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  1. I had my first night of league today. The back felt good. I ended up shooting a 42. I started off playing adventure golf. I could not hit a punch shot with my 5 iron. After my body finally found out how to swing again, things started going better. Pitching was surprisingly good. Putting was decent. Overall, not complaining about hitting mostly decent shots on the back 2/3rds of the round. My last drive of the 9 was really good. For the full swing, my preshot routine was doing the left arm only backswing drill. Then taking one more practice swing to feel like I was hitting that spot in the backswing. Then just focusing on hitting that spot in the backswing.
  2. Hard to say what is going on with you with out seeing your swing. I recommend starting a My Swing Thread. Video a down the line view, and a face on view and post it. Also, it is easy to get in a rhythm on the range. You can hit 100 drives in 15 minutes. You hit 14 drives over 4 hours. You have a wide open range versus hazards on the course. I am weary in saying it is mental, though the fear/anxiety makes me think some part of it is. If you are struggling with fear/anxiety then you need to change how your conscious mind reacts to the subconscious fear/anxiety. No one really stands there an consciously chooses to be anxious or fearful. I don't know of any sort of tips or tricks for this. I've read up on meditation and mindfulness. That sort of avenue would be to come back to the breath when you start feeling fear or anxiety. Try to explore them in the present. Maybe this perspective will change how you think about things. Anxiety and fear come from the same area of the brain as excitement. So, there are two people who are getting on a roller-coaster. The first person is scared, and the 2nd person is excited. The difference is perspective, the story their brain is telling them about this situation. So, you need to change the story you are telling yourself.
  3. If the swing felt good good, then I would aim with a shot zone between the three bunkers. There is a nice sized shot zone area there that is about 45 yards wide. If not, then hit a club that can not reach the first bunker on the left and try to get it down the left half of the fairway.
  4. Added myself to this challenge.
  5. The only clubs that use to change for me would be taking out a hybrid for a driving iron or a 5-wood. Besides that, everything else stays in the bag. Now that I don't have a driving iron or 5-wood anymore, nothing changes 😉 I would bet majority of golfers don't change out clubs for a perceived strategic advantage.
  6. Golf Swing Circa May 2020, Face On View, I could keep the left arm straighter. This would keep the swing shorter. I like the set up, I like the length of the backswing. I like the position at A4. I got the flip and roll the wrist over move going through impact. DTL View, I like the backswing of the 2nd video a lot. I like a lot of the downswing stuff. I think I just need to keep my turn rates up a lot more. DTL Driver, The driver I was trying to keep the swing shorter.... 😉 I know what I need to work on, lol.
  7. I might do that anyways, so not a big deal to get stressed out about a double bogey. I am not a fan of allowing 5% of the round to dictate my entire round.
  8. This was really enjoyable. I think the alternate shot was the best decision.
  9. I've been continuing with some of the COVID-19 videos. The list of the videos I work through are - #1, #5, #16, #20
  10. They were still in the atmosphere of the planet. Which Kilo shows has oxygen... So not Space Horses 😉
  11. The thing I noticed is how he flipped the logic to the inverse so easily. It was crazy to see him work through that puzzle with such ease.
  12. That was enjoyable to watch.
  13. Rory's putt was closer, so his was probably an easier putt. Knowing a Donald Ross green, he probably had the easier putt ;).
  14. I wonder if alternate shot would have been more interesting.
  15. Isn't the LPGA a totally different organization that the PGA? I would be for the LPGA doing their own event like this.
  16. Yep, I know of one course that has installed a credit card reader outside. So it's either prepay online or use the credit card reader.
  17. I tend to prefer 9-ball. Just a faster game. If there are three people we'll play cut throat. If we have four then we do 8-ball with teams.
  18. Fair, but it's not that big of a deal to have a better habit of cleaning your house ;). On the plus side, a lot of people will not be contracting other illnesses from bacterial sources. Which hasn't shown to be false either. I agree, the probability is low. Every instance is not a binary situation. It's all about what people's risk aversion is for this sort of thing. At least in Ohio, it has always been around flattening the curve. That is why after our projected peak we are moving forward with systematically opening businesses.
  19. Actually, I believe you are wrong. The article is primarily about airborn transmission. The article does say this, Also this,
  20. I already bought myself a pair of the OG-FEEL shoes. I got the grey with the brown and black leather. I am not a fan of the Lux Pro look. I don't like how the leather is laid out. If the Lux Knit didn't have the heel drop I would probably get a pair of them. I still might.
  21. Maybe it has to do more with age, but the #1 pre-existing condition is hypertension (per the letter). Nearly 103 million people have hypertension.
  22. saevel25

    The Last Dance

    They have all been really good. #7 and #8 really delve into the more personal areas of MJ's life when he retired and his comeback. My favorite parts is just watch former players who know him and cringe when someone does something that will set MJ off. You just know that he's going to drop 35-50 on you the next night.
  23. saevel25

    The Last Dance

    Anyone else watching this series? I've found it very enjoyable. I love seeing behind the curtain.
  24. Not sure how relatable it is. Joe Rogan interviewed a chef from a high end steak restaurant in LA. He said his business is down 85% in terms of the quantity of food they sell. He had to let go of 90% of their staff. He also said that he is not paying his rent during the crisis as a way to keep things afloat right now.
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