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  1. 11 hours ago, measureoffsetinnm said:

    Some of DiMarco's missed putts were pretty timid efforts so that is why I described it as giving them away. He can say he misread them and that is true for some but others really were just poorly struck.

    Prove it. Do you have video of his putting up close to analyze that he miss hit the putts? 

  2. Just watched a bit of 2005, and DeMarco talked about how he just misread some of the birdie putts. 

    Now, its hard to say he should have made putts when you misread them. If you read it perfectly, then mishit the putt or misjudge the distance then maybe. When you hit your line, hit your speed, you can't really complain about missing a putt. 

    He did have some good looks and didn't make them, but still made enough birdies to get into a playoff. So, again, I don't think he crumbled. 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, measureoffsetinnm said:

    It is not as glaring as someone missing a 2 footer but DiMarco threw away at least four or five very makeable birdie putts that obviously would have made things much different.

    Define very makable? 

    2 minutes ago, measureoffsetinnm said:

    Tiger still felt shaky rather than supremely dominant and while watching it got the sense DiMarco lost it just as much as he won it.

    Still not sure about that. He stuck around by not making a mistake and Tiger made two bogeys. That isn't giving away a tournament. Pars are really good on holes #17 and #18 at Augusta. After hole #15, the last 3 holes are not birdie holes. You got to make your birdies from holes 11 through 15. 

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  4. Chilly range session..

    Current DTL

    Backswing Practice
    1) slight sway right
    2) Arms do nothing, let turn carry arms up
    3) Back of right hand facing out more
    4) Shank 😛 


    Impact Practice
    1) Slight sway back
    2) Arms do nothing
    3) Start downswing with left knee bumping towards target

    Same thing but face on.

    Could flow a bit more away from target, but I like. 

  5. 2 hours ago, tinker said:

    The modern style and instruction is all based on swinging as hard as possible and then having to make a miracle shot to save the hole.

    I 100%......... Disagree. 

    If you look at Arnold, Jack, Miller... they hit the ball HARD!!! 

    Golf is about risk assessment. On a hole where I know it's not in my shot shape, I will not go at it. If there is hole that is open and gives me a lot of room, I can let loose. I was never taught to just go all out. 

    Now, I think there is benefit to allowing someone growing up to turn a lot and swing harder since it develops speed. Then later on, getting them to control it. I rather have speed than not to have it at all. 

    In terms of what you are saying, that is game planning. 

    2 hours ago, tinker said:

    A miracle shot with a lob wedge is just as hard or harder than a well placed shot with a 5 iron.

    Again, 100%.... Disagree. 

    You can get a lob shot to end up inside 30-Ft way more often than hitting a 5-iron to inside 30-Ft. Also, being aggressive, doesn't mean lob shot is your next shot all the time. I can be aggressive, hit a 3-wood into a par 5 green and know the ball is not going to be short sided. 

    2 hours ago, tinker said:

    I can always knock down a higher lofted iron but adding loft to a jacked up low lofted iron is pretty difficult.

    I agree that game improvement irons make it difficult to hit the ball lower. I swing too hard to even what to consider game improvement irons. For those who don't have the swing speed, they struggle to get the ball high enough. So, this maybe for you, it doesn't speak for those who would benefit from game improvement irons the most. 

    2 hours ago, tinker said:

    Getting the face to square is also pretty hard with a gigantic iron swung out of control.

    It's hard to do when you swing out of control with muscle back irons. Its also hard to do when your a 30 handicap golfer in general. I rather that golfer get some distance, and proper yardage gaps on their irons than add more struggle to their golf game by playing muscle back irons. In the end, it's the golfers swing not he club that matters the most. 

    2 hours ago, tinker said:

    Golf monitor distance might be a fun game but it’s a different game than golf on the course with varying lies and conditions. 

    It is pretty beneficial to know what your yardages are. Golf monitors are very beneficial. Especially when you can't get outside for 3-4 months out of the year. 


  6. 47 minutes ago, measureoffsetinnm said:

    @iacas That post about Jack's luck in getting handed majors by other players is interesting. I do think Tiger has benefited from that at times as well. The 2005 Masters jumps to mind.

    Not sure I agree with the 2005 Masters...

    Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 9.59.54 AM.png

    DeMarco went birdie-birdie on hole 14 and 15 to get it to within one. Then Tiger chips in on 16 to extend to two. Then Tiger goes bogey bogey to fall to a playoff. 

    I am not sure I would count Tiger being handed a major when a playoff is involved. DeMarco pars number 18 in the playoff and Tiger makes a 15-FT birdie putt. Not sure how this could be Tiger being handed a major. 


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  7. Just now, Hardspoon said:

    One last note: the fitting absolutely reinforced my belief that many people misunderstand "loft-jacking".  Iron manufacturers are NOT decreasing lofts just to make it seem like the ball goes further; it's a necessary result of the modern iron head.  My new 7-iron is going to be exactly the same shaft length as my old one.  My clubhead speed is the same.  The loft is 4 degrees (!) lower - 28 vs. 32.  Yet...the launch angle off the club was the same!  If my new 7-iron had the 28 degrees of loft, the ball would go way too high.  Given the same club length, which is the biggest factor in accurate ball-striking, I want the optimal launch conditions regardless of whether that means the loft is lower.

    A golfer needs to have 7-9 irons to fill in a range of yardage. It doesn't matter what is printed on the club 😉

    Glad you had a good experience. I am really enjoying my new PXG driver. 

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  8. 13 hours ago, Double Mocha Man said:

    I want Pfizer to make my flu vaccine!

    I bet if Pfizer made the yearly flu vaccine, it wouldn't be as good as COVID vaccine. It has more to do with that the typical flu is a dumbed down version of the original, and we have no clue what strand we will get. 

  9. 21 minutes ago, iacas said:

    Are you going to be able to do that at regular speed on the golf course?

    You could downtown in February (?) here.

    I think so because it's a bit departure to try to feel arms do nothing. Those in the video, felt close to full speed. I will hit the range tomorrow or Saturday and try out different swing speeds with that feel. 

  10. 6 hours ago, Billy Z said:

    Although, shutting things down is really not an option for flu reasons. What the flu stats also should teach society is how well vaccines work. The age groups that are getting sick are the unvaccinated groups, while the most vulnerable group, those 65 and older are doing quite well these days, because a good majority have been vacc'd. Take a look at the flu chart:

    I mean, the COVID vaccine didn't come out in force until after the flu season. The flu shot is not nearly as effective as the COVID vaccines. 

    Also, it has way more to do with not having kids in schools, wearing masks, and social distancing. 

  11. Review of round...

    Hole 1: After no warmup, I hit driver that was a low pull (struck low on the face). I Hit a pitching wedge to about 30-FT and three putted (course greens were way faster than practice green). 

    Hole 2: Hit a towering toe draw, good for the par 5 dogleg left. Being a short par 5, and I cut the corner, I had about 130 left in. I pulled the pitching wedge left over the green. My ball was sitting up on about 2-3 inches of rough. The pin was back with the green sloping away from me. I stupidly tried the hero shot and flop it about 2-FT in front of me. I then pitched it on to about 30-FT, and three putted again. My speed was off for about 4 holes. 

    Hole 3: Crushed a drive down the middle. Had about 65 yards left on a par 4. I tried for a distance wedge shot, but wasn't aggressive enough with my turn (very lazy swing), and duffed it to about 10 yards short of the green. I pitched on to about 15-Ft and two putted. 

    Hole 4: A short par 3, I hit pitching wedge. I pulled it about 20 yards left of the green and it hit a cart path. I was left with a shot were I had to punch a 5 iron into a bank so it bounces up onto the green that was running away from me. I go ahead and just duff the 5 iron about 5 yards forward and to the right. I then pitch on to about 20-FT and two putt. 

    Hole 5: A longer par 5, dog leg right. I hit a heel cut to the left half of the fairway. Somehow, me trying to cut the ball means I hit it off the heel? I think the feeling for me having the club face open is to push the ball right. I have about 300 left in, and I try out the new 3-wood. I aim down the left side and try to cut it back towards the green. I go ahead and just pull it left. I got a lucky break, it hits a tree, and I end up in the left rough. I have about 80 yards in. I flush a 3/4 pitching wedge that flies 10 yards too far. I try to hit a flop shot, the pin was in the back and I was over the green. I end up pulling it left, which catches way too much of the ball. I end up with about 30-FT. I two putt. 

    Hole 6: A medium long par 3. I hit a 7 iron thin and to the right. I didn't feel line up right, never felt comfortable over the ball. I should have stepped back. I have about 65-yards, and I flush another distance wedge shot that flies about 10 yards to far. I pitch on to about 10-Ft and two putt. 

    Hole 7: I pull my driver left into the trees. I punch it forward about 100 yards. I have about 100 yards left in and pull my wedge shot left slightly over the green. I pitch on to about 6-FT and two putt. 

    Hole 8: I top my 3-wood down the left side rough (not idea why this happened). I hit a low (unintentional) hybrid to about 80 yards. I have to punch a 7 iron under a tree,  that ran through the back of the green. I pitch on to about 10-FT and two putt. 

    Hole 9: I hit a pull a 7 iron low left and it clips a tree. I am left with about a 40 yard pitch that I hit to about 20-FT past the pin and two putt. 

    Driver: Mostly OK, one really bad shot
    Irons: Mostly they were pulled left
    Distance Wedges: The strike was good, the distance was off
    Pitching: Kind of below average. 
    Putting: Just felt off tonight. 

    I might need to just focus on starting the ball on a target and just play golf. Keep the swing short, and hit a target line. I wasn't expecting the pull shots, not my normal miss. I never thought to feel like I should start the ball a bit more right. 

  12. 25 minutes ago, measureoffsetinnm said:

    What design characteristics or tendencies cause you to dislike them?

    Pete Dye forces you to play the course his way. Which means, on this hole, hit it 250, then hit it 150 to this green. He has a lot of constriction points, and force carry. 

    I played TPC Sawgrass, it is kinda meh visually. There are about 3 blind tee shots you need a caddy to tell you were to aim or you end up in a bunker or water. Then there is hardly any spots to run the ball up. His courses feel gimmicky. 

    Jack's courses are just meh to me. They are not fun to play. I think he puts to much priority in hitting the perfect tee shot. Its been a while since I have played one. My opinion now might change. 


  13. 23 minutes ago, Bob M said:

    I am also tracking "Wasted Shots" (water balls, OB and unplayable count as two, tops, thins, shanks, etc as one) and total putts and 3 putts.  My 18 hole round this past Monday, I had a 57/46 for 103. This included 10 "Wasted Shots" on the front, but only 3 on the back. I had 39 putts with a total of 4 three putts (3 on the front, 1 on the back). As for GIR/nGIR, I had no GIR and 4 nGIR. Three of the nGIR were on par 4s, while one was on a par 3; I ended up in greenside bunkers on two par 3s, had a miss hit on a third (leaving the ball 30 yards short on a 170 yard hole) and a water ball (although I did hit the green with my third shot) on the remaining par 3.  

    Not all 3 putts are the same. What if you have an 80-FT putt. Really, getting the ball inside of 8-FT is a good putt. At 8-FT, you have a 50% chance of making the 2nd putt (by PGA Tour standards).  That is why strokes gained is powerful. From 80-fT the expected strokes is 2.34, Almost the same hitting a shot from the fairway at 20 yards. If you hit a putt to 6-FT, then you had a net zero strokes gained. 

    For putting, I kind of just know if I am putting well. I tend to practice lag putting, and inside 15-FT putting. Its more of a mental note, rather than writing the stats down. I know I will three putt once in a while. 


  14. 43 minutes ago, sedmo said:

    Droplet says "The only thing that really changes much is the angle at which your arms hang - a bit farther out for driver."   What is a bit farther?

    I'm looking for a check/routine to get me a repeatable setup distance. What do you all do?

    I would say for irons, your arms hang straight down to slightly out towards the ball. 

    For a driver, your arms hang out more over your toes. 

    I would hold the club with both hands gripping the club. Then just let them hang down and notice were they are at. Then just adjust them towards or away from your body. Just to get a feel for how the arms hang. 

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  15. I was thinking about this. Since COVID was ranked third is number of deaths in 2020, only cancer and heart attacks out did COVID, wouldn't the way to think about taking the COVID vaccine be this. 

    If someone told you that two shots, with very minimal side effects (compared to other drugs humans take), would make you highly (95%) unlikely of not having a heart attack or getting cancer would you take the shots? 

    I bet everyone would sign up for those shots in a heartbeat. 


  16. 57 minutes ago, Shorty said:

    I'm pretty sure that one of our members posted recently about how he was "proud" of Florida's response. It does make your head spin.

    Their response has been reviled worldwide as an outrageous and catastrophic disaster.

    Not to indict just Florida, but there are stories of people going after people with masks on and bullying them. The story I heard about was this guy in Florida stopped his bike ride to berate a woman who was out on a walk. 

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