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  1. Just played with a golfer on friday. Shot in the 90's, hits the ball 270+ easy.

    To hit a 300 yard drive, you must have a athletic swing. You must make some sort of square contact. I have never scene a hook or a slice travel over 300 yards, unless you catch ESPN long drive, but there slice is probably a fade for them.

    For me, i usually hit the center of the driver 80% of the time, if i do miss it, its towards the bottome of the driver were i will thin it a bit. My biggest miss is the duck hook, i hate it with a passion.

    I am 6'1" tall, 225lbs, my driving average is 295 carry. But i contribute this to solid contact and a solid swing.

    though i do credit lifting weights and gaining flexibility as a major key. Last year i would have to swing harder to get this distance. I worked out so i could swing not as hard.

  2. I wouldn't do any static streches, ones were you hold the stretch.

    Balance yourself with a club. Lift one leg up and swing it side to side and front to back, to loosen up the hips.
    Arm circles, swing your arms in big circles, then go opposite direction.
    Hold your arms out straight to the side and rotate your hands palms up to palms down. This will get your triceps, biceps and shoulder rotators.
    For the back, i like to take my golf stance with out a club. let your arms hang. Then keeping one arm down, rotate around your spine and lift the other arm straight in the air.

  3. Depends on the hole.

    Dog legs, i like to tee up on the side opposite the direction in which the dogleg beds, to give my self the best shot at the corner.
    I like to tee up on side of the tee boxes that give me the best angle to the pin, on par 3's.
    If there is water, i tend to tee up on the side in which the trouble is, then i can play more away from it.
    If its pretty simple hole, no trouble. I will hit from the left side of the tee box with a draw, and the right side of the tee box for a fade. This way i am taking the ball out over the fairway and back in. If it doesn't cut or draw as much i will be on the edge of the fairway.

  4. Yep, i was lucky yesterday on one of the par 3's. I missed it short, scalded my chip shot, but got up and down for boggie. Honestly, if your are not comfortable hitting pitch shots or your driver, hit something more lofted and give yourself a full iron into the green. If you need to lay up to were you feel comfortable. This will stabalize your game until you are able to develop more consistancy in your game. Because it will be hard to advance your game to the next level with out making alot of GIR's, unless you develop a godly short game.

  5. I will give a person maybe one or two accidentals. If i am out there and he is behind me pushing me, gets one shot to come close. I will move one, it happens again, i will let him know not to do it. If it happens one more time, his golf ball will accidenlty find it self about 100 yards shorter than it would normally be.

  6. I worked with my cousin over the weekend. He had a good swing plane, and all i did was get him to get to his front foot through tbe backswing, he was striping the ball 270+ down the middle. Its amazing what you can do with a proper weight shift. I had the same issue, good swing plane, bad weight shift. I suffered from hooking the ball, my hands rotated through. I got my weight shift right, i am launching the ball down the middle.

    If hank only concerns himself with swing plane, then he isn't that impressive of a teacher.

  7. The only gimmies i get are if i already am over double boggie for the hole. kinda get the mercy rule for gimmies there. Or if its a foot or in. Other than that. If its leauge, and they give me a putt. We count it, but i still putt out, i just say its practice and a habit. Most understand.

  8. Shot 36 (par 36) for 9 holes...

    7 GIR
    3 FIR (not a very tight coarse)
    16 putts

    Only bad hole was a 166 downhill par three, I under clubed 1. Just a mental mistake. Scalded my chip shot, then got up and down for my bogey by making a 15 foot putt. No pressure ;b

    The best shot was a fat 60 yard that bounced on the cart path and rolled to 15 feet below the pin. One of those lucky nights

  9. Yep perfect concept of putting to much stress on you. But what you need to do is recognize that situation. If it happens again, ingrain that feeling into your mind, so you can no know not to do it. I did the opposite, i was shooting the best round of my life. On the last hole i knew what i wanted to do. I was so nervous, because i wanted to finish strong. I was able to stripe a drive down the middle of the fairway. Hit a wedge to 10 feet. Then make a straight downhill putt for birdie. it was the most exciting three shots of my life. But i remember the feeling of it, which i use when i need to make a crucial putt. I also know the feeling of the tension of wanting to make those putts. Thats why i believe in taking a few deep breaths and letting the tension go out. Maybe before you line up to the putt, just grip the putter and give your arms a few pumps to loosen up the muscles.

    Or practice meditation, rythm breathing.

  10. Get a good putting reutine, repeat repeat repeat. What i like to do is start each putt with a deep breath, this is a signal to my brain its concentration time. No more thinking about scores or eagles, birdies, pars, its time to putt. I believe a trigger like this can really help you get over alot of things.

  11. Well power comes from coiling againts your lower body with your upper body. For example, your hips turn 45 degrees to the target line, they would point to the right for a right hander. While your shoulder get close to 90 degrees to the target line. Then what happens is that your hips begin the unwinding process and all that potential energy gets turned into kenetic energy. All this energy is braces againts the ground, and will travel up into the core were it speeds up due to the rotation and then travel down the club like a whip. Your hands will rotate through impace delivering all that energy into the ball. I have seen alot of people think they get a turn and they don't they turn there hips way to much.

    If you want a good stretch, sit on the ground. Lay one leg out straight, cross the other leg over the other and keep it bent. Now rotate to the left if you crossed the left over the right, and bring your right arm againts the left knee pushing againts it. You should feel a stretch in the back and side abdominals. Make sure to keep your back upright and straight. This will stretch out the muslces that can restrict the movements in your backswing.

  12. If you mean the backswing, the best drill i learned,

    Get two flashlights or a laser pointer. Either tie the two flashlights together (end to end), or tape the laserpointer to the butt of a iron. Put a stick, old shaft, or club down the target line. Take your stance, were the flashlight is on the target line. You can do this with the base of the wall. Follow the light down the target line, hinge the wrist at the right point and the other light from the other flashlight should travel down the target line. This will tell you that the butt end of your club will be pointing at the ball/target line during the backswing. You can do the pump drill as well from the top of the swing, to get the downswing.

  13. you can straighten it out, but you got to have alot of chest and back flexibility to not pull yourself out of your swing. I only do it if its a wide open par 5, and i need about 15 more yards of distance. But most of the time i have a slight bend in the arm in the backswing. But what i think i do is, it straightens on the downswing. But make sure you don't cast the club, so keep the wrist limber, but you can straighten that arm if its on the downswing..

  14. To me, i rather have my golf shaft pointing as close to the ball as possible during the downswing, or just a bit flat of it. But to have the butt end of the club pointing over a foot away from the ball is to flat for me.

    But he is right, distance is the most important thing. When you can go from a 8 iron to a wedge, thats a huge advantage. So for a average golfer, hitting one or two clubs lower will greatly influence there game.

  15. The mentality i like to do is try to stripe a bomb down the middle. Make sure there all watching, especially those who don't know me. I hit the ball a ton, and its fun to see the schock factor after you know they wont even come with in 60 yards of your drive. If you can't do that, just don't care. really its just you and the golf ball, those guys can't do anything to bother you with being a complete jerk.

  16. If you play on a hilly course, i would do some weight training in the legs. Squats, lunges, leg presses, calf raises. These 4, just do calf raises and alternate through the 3, every other day. You can do them unweighted at first, then add a bit of weight in. This will get you up any hill. But the best thing to do about long term fatigue is so endurance training. Long distance jogging or walking. Keep adding on to the distance each or every other time you exercise.

  17. I advocated ready golf. When you know you are up next, start thinking about your shot and what club as the person before you hits.

    I am pretty steady,

    Calculate Yardage, a zone that i want to hit in, taking trouble out of play. Decide the type of shot i want to hit. Pick the club that will go that distance with that shape. Stand behind the ball, imagine the shot, see the ball land and roll out. Take a half swing to looses up, imagine the shot again. Find my target line, set up, waggle, let it rip.
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