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  1. Played 18 today. The swing feels that worked really well today for me for my irons. Backswing - 3/4 feel, hands not as deep, slightly earlier hip turn Downswing to Finish - Turn chest toward target and keep arms extended. Feel like I am holding the face open slightly more. With a fast turn rate the shot goes about 85%. With slower turn rates I can take it down to 75% I used this all day to just hit very controlled shots towards the green. It felt like the ball would do much of anything but go towards my target.
  2. I am upgrading to the Iphone 11 Pro. I can't pass up the $400 trade in for my Iphone X.
  3. Stretch more. I doubt you bulked up enough that it would impact your ability to make the golf swing. It's more likely you are training your body to move in a weight lifting way and lost flexibility in the golf swing movements.
  4. It all depends on the golfer, but I suspect golfers who swing harder like more swing weight.
  5. Why is CP not as good with modern equipment? Isn’t modern equipment designed to help the steep swinging slicer?
  6. You'd be 100% wrong. Again, your angle is for everyone to agree with you or they are attacking.
  7. My initial thought was the same. His first two paragraphs were just him framing the game to allow him to claim the following, Everyone's counter comments are nothing more than ego driven opinions and should be discounted. It's not worth playing his game.
  8. You’d be surprised how the body will develop its balance. Example, When you switch from normal shoes to minimalist shoes you notice the change immediately. After a small amount of time you don’t even realize they are a different shoe.
  9. Experiment and see what feels most comfortable and lets you make a consistent putting stroke.
  10. I would like to see him versus Keopka head to head when both their games are on point.
  11. Probably, but I’m always for supporting this forum. 👍
  12. If it keeps the golfer in the right state of mind during the tournament then so be it. 😛 Probably varies greatly.
  13. Their clubs are a bit more expensive for their standard options. You can find 2-3 blade irons that are cheaper than Mizuno. They are making up their cost there probably. Not true. Branding matters a lot. Apple doesn't charges the cheapest phone out there. They price their phone were it hits their expectations. People do not always go with the cheaper option. They did studies on people who buy cars and found they don't buy the cheapest. There is a sort of pride in owning a good car. So people will buy a car that fits their narrative they want to tell.
  14. It's not cognitive dissonance. No one is having inconsistent thoughts or beliefs here. We have formed opinions based on statistical facts. Also, most golfers who go to the driving don't actually work on anything other than clubface control to path. They try to hit ball after ball until they hit some good shots in the row. They are not actually working on their swing path, but just working on clubface timing. In the end, the stats are the stats. Here is a table from Mark Broadie's research. It shows shots saved or lost versus a scratch golfer over 18 holes. Full swing has the biggest impact on the golf game. You can take a golfer who shoots 100, give them the short game and putting of a PGA Tour player and they would only lose 13 strokes off their score (Am 3 to Pro2). You give them a Pro2 long game and keep the rest of their game at A3 and they will lose 22 strokes! No one is saying don't work on your short game or putting. They can be a glaring weakness. If you are hitting 50% of your GIR, and you blade and duff short game shots, then go work on your short game. If you 3 putt every hole then go work on your putting. When you hit 10% of your GIR, go get a lesson and work properly on your long game. Course management is easy, advance the ball as far as possible towards the hole taking into account hazards based on how good you hit the ball. If you spray the ball all over the place then take the correct action in adjusting your target. It maybe the best option is having a 50FT putt or chip versus having your ball end up in a bunker or water hazard. It's pretty easy to remember. Just be ready to accept that a good percentage of your shots may end up in the rough. Ending up in the rough could be considered a good result depending on the hole and how much you spray the ball.
  15. This is not a golf problem, it's the person who gets upset about a collared shirt problem. Honestly, wearing a collared shirt is one of the most insignificant things to get upset about. Why waste the energy in allowing yourself to get upset at such a trivial thing. ^this Dress codes are apart of human culture. It's not something to get upset about. Golf isn't struggling due to the dress code.
  16. https://bnc.lt/yzOb/bqzT64OnKZ Not bad for not playing in 2 weeks. Struggled with a hook on the first two holes. Then I went with the swing feel of my arms and body turning together from A7 to finish. I was hitting a nice slight pull cut to straight cut off the tee. Overall, very pleased with the ball striking. The short game was pretty good. The feel is keeping the right elbow and right hand near my side more. My feel for hinging more. Contact was really good. Distance control will come more with practice.
  17. I hardly every (like once a quarter) remember dreams. I wear an OURA ring now, and I found that I have less than 20% REM Sleep (usually under 1 hour of my total sleep time). This is marked as not good, but my overall sleep efficiency is usually good. I get a ton of deep sleep. I have to say my weirdest dream is when I worked in Wooster during summer break in college. I had a dream that a tornado was ripping through the city, and then the earth opened up and I was falling down it with a lot of rocks falling around me.
  18. Strategy - Advance the ball the furthest taking into account your shot zone and hazards. This would include taking acceptable risk on shots. Approaches into the green - Anything outside 80 yards, aim at the center of the green with consideration of hazards. Then you may need to shift the target more away from the hazard. No one said that. Don't jump to the extreme. Putting and scrambling have less overall value impact on scoring compared to the long game. In the end, the long game will provide the biggest bang for your buck so to speak. If either of the two are glaring weaknesses then you can work on them with more of your time, but they also take less time and overall difficulty to achieve adequate skill level versus the long game. I contend that if you struggle that bad then you are still as likely to flub the iron/hybrid off the tee. I hardly every see that in league play. In just a casual round with friends it may happen more often. But then, you may care more about beating your friends versus shooting your best round.
  19. In general, get good instruction and work on your overall swing. It's the most reliable way to lower your score. Accuracy and Distance are linked together. Better golfers hit the ball further and straighter. Also, that amount of distance loss has a big impact on your score. You are not guaranteed not to hit a really bad shot with that 180 club. Also, how many times do you actually hit the ball into the bushes? If it's once or twice a round it's not worth hitting the 180 club. Check out some of the pitching threads on this forum. Proper pitching technique gives you a lot more leeway against blading and duffing your chips.
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