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  1. Price Drop again....$250 shipped
  2. See photos for condition. Only 3 weeks old so very little use. 33" Super Stroke Mid Slim black/white grip 66 degree lie angle-the guy who adjusted it for me said it was so soft and easy to bend, so buyer would have no trouble adjusting it to a more conventional lie angle.
  3. As stated in the title Ping G15 4 wood 17 degrees in like new condition. It has hit 5-10 balls. -TFC149 stock shaft: Regular flex -1/2" in length -Ping ID8 grip: teal color code PM for any questions. Asking $110 shipped.
  4. To be honest I don't understand Edel's "aiming" thing. From what I've heard is that they believe a lot of golfers mis aim their putts, which is true. I probably don't aim exactly where I think I'm aiming, but my main goal is to feel comfortable in my alignment and get the ball rolling on the line I want, which I'm able to do for the most part. I think if someone said I was always aiming 6 inches to the right or left and I tried to fix it, it would really mess with my head....although, if I could afford it I would probably have to try it....
  5. Ha! They may have adapters but I'm pretty sure you there's no way you can get a .350 shaft into a .335 hosel even with an adapter. I could be wrong though....
  6. I'm currently using a Cleveland Launcher DST which is a solid driver but my buddy who is justs starting needs one so I'm giving him a deal and then I get to get a new one.....What I'm trying to decide is if it's worth it to go all out and get something like a Titleist 910 or if I want to look at an older stock model like a Mizuno MP 630. I say the Mizuno because I have the MP Ti fairways and they are some of the best I've ever hit and they can be had at a really good price. I've hit them both and I like them both but it's hard to tell in a demo like setting. I'm usually pretty confident in
  7. I got rid of my vokey's because of the damage they did to the ball. Mizuno MPT11 is much kinder on balls. Haven't scuffed one yet with a wedge....
  8. I'll recommend the G15 3 or 4 wood. I have the 4 wood and it's a monster, stupid easy to hit. Longer off the tee than my old Callaway BB 3 wood and WAY easier to hit off the deck. I have the stock Ping shaft and it launches it pretty high but it works for me, others would probably benefit from a different shaft.
  9. My swing is always evolving, but one thing that has been pretty constant over the past 3 or 4 years is that I open the clubface more than one would want upon takeaway and continuing as the swing goes back. However, I'm hesitant to look at changing that since my ball striking keeps getting stronger and my stock shot continues to be a slight draw. Any advice?
  10. Can a 2 iron have non-conforming grooves?
  11. I'm in the same boat, but I went with Discount Dan's so I got a great deal. I got 4-PW and 2 MPT-11 wedges for less than $900, retails at over $1000. I love that place....
  12. Why do I see a post like this every week? Isn't it obvious?
  13. I don't have one but I've heard nothing but good things. They have a lower loft as you mentioned, but they also have heavier and I believe slightly larger heads as well. I think they weigh anywhere from 350-370 grams. I just got a Ping Redwood that I love at the beginning of the season so I won't be looking in the near future. However, if I have to come up with some gift ideas in the next year or two I may think about one of these, I really like the heavier heads in putters.
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