give me the best angle to the pin, on par 3's. If there is water, i tend to tee up on the side in which the trouble is, then i can play more away from it. If its pretty simple hole, no trouble. I will hit from the left side of the tee box with a draw, and the right side of the tee box for a fade. This way i am taking the ball out over the fairway and back in. If it doesn't cut or draw as much i will be on the edge of the fairway.
  17. Yep, i was lucky yesterday on one of the par 3's. I missed it short, scalded my chip shot, but got up and down for boggie. Honestly, if your are not comfortable hitting pitch shots or your driver, hit something more lofted and give yourself a full iron into the green. If you need to lay up to were you feel comfortable. This will stabalize your game until you are able to develop more consistancy in your game. Because it will be hard to advance your game to the next level with out making alot of GIR's, unless you develop a godly short game.
  18. Sounds like your swing path is to far from the inside, my guess. Go see someone who can video tape your swing.
  19. I will give a person maybe one or two accidentals. If i am out there and he is behind me pushing me, gets one shot to come close. I will move one, it happens again, i will let him know not to do it. If it happens one more time, his golf ball will accidenlty find it self about 100 yards shorter than it would normally be.
  20. I worked with my cousin over the weekend. He had a good swing plane, and all i did was get him to get to his front foot through tbe backswing, he was striping the ball 270+ down the middle. Its amazing what you can do with a proper weight shift. I had the same issue, good swing plane, bad weight shift. I suffered from hooking the ball, my hands rotated through. I got my weight shift right, i am launching the ball down the middle. If hank only concerns himself with swing plane, then he isn't that impressive of a teacher.
  21. The only gimmies i get are if i already am over double boggie for the hole. kinda get the mercy rule for gimmies there. Or if its a foot or in. Other than that. If its leauge, and they give me a putt. We count it, but i still putt out, i just say its practice and a habit. Most understand.
  22. Short down hill par 4, i was trying to reach the green, but pushed my drive way right and short of the green. Had about 50 yards, hit the pitch shot kinda fat and bounced it off the cart path and about 15 feet short of the hole.
  23. Shot 36 (par 36) for 9 holes... 7 GIR 3 FIR (not a very tight coarse) 16 putts Only bad hole was a 166 downhill par three, I under clubed 1. Just a mental mistake. Scalded my chip shot, then got up and down for my bogey by making a 15 foot putt. No pressure ;b The best shot was a fat 60 yard that bounced on the cart path and rolled to 15 feet below the pin. One of those lucky nights
  24. Just shot even par yesterday. 1 birdie, 1 bogey, 7 pars. It was a very solid round. But you do get to a point wondering if this can last. But when it came to the shot at hand, i was really concentrated on that shot alone.
  25. Yep perfect concept of putting to much stress on you. But what you need to do is recognize that situation. If it happens again, ingrain that feeling into your mind, so you can no know not to do it. I did the opposite, i was shooting the best round of my life. On the last hole i knew what i wanted to do. I was so nervous, because i wanted to finish strong. I was able to stripe a drive down the middle of the fairway. Hit a wedge to 10 feet. Then make a straight downhill putt for birdie. it was the most exciting three shots of my life. But i remember the feeling of it, which i use when i need to make a crucial putt. I also know the feeling of the tension of wanting to make those putts. Thats why i believe in taking a few deep breaths and letting the tension go out. Maybe before you line up to the putt, just grip the putter and give your arms a few pumps to loosen up the muscles. Or practice meditation, rythm breathing.
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