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  1. 2 hours ago, iacas said:

    Duh. C’mon man.

    I know, I know. 😩 Easy to feel. Stupid not to try to make it a focal point during the round. 

    DTL View 6 Iron

    DTL View 6 iron, Casting the clubhead at the ball. Just trying to take some of the inside out swing path away. 

    DTL Driver - OVERSWING ALERT. OVERT YOUR EYES! Ok, every minute working with the driver will be on swing length. 😩 It is once again something I can not divert my focus from. 

    DTL Driver - Slower backswing to try to feel the backswing length. On what I feel as my normal backswing speed, I can't feel the club head position at all. 


  2. 36 minutes ago, RFKFREAK said:

    Since you said you struggled with your swing all day, I'm curious how that translate score-wise for you.  The reason I ask is because at the outing I admired how fluid your swing looks and what a "bad day" with a swing like yours looks like.

    I shot an 86 with a 9, an 8, and a 7 on the scorecard 😛 

    I will say, I figured something out with my putting on the practice green and felt like I could make anything inside of 15-FT. 

  3. Struggled all day with the swing. Lots of low straight hooks (ball goes about 15 yards high or lower) or big push hooks (right side of fairway to left rough.) I tried to hit a cut and couldn’t get it to help straighten out the shot. My swing though was just turn with a soft left arm. 

    My irons were also hit or miss. They tended to be much lower than normal. Or, low push cuts. It feels like the club is really behind me (shallow) at A6

    Overall, the downswing felt very fast and like I was tipping back. 

  4. 29 minutes ago, cipher said:

    Haha, I’m a horrible student for sure. It would only be when I had a tight lie and needed to open up the face. The leading edge is about 1/2” off the surface in that case. Overall on square pitch shot these wedges and all the bounce should be great!

    Unless you are on concrete or hardpan, you still have leeway in that there is a bit of grass and the ground will allow a divot. Plenty of room for that amount of bounce 😉. You just need to be more precise. 

  5. 6 minutes ago, campbellj21 said:

    I guess this argument is pretty futile considering your reading comprehension skills though...so deuces! 

    Wow, someone contradicts what you post and you immediately go to attacking someones reading aptitude. Grow a thicker skin. If not, then just don't engage in topics were you will receive criticism or rebuttal.

  6. 8 minutes ago, ChrisP said:

    Again disagree. Given how tough the scoring was today and him in the final group for him to shoot a 67 to me is more impressive than Miller’s 63. It just is. No one else on the course playing late shot anything close to him with the exception of perhaps English and his 72.  I know you don’t like the guy and I don’t either but I call it as I see it.

    No it wasn't. Johnny Miller's 63 was an amazing ball striking round. He hit every green in regulation! And only had three putts that started outside of 30FT!!! 

    Bryson hit only 61% of his greens in regulation. His putting caught fire. It's not even close to be equivalent. 

  7. 1 minute ago, ChrisP said:

    I disagree. A 67 in these conditions when no one else could even break 70? It's like the equivalent to a 61 compared to Johnny Miller's 63 at Oakmont. Like I said, I'm not a fan of the guy, but I've got to give him props. That was an incredible round today. Top 10, in my opinion.

    What conditions? Perfect weather? The course is naturally tough and the greens are nasty. The weather for this US Open was not that significant. I think you are over estimating the conditions. Was his play today impressive, kind-of. He hit only 61% of GIR. Particularly low for a round under par at a US Open. His strokes gained putting was about 3 strokes over the field. Basically, his putter got hot. When you consider that Johnny Millers 63 at Oakmont was a ball striking spectacle, I hardly think they are comparable. 


  8. 4 minutes ago, ChrisP said:

    Not a DeChambeau fan but if he pars out it has to go down as one of the greatest final rounds ever in a major. No one under par all day and only two guys Even....and he’s -3. That’s incredible.

    I think we only say that because he’s in first place. There are many examples of someone out of the mix going low on the final day and they get hardly any recognition.

  9. 42 minutes ago, The Recreational Golfer said:

    Their record in major championships is part of the discussion, though not all of it. Woods has played in 86 major championships (through the 2020 U.S. Open). Here is his record compared to Nicklaus’s first 86:

    Jack (age 41):
    1st - 17
    2nd - 17
    3rd - 9
    4-10 - 20

    Tiger (age 44):
    1st - 15
    2nd - 7
    3rd - 4
    4-10 - 15

    Quality of competition matters

  10. Just now, SG11118 said:

    Just change it similar to the rule for whether or not a ball went in a hazard or not.  It needs to be plugged in its own pitch mark "beyond reasonable doubt" or something similar.  It is pretty tough to put a measurement to it.  In this case, I don't think that CM gained an advantage by getting a drop.  It just seemed like a waste of time for him to ask for relief and the RO to give him relief.  

    Try to prove he doesn't have enough reasonable doubt to do what he did. 

  11. 1 hour ago, xrayvizhen said:

    It is simply a question of what should a handicap be? Should it reflect what a person’s potential is or should it reflect the skill level of a person’s current ability and by “current” I mean not what the golfer was 20 rounds ago but what he is now.

    you have to ask yourself what the intent of a handicap should be. The USGA handicap allows golfers of different skill levels to compete. In that regard, it should be a measure of their ability over a certain time frame. 

    1 hour ago, xrayvizhen said:

    Finally, one wonders if it’s possible for any handicap system to reflect both potential and current level of performance.

    That would be impossible. You could certainly have an additional stat, like best 5 out of the last 20 rounds could be a glance at potential. Then, it would be useless as a handicap for matches. 

  12. 2 minutes ago, SG11118 said:

    To me an embedded ball should be much more obvious than that to give relief.  On tightly mowed ground to need to mark and pull your ball to possibly see the smallest of indentations in the ground is a little ridiculous.  

    He is well in his right to lift the ball to check.. 


    If a player reasonably believes that his or her ball lies in a condition where free relief is allowed under Rule 15.2, 16.1 or 16.3, but cannot decide that without lifting the ball:

    • The player may lift the ball to see if relief is allowed, but:

    • The spot of the ball must first be marked, and the lifted ball must not be cleaned (except on the putting green) (see Rule 14.1).

    If the player lifts the ball without having this reasonable belief (except on the putting green where the player may lift under Rule 13.1b), he or she gets one penalty stroke.

    If relief is allowed and the player takes relief, there is no penalty even if the player did not mark the spot of the ball before lifting it or cleaned the lifted ball.


  13. Most of my back pain went away when I did the following. 

    1. Stretch
    2. Ice
    3. Be more mobile on a daily basis
    4. Get some muscle release from my chiropractor. 

    My back can still flair up, but I manage it much better than I use to. 

    If it gets bad where it is painful, I do not golf till I have a few days of being pain free. Muscle tightness for me isn't the same thing as pain. 

  14. 3 hours ago, MyLeftStrokeJustWentViral said:

    The strokes gained stuff isn’t really stats.

    It's a stat, just as advanced stats for baseball are stats. 

    3 hours ago, MyLeftStrokeJustWentViral said:

    I want to see the actual breakdown of how many fairways/greens I hit, how many putts, percentage of up/downs.

    Fairways hit doesn't matter much with out knowing distance. Lets say you hit 100% of your FIR, but you hit 7 iron off ever tee the advantage of hitting the fairway is given away. 

    How many putts doesn't matter. If you hit 1 GIR, your # of putts is going to be much lower, but the scoring isn't going to be good if you don't have birdie putts. What if someone has the same number of putts, but hit 15 GIR as the golfer who hits 1 GIR. Strokes gained encompasses this by showing you that he either had an absurdly hot putting day or an absurdly good approach game. 


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