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  1. 3 minutes ago, Bonvivant said:

    Does anyone else find it funny how silly he looks right now? After weeks of poor performances and pressers where he's asked about injury and keeps just saying "nope, everything is fine", he finally breaks down and admits that he is hurt.

    Never show weakness!

  2. 10 minutes ago, Double Mocha Man said:

    So under that rule it seems that Patrick Reed could have gently tested the sand right behind his ball in the trap to level out the small mound behind his ball.  What am I missing here?  The improving or building of a lie?

    I think that is where it crosses the line. 


    But the player gets the general penalty if his or her actions in touching the sand improve the conditions affecting the stroke in breach of Rule 8.1a. (See also Rules 8.2 and 8.3 for limitations on improving or worsening other physical conditions to affect play.)

    No smoothing the sand behind the ball with the feet. 

  3. Swing 1 - Turn better on Backswing, right elbow off chest more ( feels like hands push away from right shoulder)

    Swing 2 - Similar feels to swing 1, but added a bit of sway feel on the backswing. Feeling like my torso shifts to the right in the backswing. Trying to give myself room/time to get my right side through. 


  4. 1 hour ago, Antneye said:

    I found that the early day COVID drills really helped with that. Day 3 I think. Maybe day 2 where we swing to the top with left arm only and then place right arm on the club at the top. Extremely helpful drill. 

    I remember that drill, and it might be something I go back and look at. 

  5. Struggled a lot at the range. My feels were,

    Keep the swing shorter, right elbow stuff and turn better. 

    outcomes were not good when I try to take a swing at the ball. Lots of thins and fatted shots. 6 iron was going low in trajectory and either pull draws or big push cuts. The swing feels stuck. It feels like I have no room in the downswing to use my hands or arms. 

  6. Driving range session trying to keep the swing shorter and turn better 😉



    Here is a face on view. 


    1. I can do the shortening part better.
    2. so, the issue I have is that I can’t feel like I can turn through the shot well. Basically, from A5.5 to A7, the club feels stuck. Majority of my shots are slightly fat to slightly thin. 

  7. Range session with a new training aide.

    Trying to keep the swing shorter. 

    Now the driver

    I may need to do the right elbow sooner in the swing. I feel like I don’t do it much when the swing is shorter. I got issues with my lack of extension in my left side. Lots of kneed bend.

  8. I could understand if he was seeing if there was any loose impediments. It wasn't even close to where the ball was at. I am not sure that a caddie can do this. 


    a. Removing Loose Impediments and Movable Obstructions

    Before playing a ball in a bunker, a player may remove loose impediments under Rule 15.1 and movable obstructions under Rule 15.2.

    This includes any reasonable touching or movement of the sand in the bunker that happens while doing so.

    So, yea... No way the caddie had any good explanation for his actions. 


  9. 32 minutes ago, Zippo said:

    1. Golf is a game of control. Control the club face, backswing, downswing, etc. Cursing shows a lack of control.

    Maybe in your mind, but maybe not in Justin's mind. His mind is not yours. 

    32 minutes ago, Zippo said:

    2. Young people are watching the players and emulating them. Yes, many young people (unfortunately) are all too familiar with the terms and their meanings but I see no need to encourage that behavior by televising adults behaving like children.

    I learned how to curse from adults. So, I would say i was behaving like an adult. 

    33 minutes ago, Zippo said:

    3. Even the broadcast announcers apologize for the language used by the players.

    They didn't have to, but I am sure they were trained to do so. Just because they did doesn't mean Justin was out of line. 

    34 minutes ago, Zippo said:

    5. To my mind being a professional means acting like a professional and not like some street gang punk. This includes slamming your club into the turf or throwing your club at your bag and caddy.

    So you want robots with no personality on the course? Honestly, I never got the opinion you are presenting here. Also, there are plenty of professions that are way more meaningful than street gang punk and cursing is all over the place. Please don't generalize. 

    36 minutes ago, Zippo said:

    6. It's a game. It's not life and death. No one is shooting at them. They don't have to go squat in a field under a burning sun and pick tomatoes or something for 14 hours a day.

    For some athletes it is life and death. Read Andre Agassi's book. He had nothing but Tennis. Not saying it is prevalent, but i am sure that there are people who would struggle greatly to make a living if they were not playing a sport. It happens all the time in the NFL. 

    37 minutes ago, Zippo said:

    7. If they need relief from the tension of a missed shot maybe the should try deep breathing or stretching. It must be possible to make a bad shot without cursing and throwing things or the announcers would be apologizing steadily.

    How often does Justin actually curse? Is it after every bad shot? If it's two to three times a round, so what? 

    I bet you want everyone to sound like Matt Kuchar, "Oh dangit Matty!" It's fine for him, but it would super annoying if every golfer sounded like Kuchar. 

    Again, it's not Justin's fault the announcers feel like like they need to apologize. The announcers have their standards (not necessarily correct) versus Justin. Maybe they need lighten up? 

  10. 32 minutes ago, smdillon said:

    Speed is completely independent of acceleration that is a categorical mathematical and scientific fact. If you don't believe me, speak too someone you know who has a scientific or mathematical qualification. Speed is defined as initial speed + distance/ time. It has no dependence on acceleration whatsoever.  Acceleration is defined as the rate of change of speed. It has no existence outside of that definition. Since acceleration defined as function of speed, it is physically not possible for speed to be a function of acceleration.

    I have a degree in engineering, and this is applied maths 101. 

    It is very sad that you are actually an Engineer.  

    The analogy of what is going on here is a crash testing car. They are at zero velocity at the start line. They punch the accelerator and the car quickly gets up to maximum speed before slamming into a wall. 

    It is true you can use your equation to calculate a speed relative to the total distance they are traveling. That means nothing when you ask the question, what is the maximum speed? Or, what is the speed when the car hits the wall?

    At point zero the speed is zero. At a point half a second later the speed could be 15 mph. At a point 1 second later it could be 30 mph. At a point 6 seconds later it could be 70 mph. Then the car hits the wall.  

    A golf ball only cares what the clubhead speed is at impact. It doesn't care what the average speed was over the duration of the arc.

    When a police officer pulls you over for speeding, do you crunch the numbers for him taking into account all the stop signs you need to stop at or changes in speed due to speed limit changes? Not, the cop uses a radar gun an gets your speed at a very small moment in time. 

    37 minutes ago, iacas said:

    No, it's not, and if the initial speed is zero, you're only finding the average speed. Speed is the instantaneous measure of distance over time. Add in the direction and you can call it velocity (which is why something swinging at a constant linear speed is still "accelerating" when it's turning/curving), but you're completely ignoring that the clubhead accelerates the entire downswing with your bogus math.


    I can still remember the physics teacher at Ohio State going through how the equations were derived. It made sense to me because it matched up with my calculus class when finding derivatives. 

  11. The questions are, 

    1. Am I doing the right elbow enough with the driver?
    2. Not sure the feel I need to shorten the swing. The first few things that come to mind are. 
    a) Speed up the backswing and focus on hand position. This is what is shown in the 2nd video above. 
    b) Speed up the torso turn rate compared to the arms. Which I think I achieve better in the 2nd video above, If I stop both videos at A2.5, the 2nd video looks like my hips and shoulders are turned a bit more. 
    c) Start downswing sooner with the arms.  
    d) any other suggestions? 

    Overall, I like the 2nd swing a lot. I didn't catch well on the club face. 

    For the most part, with the oversewing the flights were a mix of good draws, straight cuts, or pull hooks. 

  12. Some work on the driver

    Current Driver - Right elbow feel, and right side through. Swing is way too long. 

    Swing where I feel like I start the downswing when the hands are at shoulder height. Swing feels very fast (in terms of duration). This was the only one I could get to stop short at this position. The rest I get stuck overturning. 


  13. 14 minutes ago, golfthyme said:

    I can’t even buy a stupid book without being crucified! Back off! 
    I did find it in a free pdf! Yahoo!

    hope your happy! 

    Just goes to show how far you are willing to try, you didn't even check if the USGA had the resources you need. It's common sense you would see price gouging on Amazon or Ebay. 

    To me, its more like you went searching for another negative against the USGA and are not even trying to have a discussion or learning experience in good faith. 

  14. 15 minutes ago, golfthyme said:

    i never said the rules are unfair or wrong or bad, I just don’t understand them and nobody else does either? 

    I understand the rules. They are really easy to understand. 

    16 minutes ago, golfthyme said:

    if I’m 100 yards out and I drop a little nearer the whole is really a big deal? Does it really matter? Am I gonna make eagle or is lighting gonna strike?

    i dont think so!

    That isn't the point. There has to be a hardline somewhere. The hardline for golf is, you don't get to drop nearer to the hole. No one is going to measure your distance down to the inch and complain about it. If you happen to drop a few yards closer, that could matter. What if that position means your stance is on a less extreme lie? 

    It's not about nitpicking. It's about common sense. Don't drop closer to the hole. It's easy to remember, and it makes sense. Your ball, where it originally came to rest is as far as the ball progressed towards the hole. Why should you get to drop it closer? 

    19 minutes ago, golfthyme said:

    the USGA seems to me only to exist to take all the fun out of golf!

    Then don't play. They produced simple and fair rules to an extremely fun game. 

  15. 16 minutes ago, golfthyme said:

    Free country!

    im not a troll only stating my opinions preferences frustrations and experiences 

    Free Country = You have the right to spout crazy nonsense and people have the right to shun you or criticize your comments. 

    4 hours ago, golfthyme said:

    I never said I wanted to drop nearer the hole or ever have done so, I said what does it really matter? It’s just a stupid game, not life and death, I know for some of you who don’t have a life it may be life and death, but the rules are completely arbitrary, mere human tradition, they did NOT come down the mountain with the Ten Commandments!

    your binary does not work

    Just because you think it's a stupid game doesn't mean it's life and death for everyone else. There is a huge range between were a lot of people exist. It's not a good excuse for your ramblings. 

    Also, you can not have a game with out rules. So, if you want to go out there an hit a ball around and not follow the rules of golf, guess what you are not playing golf. Also, golf has the most fair rules of any professional sport and many other non professional sports. Just because you hate them, doesn't really mean anything. 

    Also, if it is just a game, why do you even post about it? My only guess is you are trolling. If not, then you care more for the game of golf than you would like to admit. 


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