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  1. saevel25
    After working out today I remembered this blog and decided to post an update. 
    My goal remains the same, get down to 190. 
    Today was the first time in months that I did a proper workout. I took it easy because injury will just delay progress. Right now I’m building up my stamina and strength again. 
    Today’s workout - Ran / Walked for 30 minutes to warm up. Did two circuits of  squats, pushups, shoulder raises, and planks. 
    Thoughts - I’m glad I pushed through for a 2nd run circuit in my warm up. The first run iteration was tough. 
    Going forward - I want to post once a week with an update. 
    Nutrition Goals - lots of veggies, good proteins, good fats, limit dairy and processed carbs. Fast 14-16 hours a day. 
  2. saevel25
    It has been a while since I've looked at my Game Golf stats. Here is a run down. 
    Strokes Gained versus Scratch (Future Goal) and versus 5-handicap (current)
    The major area of concern is my Short Game and Putting. I will say the downfall of Game Golf's strokes gained is that it doesn't take into account if you are behind a tree or in a difficult approach shot situation. I would suspect the "Off The Tee" stat is a tad higher, and the Approach is a tad lower. I had a situation the other evening where I hit a drive that put me on an uphill lie, about 25 yards behind a beat up pine tree, about 145 yards from the green. I proceeded to destroy a lower tree limb and my ball went only about 30 yards forward of the tree and to the right. I believe Game Golf puts that as strokes lost on the approach shot not the tee shot. The change might be a small number depending on how often you end up in a bad spot. 

    Approach Shot Charts 
    Game Golf's "Approach the Green" insight page shows percentage of shots that end up with in 15 yards of the pin. I kinda wish they allowed you to change that 15 yard number. Then I could get my average leave from the pin based on yardage from the pin. I took my stats from Game Golf and plugged them into excel. 
    The 125-175 being above 60% pretty solid. The drop off from 125-150 to 100-125 is concerning. 70% of the time from 50-75 yards is probably not that good. I need to really work on my feel with my wedge shots at all distances.
    As shown below I do not miss that 15 yard circle on the short side often. As the yardages get closer to the pin the more often I miss the shot long.  
    I find that I rarely miss a shot towards the left side of the green. I find that the longer the club the more rightward I will end up. Maybe the lie angles are off for me? Though i just had those checked a few months ago.  I wonder if it's related to over-swinging as well. I do need to start adjusting my aim now on my irons. It could be I am expecting more draw based results when I am hitting more fades now as well. It might be time to look at my shot zones as well. Even with missing the ball more rightward then leftward I still get the ball with in 15 yards over 60% of the time from 125-175 yards. 
    Shots with in 75 yards are compared at a 5 yard circle from the pin. From 25-50 yards I only get the ball with in 5 yards 33% of the time. From 0-25 yards I get the ball inside 5 yards 93% of the time. Clearly my short game is a struggle. 
    1. I need to work on my distance control with the shorter irons and wedges. The miss right and miss left are not high compared to the miss long. 
    2. I need to adjust my shot zones for my mid and long irons.  

    Driver Stats
    Here are my driving stats. 32% fairway is not a good number, but on most courses it's serviceable with how far I hit the ball. Rough has never been a big problem for me. I equally miss the ball left and right. Its' pretty much equal probability the ball will go left, fairway, or right. I really would like to take one side of the course out of play. I would really like to get near 50% FIR sometime. I would like to change from the 33% across the board to something like 10% Left, 50% Fairway, 40% right. With right not being off the course right. 
    I hope this helped those who have Game Golf in a way they can look into trends of their own game. Hopefully others will look at Game Golf in the future as a tool that could hep their game. 
  3. saevel25
    Just checking in. It's been a while. 
    I weighed myself this morning and I'm at 227. Which might be considered a victory over the Holidays. 😏
    Time to get back into working towards my goal. I'm going to push for it even though it's now a pretty aggressive goal. 
  4. saevel25
    Just a quick update, good news, I am down to 224 lbs. That is about 8 lbs of weight loss from when I started at 232. I got 34 lbs to go. Time to step it up a bit. I want to make it through the holidays unscathed ;) 
    I think it's a good time to set up an intermediate goal. I am going to go 2 weeks without have bad food when I go out to eat. I also want to work out at least 4 times a week. 
  5. saevel25
    The last 4 days have not been the best. Just looking at the calories per day, not near where I want it to be. I need to get back on track eating less food. 

  6. saevel25
    It's Not a Diet it's a Life Change
    I think this is a big key. I am not saying upend your whole life about this. Though in some cases people need to do that if they want to get away from morbid obesity. To lose weight and keep it off you need to not consider it a diet, but a lifestyle change. The primary reason being that diets are temporary. No one goes on a lifelong diet. This sort of thinking gives what you are doing meaning and staying power. 

    Primarily why diets typically fail is because they are temporary. They are typically extreme measures people take thinking they can lose the weight fast and "hopefully" keep it off. When in fact their bodies are already preconditioned to oppose this action. Diets are OK if you want to fit in a smaller clothing size for an event like a wedding. The reason why diets fail is Leptin. As one doctor calls it, "Leptin is our starvation hormone".

    "Leptin tells your brain that you have enough energy stored in your fat cells to engage in normal, relatively expensive metabolic processes," he says. "In other words, when leptin levels are at a certain threshold -- for each person, it's probably genetically set -- when your leptin level is above that threshold, your brain senses that you have energy sufficiency, which means you can burn energy at a normal rate, eat food at a normal amount, engage in exercise at a normal rate, and you can engage in expensive processes, like puberty and pregnancy"

    So what does Leptin do when it senses you are starving. It tells the brain to activate a nerve in your body that controls hunger. If you extreme diet, you are more likely to want to eat more so you can go back to your Leptin balance point. If you are fat for a long time you have set your leptin levels to a certain level. This means your body wants to stay at that level, and revert back to that level. Also the body can become Leptin Resistant as well. Which is very similar to Insulin Resistance. 

    So the question is how do you change that level? You need to stay at a lower fat level for an extended period of time so your body can be acclimated to that level. You need to do this in a non-extreme way to not shock your system. This is why I say you need to make a lifestyle change in how you eat and how active you are. 

    So what are some tips for this?

    Learn to cook. Seriously, learn to cook. If you cook you are your own quality control. It also forces you to buy healthier non-processed foods. If you want to learn to cook then recommend reading this book,

    I'm Just Here for the Food: Food + Heat = Cooking, By Alton Brown. The primary reason Alton Brown says people fail at cooking is because they don't understand heat, and how to apply heat correctly. I tend to agree. Also people are just lazy. 

    There is a ton of resources online to learn the basics of cooking. It's very hard in modern times to eat out healthy. Also cooking is cheaper. 

    Stay away from processed foods. Food companies that make highly processed foods have food engineers that design these foods for people to crave. Carb + Fat + Additives = very satisfying to eat. Studies has shown that sugar activates pleasure receptors in your brain similar to cocaine.

    Here are some great articles on why we eat. The guy who runs this website is a obesity researcher and neurobiologist. 
    1. http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2012/10/why-do-we-eat-neurobiological.html
    2. http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2012/10/why-do-we-eat-neurobiological_13.html
    3. http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2012/11/why-do-we-eat-neurobiological.html
    4. http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2012/11/why-do-we-eat-neurobiological_17.html
    5. http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2012/11/why-do-we-eat-neurobiological_27.html
    6. http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2012/12/why-do-we-eat-neurobiological.html
    7. http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2013/01/why-do-we-eat-neurobiological.html
    8. http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2013/02/why-do-we-eat-neurobiological.html

    Track what you eat. This is VERY IMPORTANT. I would bet people highly underestimate the amount of calories they eat per day. Even for me who has done this before. I think I am eating OK when I am not. 

    With modern food, a lot of what we eat is very calorie dense. To eat 1500 calories of broccoli you would need to eat about 9.6 lbs of broccoli. Go to Wendy's and get a #2 Medium Size with a Coke and you hit 1570 calories. Just saying you can get more bang for your buck if you learn to eat less processed foods.

    Another issue is access to food. Nuts are a dangerous food now. Not because of their nutritional bad for you, though they a calorie dense. It is because they are readily available due to modern cultivation and collection. If you had to go out in nature and collect nuts and then break them open to get a small edible part you wouldn't eat as many as you would if you just reach your hand into a container. Nuts are good for you in small moderation. 

    The difference between our ancestors and today in why today promotes eating food over balance,

    *image from http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2013/02/why-do-we-eat-neurobiological.html

    Today the scale is tilted way towards promoting eating. It just means we have that much more of an uphill battle to climb to eat healthy. 

    For me the big ones are;
    1. Effort/Resource Cost, how readily available food is.
    2. Cognitive Restraint, eating due to emotions.
    2. Reward/Palatability, food is designed for people to want to eat a lot. 

    Become more active. Exercising changes your body for the better. When you are active you change the energy homeostasis system of your body. Your body fat levels decrease. Your muscle levels increase. Your energy level required increases. You are telling your body you require different eating habits than before. Alton Brown mentioned this on a podcast interview. When he lost his fat and gained muscle he started craving different foods than before. Your body wants to eat things to support what you are doing. 

    Find your negative triggers. This goes into things like emotions. When you get stressed do you eat more? When you are feeling negative emotions you want something that makes you feel better. As I stated above, modern designed foods with high levels of sugars and fat feed your pleasure centers in your brain. People tend to eat calorie dense, very palatable foods. 

    From the American Psychological Association, 43% of Americans overeat when stressed. If you know you eat when you get stressed then don't keep a horde of food you are going to be tempted to eat. Also find a different way to channel your stress. Take up exercise. Studies have shown people release Dopamine after exercising. 

    Find the cravings you can live with and without. Everyone has their few things they can't live with out, but don't need to eat every day. I have a few. One is Pizza. I can go months with out eating pizza. Things like candy bars, I can go months having a candy bar a day. That is not good. Find out what you have to get rid of, but also find what you can keep. This way you can always reward yourself with that one or two things after going a long stretch of eating healthy. This is a good way to create a system where you reward good eating habits. Hey, if I eat healthy for the month on the last day I get to go out and have a pizza. You start training yourself that you get to have a thing you really like when you eat healthier. 

    Don't go extreme for a long time. Don't do a massive calorie deficit for a long time. You are just asking to end up binge eating and rebounding backwards from all the success you had during that time. It's OK to go extreme at the start of you are very obese. Some people just need to lose weight quickly for health reasons. They need to couple that with a lifestyle change for the long run. If you are just overweight, then set a sustainable goal and work your way towards it. You don't need to hit your numbers every day on the number. 

    Find out if you can handle carbs. Some people just don't handle carbs well. If you don't then maybe a more Paleo lifestyle is more in your area. This goes to finding out what works for you in the long run. I recommend people at more protein. It keeps you full longer. 

    Don't weight yourself every day. First this is just a stupid idea. Water weight can fluctuate greatly daily. If you eat a lot of carbs one day you can increase water weight. I weight myself after having a semi-bad weekend eating and then 3 days later. I was 5 lbs lighter because I wasn't bloated from eating all those bad food. I recommend weighting yourself every 2-weeks. This way you are not chasing gains by doing extreme dieting.

    I also recommend weighting yourself the same time after some same conditions. I try to weight myself after a few days of eating healthy and always in the morning before eating. This way I try to weed out some variables like variance a bit. 

    Here are a few things that can cause a increase in weight not associated with fat gain;
    1. Sodium intake. More sodium equals more water retention. 
    2. Glycogen storage. More glycogen stored in the body equals more water retention. 

    This is why when you have a day of eating highly processed foods you can feel bloated and weight a lot more than what you did the day previously.  

    I think that covers most of what I wanted to talk about. Later! 
  7. saevel25
    Just an update on my neck first. It's getting better. There's less pain now. Really it's mostly just infrequent discomfort. 

    Typically I like to update on Tuesdays. Here is my last 7 days calories consumed. 

    I haven't done much exercising since I've been at an Engineering Conference the past two days. I at least was able to walk around for 30-40 minutes a few times during the conference when we had breaks to go look at the sponsor booths. 

    I need to cut out about 300 calories from my daily intake. 

    Besides that I like the process I've been doing. On my scale at home I had an initial weight in at 232 lbs. I am at 226 lbs now. I know my calorie range is at least at a decent deficit right now. 

    I am going to get back on the work out train here. 
  8. saevel25
    I was working out today and I started to feel my upper back, more towards the center of the upper back, just inside my upper right shoulder blade get tight. Now it's very tight. I didn't hear a pop or felt a pop. So it isn't a tendon, ligament or muscle tear. I wasn't doing any heavy lifting. I think its more of a pinched nerve. 

    The pain is more associated with the movement of my head. If I turn to the left I get no pain. I have limited movement and some pain (level 4-5) turning my head to the right. I have the same pain when bending my head forward or tilting it backwards. There very little pain when I move my shoulders or retract my shoulder blades. 

    I am going to RICE it up a bit. Get the ice and heat going, pop some Alieve and see if this goes away quickly. Luckily it doesn't hurt when making a backswing :). 
    This probably has to do with my poor posture habits. 

  9. saevel25
    I probably still could lower my calorie intake a bit, but it's still a deficit. 

    Here is my activity level for the week. I try to get at least 4-5 days of working out or going out to golf. I'm still trying to get back into the swing of working out. I am able to run much better now. Also my muscles don't want to kill me after lifting weights. I think it's time to start putting together a weight lifting routine to add to this blog.

  10. saevel25
    Just wanted to give this weekly update. Here are some numbers from MyFitnessPal

    My Average Net Calories is 2250. 
    My average Calorie intake was 2400
    I like the Carb intake level. I think I can lower the fat and increase the protein. I could probably lower some of the calorie intake as well by a few hundred. My activity level will be increasing now that I don't feel pain in my legs. #RECOVERY!! 

    Overall a good first week. Going to look to improve on these. I want to get the calorie intake down around 2200. 

  11. saevel25
    Yep, legs are still sore. I figured as much. Today I just went down during lunch and stretched in the workout room. About 30 minutes. I plan on doing another round of stretching this evening. I plan on getting back to working out tomorrow. At least I can get on the treadmill for some incline HIIT even it's light jogging. 
    Today's Food
    Still could eat a tad less, but not bad. 

    Today's Workout
    Stretching = 90 calories burned

  12. saevel25
    Food Totals for the day

    To those who don't know this website, MyFitnessPal.com is an amazing tool for those who want to keep track of what they eat. The database it has is very extensive and you can add stuff in. You can also add in recipes you might use a lot so you don't have to keep trying to add everything again. Maybe you eat the same breakfast 4 days a week. Just create that as it's own recipe. 
    Today I did well. I am thinking of dumping the bagel in the morning. My main goal is to keep my foot intake from the morning and lunch to about 900-1200. At work food is less likely to be available. So hitting that range helps make sure I don't do something like 1800 by lunch then I am really tight in the evening. 

    Today I destroyed my legs. Just a lot of bodyweight leg stuff in circuit. I should not have done that last set of walking lunges. Right my hip adductors are pissed off at me. My quads are pretty much toast. Moving slowly and relaxing tonight will be nice. I did about 30 minutes of circuit stuff. Going through leg work out to some upper body sets. Mixed in some planks and bosu ball crunches. Throw in the typical stretch routine and call it a day. I would say I was a tad under my 1000 deficit I wanted. 

  13. saevel25
    It's Monday, start of a new week and start of me losing my weight. So I'm pumped to get started.
    Fate decides to play its tricks on me today as I walk into work there are cupcakes in the kitchenette area.  That is just cruel. I am proud of myself, I resisted the cupcakes. Here is a summary of my day. 
    3 eggs scrambled = 286 (22 fat, 20 protein) 3 slices turkey bacon = 90 calories (5 fat, 18 protein) 1 bagel w/ cream cheese = 330 (47 carbs, 9 fat, 10 protein) Medium Coffee = 70 (15 carbs, 2 fat, 1 protein) Lunch
    Cheeseburger, 1/3rd lb ground beef w/ cheddar cheese = 620 calories (29 carbs, 34 fat, 48 protein) Dinner
    Chipotle double chicken  bowl = 950 calories (94 carbs, 30 fat, 80.5 protein) Pumpkin Chai Ale = 185 calories (16 carbs, 6.5% Alc) Total - 2531 (200 carbs, 102 Fat, 177 protein)
    I was a little heavy on the carbs and fat and not enough on the protein. Not bad for the first day. I can probably cut back if I didn't do the rice in the Chipotle bowl. Also, the beer was probably not helping. It was my last one in the fridge.  I could probably ditch the bagel as well. 
    Today I did 35 minutes of working out with 15 minutes of stretching. I found my legs are not really use to running anymore. My left shin and right calf were not very happy with me. I ended up doing mostly walking up an incline. Got to build back up to what I was able to do previously. 

    Treadmill: 20 minutes, interval of running and walking on an increasing incline. 
    Circuit Weight Lifting for 15 minutes
    Body Weight Squats, 25 w/ 30 second hold on the last 40 lb straight leg dead lift 90 lb pull down 25 lb each hand dumbbell chest press 20 lbs each arm shoulder raise 1 minute plank, 45 second side planks Side, Forward & Back leg lifts 15 minutes of stretching. I typically just start with the legs and work my way up. 
    Seated Groin Stretch
    Hamstring Stretch
    Hamstring Stretch leg straight ahead
    Quad stretch lying down
    Glute Stretch 
    Piriformis muscle stretch 
    Oblique Stretch
    Abdominal stretch 
    Hip flexor and groin stretch
    Back stretch
    Outer Thigh Stretch 
     It's hard to estimate how many calories I burned. The treadmill had me at 220 calories and the circuit stuff probably added another 70. I would say somewhere around 300 is a good estimated. Compared to sitting at a desk which probably burns 70 calories in that 45 minutes. 
    Then after work I went and played 7 holes, I skipped two because I would be stuck behind two groups and darkness is now making it harder to even fit 9 holes in. I probably burned like 200 calories. 
    Probably around a 325 more calories burned compared to a normal time of sitting around. 
    From the entry blog I had a sedentary calorie limit of 3220 + 325 = 3545 calories - 2530 = 1000 calorie deficit

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