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  1. 36 minutes ago, golfthyme said:

    Putting: Harvey Penick! 
    (Die at the hole)

    Agree for putts outside 10'

    37 minutes ago, golfthyme said:

    Chipping & pitching: Paul Runyon! 
    (Chip with 4 or 6 irons)

    Meh, even chipping can benefit from the bounce of a wedge. Use a pitching wedge at the longest iron for chipping. 

    Never use 4 or 6 irons for pitching. 

    38 minutes ago, golfthyme said:

    Irons: David Ledbetter! 
    (Crisp iron shots)

    Not a tip, but an outcome. 

    38 minutes ago, golfthyme said:

    Woods / driver: Adam Bazallgette! 
    (Effortless swing) 

    PGA Tour player swing hard. The effortless swing thing, to me sounds like a trick to try to mitigate amateurs having swing faults that may go really wrong if a golf swings hard. 


  2. Mobility is a big thing.

    I try to get out of my work chair every few hours at a minimum and use my standing desk for a few hours of the day. I go for walks daily. I stretch every night before bed. I find that my lower back mobility is the best its every been. If my back does flare up, its usually not too long and I don't need much in the way of drugs. 

  3. 13 minutes ago, ChrisP said:

    Jesus. Chill dude. You’re a little too high up in Bryson’s pants there. Didn’t know 1) There are Bryson fans out there and 2) They take things so damn seriously kinda like him.

    I like Bryson because i prefer eccentric people playing on the PGA Tour. It makes things interesting. I would prefer if you didn't make a sweeping generalization like that. 

  4. DTL 7 iron - Swing thoughts is more of the right elbow feel. 

    DTL 7 iron - More right elbow feel while keeping my focus more on the ball. Sometimes I can loose focus of the ball when I am practicing. Also, my intent is to start the ball left of my target line. 


  5. 4 hours ago, dagolfer18 said:

    what do y’all think is the maximum number of strokes a player can trail by and still say they have a chance? My dad and I were discussing this earlier.

    Let’s assume the top 5-ish shoot a few over par. Then I could think something like a 62-63. So probably 9-12 back I can see happening. 

  6. 7 hours ago, golfthyme said:

    if your consistently  hitting par then you have no handicap!

    Incorrect, you handicap is zero which is a handicap. It allows you to have matches against other handicaps. 

    7 hours ago, golfthyme said:

    if your consistently hitting 1 over par then your handicap should be 1! And so on!

    What about courses with different difficulty? 1 over par on a 7200 yard course is way different than a 6200 course.

    7 hours ago, golfthyme said:

    I know it’s logical and the USGA cannot have anything logical connected with the game of golf!

    Actually, the handicap system is very logical.

    by this statement it just seems you have an issue with the USGA in general. 

  7. DTL View - Feeling right elbow in the backswing, and squishing rights side and keeping getting the rights side through. 

    DTL view - finally got the swing shorter. Same feels as above. 

    I think keeping the swing shorter will help. I noticed on the video when I swing to long, my hands start to pivot over my elbow, opposite how the elbow moves in the backswing. This swing felt like I could turn better. my Main focus will be on swing length. 

  8. 1 hour ago, iacas said:

    If your right side works down and forward, your left side works up and back (kinda, more the up).

    The right shoulder can drive down which teeter totters the left side up. Ditto for the hips.

    Makes sense

  9. @iacas, When it comes to turning. Is there something I could be doing that could make it easier to turn? Right now, I am stuck between two feels. Wanting to get my right side more forward through impact so I don't tilt back. The other is trying to gain extension in my left side. These seem to fight each other. 


  10. 1 hour ago, djake said:

    @saevel25 I wanted to follow up with you regarding this.  I played yesterday and had 4 shots to utilize this technique.  All 4 attempts worked out!  I did not blade any of them, they all popped up and dropped super soft and all 4 were short of the hole.  The fear factor of running a golf ball past the hole and down the green was there so that helped contribute to being short.  

    Every shot left me with a solid makeable putt!  I made two of the 4 putts and left myself with tap ins on the other 2 putts.

    Thanks again

    Glad it worked out for you. 😉

  11. It bothers me more when people hang out around the green. Like marking down their score or putting one club away. You can hop in the cart and move along to the next tee.

    I definitely start to walk towards the cart or my pushcart as people are finishing up putting. I try to be aware of my position and when someone is putting, but I think it helps with pace. The faster you can head to the next tee the sooner the other group behind you can hit while you are on your way. 

  12. Comparing the first video to the screen shots above. 

    1. Can still be a bit more elbow out at A3.5. The swings today were kinda in-between Saturday and my previous swing. 
    2. I can do better in how I turn through impact. 
    3. I can shorten the swing up. 

  13. Current swing with just focusing on right elbow piece. 

    Some thoughts on the swings while practicing. 

    1. Contact usually slightly thin.

    2. It feels like I can’t get my right side through the shot most of the time. 

    3. Shots range from good slight draws to pull draws to pushes. The good contact shots either are pull draws or good draws. The thin-ish shots are straight shots or pushes right. 

    Here is me trying to hit a cut with the backswing right elbow feel. Just trying  it out to see if I could. 


  14. 45 minutes ago, klineka said:

    I mean obviously a PW chip shot is likely the better option compared to both the flop shot and the hybrid/3 wood bump and run, but I still think less can go wrong with the hybrid/3wood bump and run vs. an open face flop shot for most amateurs.

    I found the hybrid/3-wood play to be only for one shot. When you are on an extremely tight lie, and you need to cover a lot of space on the green. So you need a bit more pop than a putter. Basically, The Open championship with their gigantic greens. Maybe if you are up against the edge of the rough, though I would rather putt with a wedge versus use a hybrid. 

    Besides that, 99.9% of shots can be handled by a putt, chip, pitch, or flop shot. If a PW chip shot is easier than a hybrid/3-wood then there is no need to practice this type of shot.

    47 minutes ago, klineka said:

    I don't think so, especially not if you spent a little time on a practice green getting the feel for the shot. There isn't much trajectory to worry about since it only has to cover 3-6 inches of rough before the fringe, basically just get the ball out of the rough and onto the fringe and it would roll down towards the hole. I think it would be much harder for the average amateur golfer to judge the speed and trajectory of a very short flop shot out of thick rough than it would be to grip down on a hybrid or 3 wood and make like a 6 inch backswing with a putting motion and just pop the ball onto the green.

    The issue is that there is little margin of error because of the more speed you will get from the hybrid. They have a higher smash factor potential due to the lower loft and hotter clubface. 

    49 minutes ago, klineka said:

    With a flop shot its totally possible to completely slide underneath the ball and leave the ball right where it was before the flop.

    That is were you judge which shot you want to take. 

    1. Flop shot
    2. Pitch shot
    3. Chip Shot

    I still think if you have this thick of rough you are more likely to have alot of grass get between the ball the hybrid. Verse being able to adjust the steepness of the shot with a wedge. 


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