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  1. Thanks for the insights. Your pre torquing to the left at address is counter to Mike Maves pretorquing to the right with the right foot at setup. He calls it "The Move." Is he incorrect?
  2. IMO Hogan shows us the secret at time 0:26 in the following video
  3. I wonder if a missing Hogan video was found in which Hogan himself discussed the secret to the golf swing, how much that tape would fetch on ebay.
  4. I thought the article was pretty complicated. Hogan said it best. "Too try to control the clubface through the ball is folly" All of that is taken care of at address and during the waggle.
  5. Mcgolf. Congratulations. You are on track to discover what Hogan discovered about the golf swing. Keep it up.
  6. He didn't directly mention it in Five Lessons. He was quoted as saying, "I have a secret, it is easy to see if I tell you where to look" He also said, "The Secret is in the Dirt" It is very easy to determine if you are employing the secret. If, when you swing, you are not reversing every natural tendency and doing the opposite of what you are inclined to do, then you more than likely are not using Hogan's secret. Actually, if you make a careful study of Five Lessons, he shows you the secret.
  7. He is a professional golfer who is well schooled in club design. He was in a foursome with Lee Jensen and Tony Romo. Neither could hit Hogan's club. The pro was able too. He knows Hogan's secret and is able to get the club on the backswing and downswing planes Hogan talked about in Five Lessons. The clubs need to be that flat in order to utilize Hogan's secret. I have been told Hogan's secret. The problem is that when I share it, no one understands it. So, I'm relegated to talking about with it with just a few people who understand it. I think the secret is hard for most people to cap
  8. Interesting observation. I'll have to try interlock with the driver. I know someone else said Hogan's irons were 6 degrees flat. He supposedly visited Shady Oaks. I know a guy who hit Hogan's actual clubs. I'll try to find out. I doubt that he was paying attention to the lie angle, but who knows. I checked with the guy who actually hit Hogan's personal clubs at Shady Oaks, taken right out of the display case. He said they were 6 degrees flat.
  9. on page 89 of Five Lessons, note the flat lie angle of the club. Since Hogan's swing was completely different than anyone elses, his clubs were different to compensate for his swing. Most clubs are designed to work with a modern day swing, more upright. These upright clubs will not work with a Hogan swing. I've gone to golf shops. The flatest lie I could find was 2 Degrees flat. I suspect that Hogan's clubs are more in the 5-6 degree flat range. The investment cast clubs are hard to bend. If you have them bend a forged iron, it will always come with the caveat that they cannot guarente
  10. Another point to consider. As far as I can tell, no one swung at a golf ball like Hogan, and no one has since. Therefore, Hogan's teachings are going to be completely different than anyone else. There is no such thing as blended teaching styles. It's either Hogan or it's everyone else. Most teachings today are directed to get golfers to swing like modern day PGA pros. Hogan's swing was nothing like modern day PGA pro's. If you decide to swing like Hogan, then you have to closely=closely follow all of his instructions, especially the drawings. There are huge differences between Hogan's t
  11. Hogan said to spend a week on the grip, a week on the stance, a week on the backswing and a week on the downswing. I think he said it would take the average golfer 6 months to start breaking 80, however
  12. Remember. Hogan said that the harder he hit the ball, the straighter the ball traveled. Don't be a afraid to smash the heck out of that white little thing.
  13. I have the same feelings of folding all of the excess right palm over. The overlap feels a lot different than the interlocking grip. I changed from interlocking grip to overlap grip because the world's greatest striker of a golf ball told me too. So I adapted. After you use it for a while, you will get used to it. Then your old interlocking grip will feel awkward.
  14. I think every Hogan devotee over that past 60 years had faced the same dilemma. I am not a pro, but I have carefully read Five Lessons a bunch of times, so I'll just share what I see from the book to answer some of your questions. 1. You have to put your body in what ever position it needs to get too so you can have the imaginary plane of glass resting on your shoulders. The glass angle is going to vary on your club selection. So for a driver it will feel more upright. For a chip with a lob wedge, you will feel more bent over. 2-3. I could never figure out the life line thing. I wo
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