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  1. OSU came out and trashed UNC last night, 74 to 49! 

    Some awesome facts from the game
    1. OSU Became just the 4th team ever to beat two top 10 teams by 25 points in the same season. 
    2. It was the 2nd largest of victory against UNC at UNC in school history.
    3. OSU held UNC to their lowest field goal percentage ever at home. 
    4. OSU out rebounded UNC 48 to 32! EFFORT!!! 

    If you tell me that OSU beat UNC team when Kaleb Wesson only had 10 points I would have said no way. This team has way more options to go to than a year ago. 

  2. Comparing 2018 with my last 15 rounds in 2019. Some pretty good improvements. 

    Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 7.44.19 PM.png

    Driving: +1.31 (2018 was kinda really good)
    Approach: -1.5ish
    Short Game: -2.10ish (YAY!!!!)
    Putting: -1.4ish (I didn't really do much here but not three putt a lot). 

    Overall, a better year for me. Looking forward to 2020. I just got to actually put some effort into it. I slacked off after September.  

  3. Here are my 2020 goals. 

    1. Continue to work on a swing that less based on timing
      1. Be less stuck in the golf downswing that results in a flip
      2. Keep the turn rates up to not let the clubhead overtake the hands
    2. Keep working on not overswinging
      1. It just needs to be part of my practice routine every time I work on my full swing. 
    3. Continue to work on my short game.
      1. Review and work on good pitching and chipping fundamentals. 
      2. Spend more time working on shots I expect to see during a round. 
    4. Play in 4 tournaments in 2020. 
      1. Just be committed to this goal. 

  4. 11 minutes ago, sdchris said:

    You should be able to get most, if not all, of your vitamins from the food you eat.  If not, then your diet probably needs a closer look.  

    Depends on the diet. 

    I take this as my multi-vitamin, 

    Since I am inside all day during the winter, I am also taking more Vitamin-D. 


  5. 1 hour ago, Bucki1968 said:

    You can play a perfect game and they can play an "okay" game and you can still get beat. It ain't about the X's and O's....it's the Jimmy's and Joe's. 

    It's a bit of both. 

    I think Urban Meyer said once that talent gets you 9-10 wins a season, Leadership gets you the remaining. Still, National championship caliber teams need to be in the top 5 in recruiting 3-4 years before their NC team. 

  6. 14 minutes ago, dennyjones said:

    It's going to be an interesting season for Michigan.   They have put together some very good play and beat Creighton, North Carolina and Gonzaga.    Tomorrow they are playing Louisville in Louisville.    That's a tough schedule. 

    Yep, they got some good quality wins early. 

    I am hoping that OSU puts a beating on UNC on Wednesday. 

  7. The stat breakdown of OSU's win over Michigan, 


    Some Key Indicators, 
    1. Michigan matches OSU in Success Rate, and ended up down 28 to 16. 
    2. Big time defensive adjustments made by OSU in the 2nd half (50% success 1st half to 27% in the 2nd half). 
    3. Justin Fields to Garret Wilson and Chris Olave next year! Then add in that OSU has 4 of the top 15 WR in the 2020 class! 
    4. Hassan Haskins had a good day, having more Highlight Yards than Dobbins. 

  8. 29 minutes ago, Wally Fairway said:

    UM under Llloyd - was great for about 5-6 years, but it was the bad losses that ended his reign (Appalachian St) 

    If you take away that 12-0 season, he averaged 3 losses a year. Not sure that is great. I think they had two great teams. 

    1997 and 2006. I would say the other years, they were above average. 


  9. 7 hours ago, Osnola said:

    How does the guy at Michigan State stay there only being a relevant team 1 of the last 10 years...?

    It's about expectations. They don't expect to be in the top 10 every year. The school is OK with that. 

    Before Dantonio, you need to go back to to 1932 to find a HC at MSU that has a better winning % than him. So, for that school, he's a good HC. He sometimes puts a team together that can make a run at the playoffs. 

    Its the issue with Michigan fans. They expect to be national contenders. 

    Harbaugh is Lloyd Carr with out a NC to his name. 

    Harbaugh - .746 overall, .744 in conference, no conference championships, no NC in 4 seasons
    Carr - .753 overall, .779 in conference, 5 conference championships, 1/2 a NC in 12 seasons. In that season, they split the NC with Nebraska. Really, Nebraska would probably have crushed them that year.

    If you consider the during and after the BCS era, Harbaugh is the best Michigan Coach. After that 12-0 (1997) season, Michigan averaged 3 losses a year. 

  10. 43 minutes ago, Vinsk said:

    Great. And I disagree. LSU is the best team. Their wins are just a little more impressive to me especially with Cincinnati losing today. 
    All the pie graphs and bar charts mean nothing when you’re trying to compare teams across different conferences.

    Sure it does, especially when the values take into effect how good conferences are. 

    The values are not 100% predictive, nothing is. These advanced stats are pretty good at telling you, on average, how good a team would be against another. This is proven since something like the SP+ is pretty good when gauging things like betting against the spread, predicting margin of victory, things like that. Which means the numbers are good at telling how good a team is. So, they actually have test data on this since they track it against Vegas and actual head to head results. 

    Your notion that these stats are not good is just not correct. The people who make these stats are constantly tweaking them to get them as close as they can to real world outcomes. Like any sort of regression, individual results can be above or below the line. 

    I've said before, I think LSU has the right to be ranked #1 depending on the ranking criteria. I have no issue with that. 

    47 minutes ago, Vinsk said:

    All I’ve got is the history of OSU vs SEC teams to look at which means nothing.


    2014 - the last time OSU faced an SEC team they beat up on Alabama. Which history do you an to look at here? Urban kinda threw your OSU versus SEC generalizations out of whack. 

    What history do you want to use here? Before Urban Meyer, that is what 4-5 OSU QB's ago? How I that relevant now? 

    I mean, by your logic OSU should never have gone on this run to beat Michigan since Cooper couldn't get over that hill. Yet, like how Urban turned OSU into a top 5 team, Tressel debunked that notion. Teams change. 

    Wasn't there a time when OU couldn't hang with Texas? 

    48 minutes ago, Vinsk said:

    I believe if Minnesota was in the SEC they’d be lucky to be 0.500. 

    Depends on the division they played in. If it's Alabama's division, then yes. If it's the other, they would be above 500. It's a bit more complicated than you just saying if they were in the SEC. 

    49 minutes ago, Vinsk said:

    Numbers don’t really mean anything.

    Do numbers mean nothing in baseball? I mean, saber metrics revolutionized baseball. More and more now numbers are being used by the NFL to debunk bad coaching habits. 

    Again, why do you discredit numbers? Just because it goes against the way you like to think?

    51 minutes ago, Vinsk said:

    People see each fighter and make an opinion as to who they think will  win said match. It’s an eye test which requires no data or stats aside from the qualifying physical attributes. 

    Which is backed up by data. 

    1. NC teams average in the top 5 in recruiting 2-3 years before winning their championship game. 
    2. They have a high scoring margin over their opponents regardless of strength of schedule. 

    That is about it.  You need lots of talent. You need good coaches to harness that talent. Guess what, OSU is the 2nd best recruiting team over the past 3-4 years. Apparently, their coaching stat if legit. 

    1 hour ago, David in FL said:

    I can think of 3, maybe 4 Big 10 teams that beat Alabama right now.

    With out Tua, OSU would win more often than not, and I would give 2 more teams a shot at beating them. 

    If you want to combine the SEC and B10. It's OSU, then 3 SEC teams, then a mix of 3 SEC teams and 4 B10 teams. Then there is a huge drop off in SEC teams from 6 to 8. While there are two more B10 teams. 

    Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 11.07.35 PM.png

    I would put it this way. The SEC has 3 Elite teams. The B10 has one. The SEC then has 3 very good teams. The B10 has 4 very good teams. 

  11. Made some wings tonight. 

    Baked the wings till tender. In a sauce pan I saute'd some garlic in butter. I then added in about 2 tablespoon of honey. I added in the wings and let the honey caramelize. I then finished it off with a mixture of soy sauce, mirim, and hot sauce for some heat. 

    They turned out pretty well. 

  12. 1 minute ago, Vinsk said:

    It’s my opinion @saevel25.

    Fair, then stop stating it as fact. 

    1 minute ago, Vinsk said:

    It’s like two driving ranges back to back. You’re watching scratch and +2hcps hit balls with a track man and spewing out all the great numbers. I’m watching PGA Tour players and just ‘seeing’ how much better they are while you get irritated and tell me I’m wrong. You’ll see. OSU will get throttled in the NC.

    Terrible analogy. Basically you are saying the SEC is a professional team and the rest of the NCAA is an amateur minor league. You realize how stupid that sounds. That is like saying any NCAA team has a shot against a pro football team. Alabama would get beat by 50 points against any NFL team. Alabama sends 10-12 players a year to the NFL. The NFL teams have the best players from all of the NCAA. 

    Guess what, I would never say that a +2 HDCP player is better than a PGA tour player. Though they might be if the PGA tour player is the 190th ranked player on PGA Tour. I believe the HDCP range for the PGA tour is +2ish to +6ish. So, yea, you struggle to get that right. 

    Here are some facts, 

    1. OSU has the 2nd most talented team in college football by recruiting rankings over the past 4 years. 
    2. The most recent evidence has shown that OSU matches up well with the SEC (OSU takes it to Alabama in 2014). 
    3. This OSU team is statistically one of the most dominant teams in the past 15 years. The last team to be this dominant was FSU who won a NC that year, who also played a trash schedule that year. Oh, they beat an SEC team that year to do it. This notion that you need to beat 5 top 15 teams is garbage when considering elite teams who show domination all year long (OSU 2019). 

    So, say something like, "I think" for "I believe" before your opinions. You state this stuff as fact, but then claim it as opinion afterwards. Opinions are not fact. 

    After saying all of that. It could happen that OSU stinks it up for one game. FSU got absolutely trashed by Oregon in 2014. Bad games happen. One bad game doesn't prove a team is bad. Just like one good game doesn't prove a team is good. Sometimes elite teams do not win the NC game. 


  13. 2 minutes ago, Vinsk said:

    Oh Dave....have you watched any of the Alabama/Auburn game? The ‘Eye Test’ is undeniable. Numbers are nothing. Totally different level of play. OSU lucky it’ll probably be Georgia so at least they have a chance for the NC. LSU/Alabama...hell Auburn after today....just explosive and would dominate OSU as they’d be shell shocked coming from the likes of Penn State, Cincinnati and a mediocre Michigan team. Minnesota/Wisconsin against SEC? You’re not serious are you? 65-0.

    You were doing so well until you started spouting this crap again... I'm not even going to go into how wrong you are because you refuse to even let it sink in. So, let's just stop this here and move on. 😛 

  14. Baker Mayfield planting flags in Stadiums is little league compared to OSU taking over the biggest stadium in NCAA football with the O-H-I-O chant! 


    I can kinda see why other fans hate OSU fans... 🤣

  15. Just now, Vinsk said:

    1. QB bobbles the snap AND team doesn’t recover? Rare.

    Fumbles have been studied, they are a coin flip. 

    Just now, Vinsk said:

    3. Let Young get away with boosting which would’ve given MI another TD opportunity.

    I didn't see this penalty. I saw him rush through a gap. He didn't launch himself over a player. The call would be iffy to make. 

    1 minute ago, Vinsk said:

    Just facts. Nothing against how OSU is playing, just facts.

    1 out of 3. 

  16. 3 minutes ago, nevets88 said:

    It's hard to describe. It's a little more tender than the previous methods I've used. I'm also used to the texture of sous vide chicken now since I've had the circulator for over a year and I know there are people that just don't like it. Bill is right in that there's no crunchy skin. There's more work than spatchcocking as you have to butcher the whole thing into 5ish pieces. I'll probably go back to oven cooked next year.

    That makes sense. I do enjoy sous vide food, but I tend to use it for things like seafood, pork, and beef. Also, I am pretty good at just using a sautés pan to cook all of those as well, and they are faster 😉


  17. How did the sous vide turkey turn out? Sometimes sous vide can cause poultry to have a weird texture. 

    I prefer to break up the turkey into parts, takes about 5 minutes, and then cook everything separately. I usually throw the dark meat on the grill and the white meat into the oven. Then the bones can be used for stock making if need be. 


  18. My take on the upcoming OSU versus Mich. game. 

    The weather: Snow before the game turning into rain at game time. Winds at 10-15 with gust of 20 mph. 

    The teams, 

    Ohio State


    I know people are talking about the weather as a hinderance to Ohio State. I think he helps them a lot. Michigan needs to pass the ball, especially hitting the deep ball. This is where their offense has come from the past 5 weeks. If it's nasty out, and they have to lean other run game, I don't think they get much done on the ground. With Michigan not being as good on stopping 1st and 10 plays for short gains, OSU could stay ahead of schedule more often than Michigan.

    I foresee it being closer just because of the weather, but OSU pulls away in the 3rd in 4th quarter. 

    I am going OSU 30 Michigan 14.

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