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  1. Current Swing
    - Not much in the way of swing feels here. 

    Swing After Drills
    -This swing had the following feels. 
    1. Slow backswing with the focus on taking the turn taking the hands a bit deeper from A1 to A3
    2. Trying to keep the swing shorter and feeling the left wrist being flatter at A3-A4
    3. Downswing is arms come down sooner in the backswing.

    Just for kicks, I took a normal speed video of my swing with the very slow backswing feel. It feels like 50% slower, but it doesn't look like much on video, lol. 

    Face On View
    -Same sorts feels as above. Slower backswing, hands a bit deeper. I didn't add in getting the hands down sooner/faster yet. 

    - I like A1 to A2 with feeling more depth with the hands. I am trying to get the club a bit more shallow at A4. I can't get my hands and arms to do it well. I I like the swing length. A5 looks good. At A7, I could get my shoulders a bit more open. 

    Swing feels are don't let the hands kick out away from the body at A1 to A2 as I turn. Feel like the left wrist is flatter at A3-A4. The backswing will feel slow. Keep the swing shorter and start the downswing sooner with the arms/hands. 



  2. Spent 40 minutes working on pitching and chipping. I did some ladder drills and worked on some technique. 

    For pitching I need to feel like my arms start down sooner in the downswing. This keeps me from hitting big pushes with my pitches. I think I can get stuck with my pitches. 

    I was finally able to hit one of those really short lob shots with lots of club speed! 

  3. 20 hours ago, Nail said:

    I can’t seem to be consistent with it at all. It can go great on some holes 270-300 yards and on the fairway but it’s just as likely to snap hook or push straight into the right trees. 

    These are the same swing just bad timing. the cause can be a few things as well. You don’t want to have that much timing with a driver. 

    20 hours ago, Nail said:

    I can’t even decide on a shot shape that would make me more consistent, my home course is probably slightly more suited for a draw but my miss will be a big push when I don’t hit it well. With a fade the miss is likely a pull, neither of which is ideal, I’d prefer over fade or over draw and at least I could start the ball on one edge of the fairway or the other. 

    As a higher swing speed, I would prefer a fade. That way I can swing harder and not worry about snapping it left. 

    20 hours ago, Nail said:

    I’m at a loose end, I genuinely think I could be a single digit handicap if I could sort it out. I’m just lost really  Any input guys or ideas? Sorry for the long rant

    If you haven’t don’t it, post a faceon and down the line view of your swing in a My Swing thread. 

  4. 7 Iron DTL - More extension in the backswing. Need to keep the swing shorter (maybe could flatten it off a bit). 

    This one is feeling more extension thru impact. 

    Driver - Tried to get more extension in the backswing. I started to hook the crap out of the ball. This one didn't hook. 

    This one I took a very slow backswing to try to keep it shorter. Then the downswing was started with the hips more and trying to get more extension thru impact. 


  5. 25 minutes ago, iacas said:

    a smoother swing with things that are better sequenced can result in faster swing speeds even if you're not working "harder."

    I have to agree here. I find that my best results come from proper sequencing (which feels like a smoother swing) than feeling like I need to swing hard. 

    37 minutes ago, DaveP043 said:

    I'd suggest that the more appropriate question is "How do I get more out of each shot?"  Remember the old adage, don't work harder, work smarter.  Well, improving your mechanics will make your golf swing "smarter".


    Working on areas that cause power losses will help out a lot. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Zippo said:

    I don't understand how it's harder to hit 0 path + 0 face consistently than it is to hit 0 path and -2 face (or any other combination) consistently?

    It may not be harder, but a zero path and -2 face allows you have a consistent shape if your face angle varies from zero to -4. If you have a zero path and zero face, it means you probably vary -2 to +2. Also your swing path may vary a bit. This can cause your intended straight ball to either fade or draw. Most golfers like to see the ball curve towards the target. 

  7. 8 hours ago, mvmac said:

    Sweep/flippy release with knee sag

    What did they say specifically would help with this? 

    8 hours ago, mvmac said:

    Need to expand more in the backswing via spine, more eccentric stretch of fascia slings.

    Does this feel like the shoulders get steeper and there is a stretch in the right side?

    8 hours ago, mvmac said:

    Currently use pelvis rotation and a lot of arms (scapulas, shoulder elevation/flexion) to "cheat" backswing pivot. No stretch of sling from left hip to right shoulder. Makes it hard to compress the core in transition and into the downswing. 

    Do you think that this causes the arms to travel more than they should in the backswing? What does this cheat specifically cause? 

    8 hours ago, mvmac said:

    - First thing he gave me was four breathing drills to expand the upper back and compress the rib cage as the posterior chain is engaged.

    I am interested in this. The more I hear on breathing techniques, the more it intrigues me. 

    The swing looks good! great work! I enjoy watching your progression. 

  8. Looking at the video some more. 

    1. I think the grip is OK in the face on view. 
    2. I might be a tad too close to the ball? The hands are hanging more towards my ankles then over the toes of my shoes. A few strikes might have be slightly shank-ish. 
    3. I like this position at the top when the swing is shorter. Nit pick would be the hands could be more over the shoulder, less right elbow behind me. 
    Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 9.25.12 PM.png
    4. This is pretty good. 
    Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 9.27.23 PM.png

    5. I agree that I need to continue to work on my extension through impact. 

  9. Range session today. Worked on shortening the backswing and gaining more extension. 

    Initial Swing

    Final Swings

    The swing feel is making a smaller turn and feeling the hands and club stop just to the right of my head. I'm trying to work on getting an extension feel to work. I mess around with straightening the left leg sooner and also feeling like my belt buckle points to the sky sooner. The shorter swing really helps with overall contact and control. 

  10. 10 minutes ago, mdl said:

    And (as a person with a PhD in statistics I feel highly qualified to say), the data argument is hogwash and deeply uninformed. The argument from ignorant academics (yes, much of academia is statistically illiterate) is that controlling for levels of police violence by taking into account arrests and convictions will make it look like high levels of police violence against PoC are justified, or at least no worse than experienced by white people. More black people are criminals, so of course they interact with and are shot by police at higher levels.

    I agree. Still it's hard to say what is a justifiable amount of policing to combat obvious higher crime rates. Especially in really bad urban neighborhoods.

    I am not saying that the current level of policy attention is warranted. It would be bad to say that it isn't part of the equation. It would be bad to just use that piece as a way to justify the police, and disregard why those neighborhoods are in those situations to begin with. 

    12 minutes ago, mdl said:

    Except criminal records in America aren't a measure of how often people commit crimes we want to sanction as a society. They are, in aggregate, mostly a measure of how much police target people in different groups*. If the police target PoC, then PoC will have more extensive criminal records on average and will interact with police more often. So it's a circular argument.

    This is true with respect that not all police are looking to find someone guilty just because they look a certain way. You can't have it all one way or the other. There are police who do their job well, and then there are police who do not. 

    14 minutes ago, mdl said:

    *It's very hard to measure/prove that, but there has been some work in that vein. For instance, basic facts like the proportion of white and black teens who smoke pot is similar, but the proportion of black and white teens who've been arrested for pot is nowhere close to the same.

    This sort of stat is just crazy in terms of how it happens. I for one am on the side of not sending people who smoke pot to jail, but to unequally persecute a certain segment of society because of how they look is asinine. 

    Also, there has been some looks into police statistics. Example, here is a summary article from R.G. Fryer (a black professor at Harvard) who went deep into the statistics. 


    There are racial differences in use of nonlethal force, but not in officer-involved shootings.

    To summarize, the statistics show that black people get accosted by police at a much higher rate than other race/ethnicity. They get arrested more. They get stopped more often and questioned. They get handcuffed and restrained more often.  Yet, when it comes to when police decide to use deadly force or use a technique that happens to cause a death, there is no correlation to race/ethnicity. If you search, you can find videos of cops doing the same thing they did to Floyd to a white person. I am not saying that the cop who did that to Floyd didn't do it out of racism or out of hatred because he had past dealings with Floyd. The technique he used has cost the lives of white people as well. The story of police causing deaths is more of lack of training in de-escalation and lack of training in use of proper restraining techniques. If cops are going to be the people who keep us safe from people committing violent crimes (rape, assault, looting, etc..) then they need to spend more time training. 


    Roland G. Fryer J. An Empirical Analysis of Racial Differences in Police Use of Force. Journal of Political Economy. Forthcoming.


  11. 1 hour ago, klineka said:

    I cant think of any muscles golf would use that you aren't already using when you squat, deadlift, bench, clean, and run 7 miles per week.

    You definitely use the torsion muscles of the core, and the support muscles around the hips. Those can get lost when you just do the exercises you  mentioned. They wouldn't cause a massive lost off leg strength on the back 9. 

    2 hours ago, bones75 said:

    Last year I never did golf specific exercises, and although I achieved my golf conditioning goals (feeling light footed on 18), it took over a year to get there. Is there some golf specific conditioning exercises out there that can speed up the process (more box jumps, for example)?  Or do I just have to keep playing and let my body slowly get conditioned.

    Squats, and hiking. Walking around the neighborhood won't get you there. You are talking about about 6-8 miles of hiking, while carrying a bag. You need to recreate that more often or do more strenuous exercises In a short period of time. 

  12. 13 hours ago, Slim_Pivot said:

    I’m not an expert on scoring. But after reading that, it seems you just have to get rid of the horrifying shots.


    Thank you for the comment. Also, I’ve only played 45 holes of golf this year and been to the range a handful of times. I’m rusty. Being rusty with 115-120 mph swing speed can equal bad stuff happening. I like how things are progressing. 


  13. Played 18 today with some friends. We played two man scrambles. 

    The best swings for me are when I bring my hands down and left and get more extension. Things are tightening up more for me. Contact can still be sparingly hit or miss. 

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