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    NCAA Football 2019

    OSU has a 17th remaining SOS. OU has a 24th remaining SOS. Alabama has a 41st, Clemson has a 72nd (garbage). Sagarin keeps his rankings up to date. His calculations would always hammer OSU back in the Tressel era for weak scheduling http://sagarin.com/sports/cfsend.htm OSU has a better SOS than all but one of the top 10 teams. You mean two years ago? Who is still on that team the played in that game? What can you say about the year before that when OSU went into OU's stadium and crush them. Can we go three years back? That argument I garbage in college football. Rankings should be based on week to week, not what they did last year. You are not even considering how dominate OSU was over those teams. OSU put up more points in one quarter against MSU than they allowed on average all year! One QUARTER!. Your argument is similar to Jack being better than Tiger. You are not even taking into account how dominant they have been. Also, their schedule stacks up with every other team in the top 10.
  2. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    The advanced analytics say your wrong. Check out ESPN FPI, and Bill Connelly’s S/P+. also, they’ve played just as though or tougher schedule than Alabama or Clemson.
  3. I've been looking for a pair of gym shoes for a while now. My pair of Sensei shoes have like no tread left on them. I want on a whim and ordered a pair of these shoes, Men's Lightweight Minimalist Running Fitness Shoe - Xero Shoes Your new favorite lightweight minimalist shoe for everything you do -- run, work out, stroll, Crossfit... you name it... Check it out here > So far, I am very impressed with the shoe. They have a lot of the what made the Sensei shoe great as a non-golf shoe. Very flexible, zero drop, wide in the toe of the shoe, and lightweight. Right out of the box I went to the gym, ran on the treadmill and had no issues. the only thing now is to wait and see how long they last.
  4. I don't. Don't be complacent. Double check everything. Easy enough. I bet she doesn't make that mistake ever again. How many times do you end up doing something wrong and have to live with the consequences. Then you don't really do that again. We shouldn't just jump on the legislation bandwagon because it seems unfair. Because, it isn't unfair.
  5. I had a 15' putt end up going 60 yards down a hill once. The green was a three tier green. If the pin is in the middle tier and you hit it to the back tier you can't stop the ball from going off the green unless it hits the pin. Then there is about a 60 yard steep slope infront of the green. Fun times!
  6. I wish i bought a few extra pairs of the Sensei shoes. I loved that shoe for everyday wear and working out. I like the True Major, it's a super comfortable shoe. Right now, I wear the Knit shoes the most.
  7. What do you search in google to get those results! Joking! 😉
  8. Excuses - Been kinda lazy over the past month. Work has been been a bit hectic. I got sick for about 1-1.5 weeks. I've been trying to be more active in working out. I could still do 5-minutes of stuff inside more often
  9. saevel25

    Back at It!

    After working out today I remembered this blog and decided to post an update. My goal remains the same, get down to 190. Today was the first time in months that I did a proper workout. I took it easy because injury will just delay progress. Right now I’m building up my stamina and strength again. Today’s workout - Ran / Walked for 30 minutes to warm up. Did two circuits of squats, pushups, shoulder raises, and planks. Thoughts - I’m glad I pushed through for a 2nd run circuit in my warm up. The first run iteration was tough. Going forward - I want to post once a week with an update. Nutrition Goals - lots of veggies, good proteins, good fats, limit dairy and processed carbs. Fast 14-16 hours a day.
  10. If you want to explore everything, the game is massive. If you want to just push through the four divine beasts and go after Gannon, then you can beat the game in a few days. The ability to climb was a game changer for the Zelda franchise.
  11. This is something that took me a while to learn actually helps out a lot. I can probably hit up to a six iron easy and not be concerned with too low of a trajectory. That’s a good list.
  12. I like it because you could throw in some sort of handicap game. Yea, if you have a bad day you definitely are going to pay up...
  13. Yea, I pull the pin on anything inside of 5-FT.
  14. I recommend this book, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004VSQKWE/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1 It takes a look at a different way to strengthen the core. They go on to define the core as not just the abdominal muscles, but includes the entire lower torso (including the back). It's a lot of static posture holding to engage the muscles and strengthen muscles that might be deactivated due to bad posture. Heck, by the age of 35, 30% of people have some form of degenerative disk disease. Degenerative Disc Disease – The Spine Hospital at The Neurological Institute of New York When your nerves get compressed they will cause the muscles around them to spasm and tighten up to protect the area. I've recently had an x-ray done that showed my neck almost had a slight curve in the wrong direction. My mid back is not in good shape. I've been trying to work on my posture a lot and going to start doing more exercises to strengthen weakened muscles that are disengaged due to my life of poor posture.
  15. I didn't have one putt this year were I thought the pin cost me.
  16. I'll play 18 when I am not playing in league, but this time of year I play 9 holes in the evening more often than playing 18.
  17. I am currently listening to Range - Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein. The book is about how hyper specialization does not actually correlate to an advantage over someone who has a more generalized skill set. The areas of learning music and sports is hit on heavily due to the assumption that you need to start them early on one instrument/sport to make them succeed. Example, they have found that the most successful students of music are those who learned 3-4 instruments growing up, not focused into one. Also, with athletes, multi-sports athletes tend to perform better than those who are focused in one area. I remember Urban Meyer saying he goes after kids who were multi-sport athletes to play at Ohio State. So far an interesting book.
  18. Messing around with the exposure settings for night shots. No exposure, 10 seconds, 3 seconds. The no exposure looks much better than the IPhone X.
  19. I agree... PGA Tour players average mid-irons into greens. IF that is good enough for them it should be good enough for amateurs. So play a course length that fits that.
  20. Please embed using Youtube, Thanks!
  21. DTL - you need to be mindful of your camera angles. The camera should be about thigh high and just outside your toe line. Your right elbow gets too far behind your body. You have to reroute the club out and over the top. I would work on syncing up your turn rates in your backswing (open the hips sooner). Also, try to get the hands more out in front of you.
  22. Lots of sand - You have to be the most precise with your contact point. I almost feel like I want to pick the ball clean. Right amount of sand - You got more leeway. I play this like a normal pitch shot. I try to hit the sand about half an inch behind the ball. Little sand - I just assume the ball will come out a bit lower with more spin and make the adjustment on landing point. I tend to hit it like a normal bunker shot.
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